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Houston, we have a problem


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"3...2...1..Wait cut it, hold the launch."

"Damn it, what happened?"

"We have reports of an EMP strike. We cant be launching PRA's first satellite in these conditions. We will have to postpone the launch until conditions improve."

*Sigh* we will try again...

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[quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1303435723' post='2696077']
OOC: is this classified?

OOC: its just conversation, so no its not classified, but there is no way of anyone else knowing about it. This thread will be for when i actually DO launch my satellite lol

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With the conditions at the launch site improved, the final countdown commenced... again.

5...4...3...2...1... Ignition.

And, it appears we have lift off!

Public Announcement:

The People's Republic of Africa is pleased to announce that is has just launched its first orbital satellite earlier today. This accomplishment, while done many times before by other nations, nonetheless marks a new step in PRA development, and a new world of possibilities for it.

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