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The Future of France


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April 22, 20XX
Assembly of the People, Athens
Confidential meeting

“…and that is why we have a responsibility to the French people. To bring them, together with our German allies, peace, order and independence. While I know some among you would rather see France as part of the Federation it is not our place. They have been oppressed by the Irish already.”

Ariadne paused looking in front of her at the 5,000 Assemblymen and –women who were staring at her, most not convinced yet.

“My friends, Europe has seen its share of war and destruction, a war that would have left us a nuclear wasteland was averted due to the effectiveness at which Germany and Athens were joint to oppose what was considered a threat. For the first time in decades we have a true European peace. It is because of this that I officially request you to ratify the accord on the joint control of France. We were founded on ideals of peace and a prosperous future. We must work together with our allies to guarantee these ideals remain. We must tell our armies that they can go to their families, we must tell our people that there is no threat. We must tell ourselves we made a decision we could go to sleep with. I thank you for listening and await your vote”

Ariadne said after which she turned around and left the stage, when she heard loud applause behind her she knew it had worked. A few hours later the Assembly of the People formally ratified the accord between the Federation and Germany, at this point the German ambassador would receive notice of the vote and its result. At this point Ariadne turned outside where a car would take her back to the palace.

With a sigh of relief she got a secured mobile phone and called the Magistrate of Defense at the Imperial Pentagon.

“Alexander, the Assembly has authorized the act and the German ambassador has been informed of our deployments, tell Picard she can deploy the First”

“Understood, Your Imperial Highness. Our men and women will move in.”

Back at the palace she would meet a famous guest or at least was supposed to. She looked outside at the city, the sanctity that had come over it had a positive effect on all. Court had become more bearable and even her personal lieutenant had shown a smile for the first time in years, the fall of the United Kingdom truly did start a prosperous future. As the car went through the gates of the palace she noticed another limousine there already. A guard would open the door and escort her into the palace. In the private chambers at the side of court the Magistrate of Foreign Affairs had already brought Claire Delacour up to date on the recent events in Europe. Specifically the law that had only today passed. She slowly walked into one of the chambers that served as her office nodding to Jean-Luc.

“Miss Delacour, welcome to my humble home. I am Ariadne Notaras, I trust my Magistrate has told you what has happened recently?”

"Yes, I've heard that the United Kingdom has fallen and France has been placed under the protection of the Athenians and the Germans." She smiled as best she could under the pressure currently on her heart. "Not the best alternative to France, but it is better than actually being ruled by the Irish."

Ariadne nodded "I have talked to my German colleagues, we do not want to enforce our rule on your people. I assume you can guess where I am going"

"France's independence, Your Majesty?"

"Exactly, we do realize that France at the moment can not defend itself, and that we do need a stable France however we want it in control of its own affairs, foreign and domestic. We want it to be ruled by a Frenchwoman and not some Italian or German." Ariadne looked down. "Miss Delacour, I have always respected you and still do. As such I'd like to ask you for governor of France"

Claire bowed her head solemnly a few strands of her flaxen hair falling over her eyes. "I am honored for such an appointment, Your Majesty, but I failed France, if you recall, I don't think I can face my countrymen again. German tanks marched into Paris, even if there were cheers, it was my failure that caused such a thing."

Ariadne sighed. "You did France well, I will be honest. You are the only one I know that enjoys both the respect from world leaders and is loved by her people. I know how the French in Corsica welcomed your appointment. The local governments need to have a national icon, you are French independence. I could ask someone else but right now your people need their president. I know you can do it"

"Thank you, Your Majesty, then I will end my exile now. I will leave for Paris as soon as I get my things together."

"Perfect, a convoy shall be prepared and Field Commander Picard should await you on the other side, good luck Governor"

The woman would be escorted out again while officials would further brief her on the exact situation in the region, at the same time guards would be assigned for her protection.

April 22, 20XX
Palazzo Madama, Torino

The ancient palace had been transformed into a temporary command center for the large amount of officers that had assembled in the area. While there was no military threat there was need for proper coordination. The movements would be tiered, the Germans had handled most of the north however the south was still mostly in anarchy, 10,000 men would be dropped in Aquitane while 90,000 marched across the Italian-French border. The 2 formations would meet up at the northeastern edge of Aquitane. Around 1,000 soldiers were dropped near Paris and another 500 near Versailles.

In every region where forces arrived the local command structure would be respected. Mayors were left to rule their towns, police were supported and the Ministry of Defense would even pay the landlords of the places where camps were set up. The Hellenic Army came as a friend, not as an occupation force. As a final sign of solidarity with the French people the military would not wear only Athenian flags but French ones too. Wherever German forces already were they would be assisted by the Hellenic forces.

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