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Kingdom Of Burma General Actions & News


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This topic will serve as a general area to post developmental musings and other happenings in Burma. All materials are classified unless explicitly stated otherwise. This post will gradually be updated with links to significant events and or postings I deem important enough to post in the OP. Obviously this is all OOC for the time being, but subsequent postings will be strictly IC developments unless I tag them as OOC. Please keep the OOC comments to a minimum as well; if you need to contact me either PM me or wait months for an IRC appearance around 4-8 PM CST. Btw. I'm not joking or being sarcastic about the IRC thing...literally PM me if you really need me otherwise there is an 85% chance I won't go onto IRC.


[font="Arial"][size="4"][b][u]Kingdom Of Burma Significant Developments[/u][/b][/size][/font]
[font="Arial Black"][url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=100631&st=0&p=2683640&#entry2683640"](DoE) The Rise Of The Burmese Kingdom[/url]

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[center][font="'Arial Black"][b]Census[/b][/font][/center]
Emperor Theippan has ordered a census of all lands, property, and populace under the Kingdom of Burma. A panel of Burmese experts will be formed to conduct and grade the census based on their specialties.

[font="Arial Black"]Imperial Census Goals[/font]
[list][*]Current population numbers in all lands within Burma.[*]Population age distribution.[*]Population density in both rural and urban areas.[*]Grade overall infrastructure conditions.[*]Grade general architectural conditions on government property.[*]Grade communication networking and coverage.[*]Grade medical facilities and general medical care.[*]Identify areas where improvement is needed.[*]Construct a cost-effective plan to meet these improvements.[/list]

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Earlier today Emperor Theippan issued his first Imperial decree outlying the military, social, economic, and diplomatic policies the Kingdom of Burma will follow. The documents have been codified for public digestion and discussion below. They will serve as a building bloc of sorts for further civic, national, and economic reform and growth. The documents will be subject to changes over time.

[quote]Imperial Military Doctrine
[list=1][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Massive Retaliation & Mutually Assured Destruction - In the event that the Kingdom of Burma comes under attack by a foreign hostile power Burmese military forces are authorized to respond with any and all force capable unless deemed otherwise. This is including but not restricted to nuclear, biological, and chemical, arsenals.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Tiered Readiness - In the event of hostilities abroad or rising tensions The Kingdom of Burma will mobilize it's forces to varying degrees in preparation for either counter-offensive, defensive, or preemptive measures.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Annexation & Acquisition - In order to properly compensate for the Burmese peoples growth and needs it will become necessary for the Kingdom of Burma to expand over time. Should political, economic, or diplomatic measures fail to satisfy these needs then the military may be called in to act upon these aims. However, military force will be reserved and only used if all other measures fail.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Arms - Due to the nature of frequent often deadly conflicts around the world the Kingdom of Burma will possess a stable arsenal of the aforementioned arms in order to serve as a deterrent to powers which may seek to employ these weapons against Burma.[/quote][/size][/font][/list]
[font="Arial"][size="2"][quote]Social Policy[/size][/font]
[list=1][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Citizens have the right to freedom of speech and protest, but should a situation warrant it these freedoms may be restricted and martial law may be instituted.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Citizens may practice and religion they wish within Burma. There shall be no official religion sponsored by the state.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Citizens may be detained without cause for up to 45 days if deemed necessary.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Citizens have the right to a public jury for domestic trials.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Citizens are encouraged to have large families, families with 3 or more children will receive a tax right-off.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Any citizen in possession of drugs may be imprisoned for up to 15 years or serve in a manual labor camp for an unrestricted amount of time.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Citizens may do as the please unless deemed a detriment to the Kingdom of Burma.[/quote][/size][/font][/list]
[font="Arial"][size="2"][quote]Economic Policy[/size][/font]
[list=1][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Taxation will be set as 24% of income.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Corporate taxes will be no higher then 20%.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Market regulations will be kept at a minimum, intervention will only occur if deemed an absolute necessity.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]In periods of peace all economic activity will be free of government interference that may detriment profit. In wartime however, Burma has the right to temporarily take control of all economic activities to satisfy the needs of wartime responsibilities. Once peace is reestablished the government will relinquish control of industries and return to peace-time conduct.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Industrial growth will be favored over all else, economic profit and GDP growth will never be impeded.[/quote][/size][/font][/list]
[font="Arial"][size="2"][quote]Diplomatic Policy[/size][/font]
[list=1][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]The Kingdom of Burma will conduct diplomacy with any power it sees fit, it will not heed any foreign parties attempting to restrict it's sovereignty.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Burma will seek to maintain good relations with all it's neighbors and views it's neighbors as essential to continued peace and prosperity.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Burma will entertain any nation wishing to open an embassy on it's lands. Unless the nation or group is unrecognized.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Burma will recognize any nation unless it has reason not too.[/size][/font][*][font="Arial"][size="2"]Burma may maintain embassies on foreign lands to maintain positive relations and conduct diplomacy.[/quote][/size][/font][/list]
[font="Arial"][size="2"][u](**End Public**)[/u][/size][/font]

