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The treaty of Zurich III

Zoot Zoot

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[b]Current Members:[/b]
Germanisk Förbund
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
The Grand Duchy of Livonia


[b]Current Issues[/b]

For the purposes of defending Europe from outside forces, we the undersigned hereby declare that we will follow these articles and defend the continent of Europe to the best of our efforts.

Article I: Non Aggression
The undersigned hereby agree to establish a policy of non-aggression. No signatory will launch military, political, or covert operations against the other.

Article II: Intelligence - Ammended
If intelligence networks within the undersigned find any that threats, either foreign or domestic are imminent, The information is automatically shared between inter signatory intelligence agencies.

Article III: Mutual Defense
An attack upon one signatory will be considered an attack upon all, and will be treated as such. If a nation is attacked for reasons exposed in other treaties, this document is hereby amended for a finite period to an Optional Defense Pact (Non-Chaining Clause).

Article IV: Optional Aggression
Should an undersigned nation choose to execute an aggressive war, economic sanctions, or otherwise; each signatory is encouraged but not obligated to support this policy by whatever means they deem appropriate. In the event of such a policy this article may constitute an independent legal casus belli.

Article V: Anti-Colonialism
If a nation extends its borders onto Europe from another continent, and it does not have a direct land border, the nation will hereby become, upon request of a member of this pact, an enemy of Europe, and therefore, the undersigned agree to remove their sphere of influence from Europe by diplomacy or force.

Article VI: Cancellation
Any signatory may cancel this treaty at any time, provided that they inform their counterpart of their intentions at least 48 hours in advance. This treaty will still be in effect during those 72 hours.

Article VII: Additions
New signatories may only be added to the pact only if all of the then-current signatories express permission and approval. All of the signatories have got veto power on the joining of new signatories to this pact.

Article VIII: European citizenship program
Signatories agree to offer the aid of their embassies worldwide to any national of a Zurich member that requires it.

The Undersigned:

Signed for the Germanic Union,
Triumvirate Lord Dierik Magnhildsson Martens
Triumvirate Lord Tyr Baldursson von Lübeck

Signed King Alfred I,
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

For The Grand Duchy of Livonia,
President, Juris Kristaps
Vice President, Basia Augustyn
Secretary of State, Bendek Kaz
Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Septimus Nikolajs
Secretary of War and Defense, Aldona Georgs
Secretary of Internal, Pinja Brigita

Signed for Sweden,

Madeleine I, Drottning av Sverige
Provisional Government av Sverige


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Andrew turned to the treaty scribe.

"For the record, remove the Austrian signatores. They are definately leaving Zurich.

Also, for the record, Livonia and Torun are accepted into the Zurich treaty as full members.

Livonia - 2/2 yes votes
Torun - 2/2 yes votes.

If the representatives would care to add their signatures to the treaty?"

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"Here you are, kind sirs." The Livlander diplomat said.

[b]For The Grand Duchy of Livonia,[/b]
[i]President, Juris Kristaps
Vice President, Basia Augustyn
Secretary of State, Bendek Kaz
Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Septimus Nikolajs
Secretary of War and Defense, Aldona Georgs
Secretary of Internal, Pinja Brigita[/i]

"We would greatly welcome Sweden into the bloc if they so apply."

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In regard to the Germanic comments in the Announcment regarding the unification of Britain, would you mind elaborating.

Moreover we have a serious issue of the EoPI refusing to leave their base in Britain. There claim is that a 100 year lease was signed and so the base is Sovereign Imperial Territory. What is this councils opinion?

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Britain was allied to America at the time. We hold no treaty with the Empire at this time.

However, we are already hosting a base belonging to the DPRM whom we do have an alliance with.

Our issue is not with the base, it is the claim that the base is American sovereign territory that is the issue.

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"Livonia feels the base is [i]necessary[/i] to remove the base as soon as possible. It is home to 30,000 troops of EoPI, it would serve as an invasion point and we would not be able to take it without risking more and more European lives." He says. "We need to remove it, we cannot wait until stability in EoPI is at age. If we do, we may end up facing a tough war to win. We suggest that we pursuit the EoPI to leave the base by means of an ultimatum."

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"In favor." Says the Delegate when returning.

He sits down and continues,

"Hm, the assesment of the situation that I can gather is...

That while taking the base would be more than easy, it would likely cause war. Besides, they do seem to hold a pact with the Chinese...most of Europe would find it unappropiate to begin a war so shortly after what we have been through.

Our intelligence points to the fact that Pravus Ingruo is constantly, gradually spiralling downwards, losing points from the National Strength Index daily and consistently. If this situation continues, when the dust settles, they might simply need to leave no matter what.

Another thing is if we do act againt Pravus Ingruo it is likely for this to bolster the Anti-European Side of their civil war, which is likely a long-term threat. Alternately we might be wrong and they may indeed become stronger later.

Another advisor has suggested that we simply wait for a time of weakness in the nation, such as, if it ever ends up involved later in a war proper and is stretched, to deal with this. The safest method perhaps, but, we might need to wait indefinitely.

Either way we recognize the legitimacy of the English Claims. The problem is that, as easy as the land may be to take, bombs are likely to rain across your Islands for some time alongside with some bad PR. This whole situation is frustrating.

All we know is, sooner or later, the land [i]will[/i] be recovered. It is only right."

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