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The Windsor Doctrine

Zoot Zoot

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[b]The Windsor Doctrine[/b]

By the authority of Parliament and the King, this doctrine is enacted immediately.

Article 1: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland will expand no more outside of its present mainland territory and dependancies.
Article 1-A: These Dependancies include Ireland, Svalbard and Franz Josef land.

Article 2: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland will support a bid of independance in any of the above dependancies providing they meet the criteria required by Parliament.

Article 3: This doctrine cannot, under any circumstance be made redundant without the Parliamentary support of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Svalbard and Franz Josef Land.

Article 4: Any British dependancy that gains Independance, but falls back into Anarchy returns to British Sovereignty and protection.

Harry Windsor
King of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Arthur Twaites
Prime Minister

Robert McCreedy
Governor General of Scotland
Representative of the Scottish Parliament

Frank Ditchfield
Governor General of Ireland
Representative of the Irish Parliament

Abigale Smith
Governor General of Wales
Representative of the Welsh Parliament

Alexander Leopold
Governor General of Svalbard
Representative of the Svalbard Parliament

Frank Lampard
Governor General of Franz Josef Land
Representative of the Franz Josef Land Parliament


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