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[center][b]Project Thei I[/b][/center]
Census results were accounted for and the Burmese engineering corps soon made a plethora of suggestions along with economic and financial advisers on the data provided. Soon an aggressive and financially sound plan was drafted by this commission that would transform the rudimentary 20th century communications and infrastructure networks into an unparalleled 21st century layout that would be among the best in the world. Thousands of engineers both domestic and foreign were brought to work upon this project and manage the duties of the project as it worked street by street, bloc by bloc. Over 5 million laborers in all were also dedicated to the project, making it one of the largest singular construction projects in the world, a marvel of modern engineering and logistics.

The project itself would pave over 8 thousand miles of new roads, highways, bridges, railways, subways, and paths that would connect every city and town into a vast transportation network that would allow much greater social mobility as well as increased business revenues from the vastly improved efficiency. In fact, this transportation network would soon interconnect the country so much that it would be nearly impossible to discern the rural regions from the cities. Amid this however, was careful consideration not to disturb the countries vast forests of hardwoods and other hard to find woods. As these woodlands were not only a source of national pride, but a national income source as it was among the leading producers for these wood-based products. Alongside this transportation network would be the construction of of a massive interconnected communications system primarily centered around an overlapping network of wireless multipurpose towers that would allow Burmese civilians quality access to the internet in any location, along with the ending of former annoyances like dropped calls or drops in service. Major cities would particularly benefit from fiber-optic lines being established into every home, place of business, and office space. Towns would receive high-speed land-lines as it was found that giving every home fiber-optic lines would be far too costly and nonsensical.

Another important area that would receive much needed renovation from the project would be the medical sector. Initially, the medical sector of the country was found to be adequate within city-limits but beyond that outright atrocious. Many townspeople found themselves using medieval age remedies relying on nothing more the herbs, and other natural elements, along with religious beliefs to heal health issues. City medical facilities would be greatly expanded into vast hospitals utilizing the most advanced equipment in the known world in conjunction with importing the best talent to man the facilities, as various, specialists, and doctors were soon bought from countries enticed by the prospects of fresh top of the line facilities and a pro-business attitude. Rural areas would see similar facilities raised, albeit much smaller and numerous in the form of state of the art clinics that would dot the countryside. Towns that did not hold these facilities would be well within reach of larger hospitals or clinics on a need by need basis.

Ultimately, the Thei I project would be the first test of the Burmese people as the moved firmly beyond the barbarism that had engulfed the nation years ago and solidified itself into an independent, affluent, and high-tech capitalist society in Southern Asia.

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[quote][b]Dispatch from the Office of the August Imperator of the United Federation of the East[/b]

The United Federation of the East in light of our increasing economic ties and geographic proximity would like to invite the Emperor of Burma to Qingyuan to discuss the formalization of our cordial relations and too meet with August Imperator Jia.


Qi, Chief of Staff of the Office of the August Imperator[/quote]

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[font="arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif"][size="2"][quote]
[b]From the Kingdom of Burmese Imperial Affairs[/b]

Emperor Theippan I of Mandalay recognizes the bond between our country to be strong economically among other things, and feels that our countries futures will be tied together in many ways. Thus, he will gladly meet with August Imperator Jia to discuss matters.


