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The Revolutionary Republic of Maine

King Timmy

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Today in Maine a vote of no confidence was taken against President Simon Pegg. The vote passed with 100% voting to remove him from his position as President.

It was deemed that his persistent reliance on only european allies is not in the best interest of Maine at this point in time. With their flip flopping around and their withdrawal from the supposed 'Commonwealth' we have decided to initiate cancellation procedures with our current treaty. It has been deemed to be surplus to our needs at this time.

Maine will now be known as the Republic of Maine.

We have selected the new leader of our nation to be the current head of Maine's military Field Marshal John Snow. He will be known as the Supreme Ruler of Maine and we anticipate him to usher in a new era of prosperity for Maine.

Long live the Supreme Ruler, long live the Republic.

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As you wish.

British forces will begin withdrawing immediately, the merchant Marine fleets will depart tomorrow Morning at first light.

Expect a large ammount of C-5's leaving and entering the base to aid in the shutting down of Fort Thirteen.

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