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A joint Quantum-GLOF announcement

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Many many moons ago, Quantum and the Grand Lodge of Freemason forged together the strongest of friendships. During this friendship, both alliances and flourished and prospered, and the alliances grew closer. Today, the alliance become one, with Quantum joining under the Mason flag.

A figurative Mason spends his live in search of light, an allegory for spiritual and moral truth. A quantum physicist devotes his scholarly life to find the truth hidden in secrets of nature in particles smaller than the photons that make up light. There are times when the scientific pursuit for truth and the pursuit of moral truth are so intertwined and mingled that these searches are philosophically one and the same, at other times these pursuits complement and strengthen one another. A person who studies the Quantum realm can feel at home in the Masonic Realm, for both are philosophies that require a great deal of maturity, a sense of fair play, collaboration, and mutual defense of principles.

It is with this that a chapter ends and new one begins. Just as several nations join together in a band of Brotherhood in a purpose of the Common Interests of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth, sometimes one alliance is so similar in principle and philosophy to another that it makes since to merge and their existence becomes one.

Farewell Quantum, your spirit, principles, and philosophy will live on in your new Brothers in the Grand Lodge of Freemasons. For GLOF stands for the same principles of game play, respect, foreign affairs, and valor as Quantum does. While Quantum's members are sad to see their alliance go, that sadness will fade with time.

We will continue protecting the Quantum AA for 30 days.

madalchemist of Wyvren, Founder and Grand Chancellor of Quantum
Hollett of Holtrum, deputy Grand Chancellor of Quantum
Toraoji of Toraland, Founder and Chancellor of Electricity and Magnetism
BigO82 of ONation, Founder and Chancellor of Nuclear Forces
Stiffler of TheNation, Chancellor of Recruiting

tl:dr Quantum is merging into GLOF

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[quote name='Cornelius' timestamp='1303273831' post='2694283']
Never easy to see an alliance end. I wish you all the best of luck with the merger.

at least GLOF is a good choice and a good alliance o/

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Good move. Some strong things from Quantum, but then they kinda fell off the face of the earth. I have mad love for you guys, but honestly this is definitely for the best. I know it's tough to see your alliance end, but you merged into another great alliance. I hope to see former Quantum members contribute majorly in GLoF, and raise their epicness to a whole notha level.

Good luck guys!

o/ Quantum
o/ GLoF

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It is sad to see that inactivity and time take their toll, even in the cream of the crop.
And I've seen so many good alliances come and go, here and other games as well.

But there is one thing that stays forever: the memories we leave. And the friends we make.

We are glad that we did have Quantum as our close friends.
And we are more than glad that they chose to become more than a friend: they became our brothers.

o/ to Quantum
o/ to the Lodge

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Good luck Quantum and GLoF.

Heres a Freemason quote that seem appropriate for this occasion.
"The religion of Freemasonry is not sectarian. It admits men of every creed within its hospitable bosom, rejecting none and approving none for his particular faith. It is not Judaism...it is not Christianity. It does not meddle with sectarian creeds or doctrines, but teaches fundamental truth...At its altar, men of all religions may kneel; to its creed, disciples of every faith may subscribe." Albert G. Mackey

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