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Two announcements from the Geconfedereerde Socialistische Staten van Rjvkmsc


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[size="6"][b]Two announcements from the Geconfedereerde Socialistische Staten van Rjvkmsc[/b][/size][/center]

Oh yeas you are in for a treat, not one but two announcements.

[size="5"]Declaration of Pillow Fight(TM)[/size]
Tsk tsk tsk, there are still people doubt my threats, oh shame on them shame on them. These cowards are still in war mode(HA! how pathetic) oh yes they will notice our pillow fighting abilities if they don't get there collective asses in to the glorious peace mode. Our pillows will block out the sun I tell you! There will be no mercy for them.

I hereby declare a Pillow Fight(TM) on Thriller and Stayin Alive.


[size="5"]Declaration of Strategic victory[/size]
Just a few seconds before this announcement a few had gone into peace mode, I will applaud those these fifteen nations. Since this pretty much includes the entire governmental body of AcTi, I will crown my self Emperor of AcTi. Every other announcement of AcTi from here on without my signature or posted by me can be seen as enemy propaganda that is trying to threaten the stability of AcTi.

Those still in war mode have been noted and will be treated as deserters.


Xoindotnler, [i]ruler of Geconfedereerde Socialistische Staten van Rjvkmsc province of the kingdom of Avalon, Emperor of AcTi[/i]

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