Taj Ne Win Imperial Secretary

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[font="Arial"][size="2"]Emperor Theippan has returned from a flight to the UFE; he had this to say about his trip. "Discussions were very fruitful and productive, we've negotiated various arrangements that will see Federation military trainers entering Burma to assist instructing our military officers, general staff, and new recruits. Along with this help, the UFE will fully modernize our airforce and navy with the most advanced equipment, ships, and aircraft the Federation has to offer us. We have also signed a pact uniting our countries in military matters, diplomatic dealing, as well as economically that will once more open up the port of Rangoon to UFE corporations as well as the rail line leading into South-eastern China. Imperator Jia agreed to pay a 20% income tax on goods traveling along the rail-line. This will benefit both of our nations greatly as increased commerce through the port will bring us greater wealth as well as a better standing with countries around the world which seek to do business with Burma." Citizens of Burma upon receiving this news were ecstatic to be allied with arguably one of the strongest powers in the world. Theippan would return to Mandalay and resume his duties as usual releasing a statement on the soaring growth of Burmese GDP.[/size][/font]

[font="Arial"][size="2"]"Our nation has grown exponentially since my rule has begun, this is mirrored in our business sector which has reported major increases in production and profit across the board. This has increased Burmese purchasing power by increasing our GDP, we have not yet reached it's height as of yet and comparatively we are one of the fastest growing nations in the world from an economic perspective. Our pro-business policies and low corporate tax rate is increasing the competition of domestic producers which is leading to more efficient and affluent businesses. However, in the coming months we will continue to take measures that will increase productivity, income, literacy, and our overall standing in the world. Thus, I am pleased to report this to you my fellow citizens of Burma."
[font="Arial"][size="2"]Progress on Project Thei I - 35% completion.[/size][/font]

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  • 1 month later...

Today, we are pleased to announce the completion of Project Thei I. Furthermore all UFE weapons shipments have been received and units have been positioned in various bases around the country.

A year has since passed and the Kingdom of Burma has solidified itself to finally be considered a stable power in the region. Albeit, this stability was produced under careful procurement of arms, development of infrastructure, and phenomenal economic growth. With a solid economic basis and an abundance of capital flowing through it's veins Burma stood on the grounds of monumental expansions of it's many industries and the promotion of Burmese values in the world. Following this stability saw an influx of enlistment into the armed forces after a years intensive recruiting efforts promoting the military as a profitable alternative to urban lives of crime. Thus the military now stands with over 1,000,000 active duty personal dived among various branches of service. Population growth has shot up profusely as well due to various influxes of immigration from outlying cultures in the Asian-Pacific sphere.

Emperor Theippan has ordered the addition construction of a single [color="#1C2837"][size="2"][font="Arial"]Qing II Class Frigate & [/font][/size][/color][color="#1C2837"][size="2"][font="Arial"]Qin Shi Huang Class Cruiser. Plans were also in development to utilize UFE teams of scientists and schematics to bring Burma to the Nuclear age by supplying Burmese nuclear engineers with the technology to produce nuclear power to cities and nuclear based arms to further Burma's national defense interests.[/font][/size][/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"] [/size][/color]
[color="#1C2837"][size="2"][font="Arial"]Rangoon has been selected to be the site of the newly formed Burmese Space Exploration Agency (BSEA) facilities are currently under construction to fuel and house the necessary rocketry, logistics, and equipment needed to begin placing Burmese satellites into space. Emperor Theippan has been quoted as saying the primary mission of the BSEA is to establish a base on the moon for further space exploration.[/font][/size][/color]

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"Dr. Jao, I am feeling deathly ill as of late."
"Really now, what do feel ails you?"
"I've been having cold-sweats and hot spills and although unpleasant, they aren't unbearable."
"Then why do you call me my liege, what else is [u]really[/u] troubling you?
"I fear my...sickly ways may be on a resurgent path. I've been living with it for years as you well know, but always it's been an afterthought because I've never been doing much"
"Until now, I understand...random chills and sweats are an oddity."
"But that's just it, the sweats and chills come and go, but what never leaves me is this feeling of exhaustion. I find myself without the energy to do anything these days."
"Well, you've caught something it sounds like the flu. Relax, and we'll take some blood-work and finish this exam. Once we've got your blood-work done I'll have you called back into office and we'll go from there."
"Splendid, although as much as I hate needles I think you've got a point."
"And do try and get some sleep my liege."

