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The Baronian Spring

Razgriz 2K9

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For Cecilia, the return home to Baron was one of worry. She recently learned that her father had suffered a stroke and entered the hospital. However, with the King gone, the symbol of Baronian might has now become lost, and Cecilia may be forced to turn to outside aid for help.

The helicopter ride from the airport to the palace was one racked with worry. Cecilia spent the whole trip riding not with the Royal Guard, but with soldiers of the Royal Baron Army.

The chopper landed on top of the General Hospital in the city of Baron. Like the helicopter, it was guarded by the Royal Baron Army, outside the turmoil of the riots going on in other parts of the city. There had even been confirmed reports that there were a few casualties going on in the city, caused by the police.

As soon as the chopper touched down, Cecilia was escorted by armed guard, taken in to see the doctors responsible for taking care of her father. The rioters came seeking more civil liberties, freedom of the press, of which Baron did not give (rather it was censored, with no one daring to speak out of term with the Kingdom. They wanted a Voting system for both Houses, instead of just the Lower House, with the Upper House being appointed by the King himself. Time and again, these rights were continuously denied and this only added to the ongoing resentment for the government. But the state of affairs was the least of Cecilia’s worries.

“How is he, doctor?” Cecilia spoke.

“Not doing well I’m afraid.” The doctor spoke, which put fear in the young Princess’ eyes. “I’m afraid his health is declining, if he does not improve, he will most likely die.”

“Take me.”

“Hm?” The doctor said, straightening his glasses.

“Take me to him, I need to see him!”


“Baron Police clashed with rioters leaving 7 dead, and 20 jailed as protests continue on in its 5th day. Police trying to disperse the rioters have been met with stiff resistance, either from protesters, or from the terror group “Imminent Storm.”

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For Edmund Hamilton, he hated the Monarchy with a passion. Unlike the Neo-Liberal Rioters in Baron, he was a cold-blooded communist, a leftover from the old Communist Ursalian government. Despite the ideological differences between him and his colleagues, his desire to end the monarchy came first and he was willing to do what he could for Imminent Storm.

“Edmund!” called out a black-haired, blue eyed Caucasian man. He was in his mid-thirties and had a stubble on his chin. “We got a job to do.”

“Yeah, Yeah Baigan.” Edmund stopped leaning on his chair and picked up his gun, a M1 Carbine, and placed the sling around his body. Baigan grabbed his Sturmgewehr 44 and walked out the door. The two men went around back talking as they went.

“You know the plan?”

“Yeah, Yeah. Raid the Royal Mint, steal some plates from the printing press, begin our counterfeit operations to ruin the royal economy.

“Bingo, but let’s not talk bout it, let’s do what we gotta do.” Baigan said before the two entered a beat up red Toyota, and began traveling down the road to the Royal Mint.
Cecilia was in the hospital all night and throughout the morning, worried about her father’s deteriorating condition. For 20 hours straight, Cecilia heard nothing of the situation. The doctors were working tirelessly all day & all night trying to save the King’s life.

But after nearly a full day, one of the doctors walked up to Cecilia. The Princess stood up, she was tired and it seemed as if she was suffering from insomnia. “Is my father going to be okay?” The doctor said nothing at first. He didn’t know how to break the news, how she was going to take it.

“Please, I must know!” Cecilia said

“I’m sorry, but your father…”

The two men parked their car outside the national mint. They managed to bypass the guards by wearing Worker’s Uniforms and having Fake Identification Cards. With them now on the inside, it would be a straight shot to the printing plates.

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The two terrorists infiltrated the national mint. Security was minimal due to the National Guard being deployed across Baron, a mistake now being capitalized on now. The printing press was shut down and the plates were located in a secure area in the back of the room. This was the only challenge to it. Using welding material that some allies on the inside had left behind began cutting open the safe. The process was tedious and if caught it would be impossible to cut through while getting shot at. Fortunately, the guards were either oblivious or stupid, as no one noticed the sparks of light from cracking the safe for what seemed like hours. After 45 minutes, the terrorists broke through the safe and were able to access its contents.


Cecilia looked down to the ground, tears on her face as the news was broken in. King Arthur was dead, and she would be the heir.

“We will have the coronation and funeral once the situation settles down. Until then, the people need you.”

Cecilia nodded, “I…I understand.”

The doctor said as the royal guard arrived, “For now, we’ll transport you and the King’s body back to the castle for safe keeping. With that, the doctor left. One of the Guard’s said, “Right this way, Your Highness.”

With the plates in their bags, Edmund said, “Alright, let’s get out here before…” Before he had a chance to finish the sentence, the alarm went off, alerting all the guards within the mint compound.

“F%#$, let’s get out of here.” Baigan said, aiming his StG-44 and firing a few rounds at a guard who unintentionally walked in too far and got shot in the head for his troubles.

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Edmund and Baigan got caught up in the gunfire as guards fired their Sub Machine Guns at the two. The two of them could not lay suppressive fire as more and more guards arrived to lay down their fire. The two of them were trapped, and there was no way to go. Both of them knew what was going to happen next. “So, this was going to be our last run, huh Ed? Baigan said as the guards got closer, in an attempt to flank them.

“Well, we all have to die sometime…” Edmund said as he fired his M1 Carbine rounds and killed a guard. “I hope the charges are ready.”

Baigan said, pulling out the trigger. “I hope so too. Either way, it’s been fun comrade.” Baigan pressed the trigger before he disappeared in a bright light, alongside Edmund and all the guards in the building.

The resulting explosion was large in scale and scope, taking out the entire west wing of the national mint, where the printing press and most of the money not in banks was being kept.

Breaking news has been reported in the capital building. A Terrorist unit is believed to have evaded guards and police and detonated a suicide bomb within Parliament, killing 25 people, including the Prime Minister and Chief of Staff as well as many nobles and cabinet members. Another 40 were injured and are being sent into the hospital.

We’ve also received word that crowds of armed civilians have stormed the gates of Baron Castle, we do not know the full details of the situation but there have been full scale clashes between the rioters and the police and army units, with some of the rioters armed with what is believed to be hunting rifles. There has been a few deaths reported but it is unknown as to what will transpire out of this, or what the government will shape up to be now that members of the current government is confirmed dead.

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"The Holy Ursalian Empire is extremely concerned about the events unfolding in our neighbor to the north. We offer our condolences to the victims and their families and relatives."


COMPNOR, particularly Imperial State Intelligence, increased surveillance on the Kingdom of Baron. The Imperator would be kept updated on events taking place in the neighbor to the north.

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