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September Snow


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[b]Labrador City,
Commonwealth of Canada[/b]

Nathan O’Malley had lived in the same suburb for twenty-seven years, and had slowly watched it rot into a slum. The area opened up for refugees, fleeing for wars and hardships abroad. Soon after, came the gangs. His wife died 4 years ago after being hit by a stray bullet during a drive by shooting. Last night while he was walking home from the local bar, Nathan O’Malley was stabbed during a mugging. Staff Sergeant Daniel McKay was a plain clothes detective in the Labrador City Division of the Canadian Mounted Police. He surveyed the scene, Mr O’Malley, face down in a pool of blood; he was stabbed three times in the chest. Forensics were sweeping the area, looking for finger and shoe prints any evidence at all. "Why do they do it?" McKay said, turning to his partner, Corporal Andrew Lee.
"Dunno, sir. Reckon’ it’s these drug addicts, ey? All around this part" Lee said, shivering in the early morning cold. The sky was the colour of ash, and snow was starting to fall. "Snow? It's only bloody September"” Lee grumbled.
"Lee, get uniform on to door-to-door and check CCTV, if any of the cameras work. I’ll inform the next of Kin, when you're done, we’ll go pay them a visit."”McKay said taking out his phone and heading back to the car.


"Boss! Uniform just dropped in the CCTV." Lee said, as he put the disc in the computer. "Okay…six guy enter the ally" he fast-forwarded a little "okay, here's O'Malley fifteen minutes later...Two of the guys run out this side, the others must go out the other way."
"See any of their faces?" McKay asked as he came around to Lee's computer.
"Yeah, we got one guy; I'll run it through facial recognition, see if we get anything." Lee replied. After about 12 minutes facial recognition came back with a match. "Arthur Wells, arrested three times previously, once for aggrivated assault-he got off due to lack of evidence-once for burglery and once for carrying an pffensive weapon, recived warning for both of them. He's part of the 'Lake Side Crew', nothing to notible on them, mainly minor offenses. Wells currently lives at home with his mother and is twenty-one." Lee informed McKay as they headed down to the car.
"Okay, keep your wits about, this guy sound dangerous." McKay replied as he jumped into the drivers seat.

OoC: More to come...…

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