Dr. Jao and his nursing staff took Emperor Theippan's blood-work without much trouble and sent it to the lab for examination as a first priority.

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"Dr. Jao, we have completed analyzing the blood work...there are some problems."
"Go on."
"To be frank, he's contracted H5N1 avian flu...bird flu. What is worse, it would appear to be aggressively spreading in his system."
"Are you sure? Run another test on his blood-"
"I already did multiple tests on his blood, it's confirmed 3/3 times."
"Okay, I'll contact him immediately."

Dr. Jao dials the Palace.
*Ring ring ring*
*Ring ring ring*
Finally Palace secretary Haj Nogian answered the line after noting it was Jao calling on caller ID.
"Hello, what do you want doctor."
"I need to speak to Emperor Theippan immediately."
"He has been under weather lately and has wished peace and quiet from all matters...can this wait until tomorrow?"
"No, this is urgent to the health of the Emperor."
"Okay I'll go and wake him immediately."
"Do so with extreme caution...try not to touch his skin and I would advise you to wear a mask and gloves. I have emergency staff headed to the Palace and I will arrive later in the evening."
"Oh? Erm...okay then."

Haj walked the long hallway to the Emperors room and awoke him with extreme caution. Flinching as the Emperor let out a cough into his arm.
"My Lord, Dr. Jao is on his way along with a staff of men. They believe your health may be in danger...extreme danger."
"Okay...leave me be." Theippan spoke with very little strength in his voice.
Haj left the room and disposed of the mask and gloves then quickly went to take a hot shower to ensure he not contract whatever the Emperor may have ailing him.

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Emergency medical staff arrived at the Palace equipped with a full array the countries best medical equipment. They quickly set up station within the palace...a sign that things would not look good for the aging Emperor's condition. Dr. Jao consulted his team leader Buu Chao and decided to run another diagnostic to gauge the expansion of the flu virus within Theippan's system.

"We can only hope his condition has peaked...the other samples indicate otherwise but fresher samples may yield better results."
"It will be done Dr. Jao."
"Preliminary analysis on his condition seems to be hinting that it will soon become worse. His temperature has been steadily rising and he continues to complain of chills, sweats, exhaustion, and now he has random spurs of shaking...seizure like symptoms."
"Yes...this is certainly grave news. But there is little we can do other then wait and hope he passes through it; and run more tests to see his condition. Once it peaks we can gain control of the condition and treat it from there...Our medications thus far have done little."
"Indeed, we'll continue to monitor him. He's eating and drinking well and can still do so without too much trouble; but I feel it may be more prudent to give him an IV."
"I concur with that. See that it is done...albeit he'll protest to the needle-work once more."
"Oh, I know...but it's his life at risk and he knows it."

With that Ms. Chao took her team and began to arrange the IV system and consult Theippan what would be done. She was confident he would not object.

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A reporter for Burma's largest news source was admitted into the Palace to conduct an interview with Dr. Jao when suddenly she overheard frantic yelling from down the hall.

"He is seizing up!"
Hearing this she rushed onto the scene.
"He's having epileptic seizures...heart rate increasing...he's having a stroke."
"It would seem his body is shutting down."

Quickly Palace security rushed at her to shut her recordings down. She managed to pull the tape recorder out just before they smashed her camera onto the ground.
"Leave now, and you better not print anything of this...or we will find you."

A week passed.

She sat in her office contemplating to destroy the footage...ultimately opting to blow this story up rather then cower in fear; and she did. The story quickly began to run rampant through Burma as a destabilizing factor...the Emperor was loved by Burmese and viewed as a cultural and national hero. Amid this, Palace officials refused comment for days until finally they announced that Emperor Theippan I had died of a stroke and other complications sometime mid-week. He had been buried and the government was said to have been busy electing a new Emperor from government delegations as no heir was designated.

International Business quickly moved to secure assets as General Burmese stocks began to crash plunging the nation into an economic disaster. A month passed and still no Heir had been announced, although there were many rumors of factions developing from government offices backing various men for the position...none of which would unify the country. Soon the nation plunged into chaos once more and just as quickly as it had risen the Kingdom of Burma soon fell into ruin.

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