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[b]Broadcasted through the BBC World Service[/b]

[b]Official Apology[/b]

The United Kindom of Great Britain and Ireland is an ancient establishment and with its age, comes its crimes. The former British Empire commited crimes on a scale not seen for decades. Whilst we cannot change the past, we learn from its lessons and as time has passed, ideals change, and so do attitudes. One hundred years ago, the British Government would turn their nose at the thought of apologising for the actions of Empire. Not in this year.

In efforts to mend relations with the former Empire for the crimes it commited, this is an apology for those actions. The Opiate wars in paticular, a disgraceful time in British history and a dark period for China. It was just as wrong and unacceptable then, as it would be today.

Moreover, to former Nations of the Empire, the wrongs Britain commited against your peoples were heinous and in more cases than most, cruel and we are sorry.

With the publishing of the [url="http://http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=101204"]Windsor Doctrine[/url], we stand firm by our apology and doctrine, a doctrine which will prevent future leaders from commiting the crimes of Empire once more.

We realise that this apology is merely a scratch on the surface of forgiveness and reconciliation, but we believe it is a step in the right direction in making reparations for our past.

Thank you for listening.

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"The Union of the Southern Cross accepts the apology of the United Kingdom. Although we still hear that the Aborigines will still be playing their usual 'Monarch Darts' game this coming Saturday night in the Outback pubs, using posters of various ruling monarchs of the British crown from Colonial History."

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