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Finland Redeemed

comrade nikonov

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[indent]It was, as always, a cold day in Helsinki. [/indent] However, the air was warmed by the emotions of the crowds of people who had gathered in the central square. Today, was not an ordinary day in Helsinki. For on today, the 19th of April in the year of Our Lord 2011,a wise looking politician with a disastrously common name, Simo Korhonen, took to the lectern on a raised stage. He spoke with a strong yet comforting voice: [i]People of Helsinki, people of the Finnish nation, we have weathered together through thick and thin. We have stood united from our rises to our falls, through war and through peace. Today, I ask you, all of you, to stand together with me, as we create a future that shines bright for the progeny of our nation, a future that ensures the prosperity and independence of Finland![/i] The thousands of people in the square became moved by his voice, by his thunder. They were mesmerized by his aura. News crews were broadcasting throughout the country, and as the word spread across ears, across social media, across phone lines, more and more people tuned in to this little man. [i]Finland, in the large picture of things, is a small nation. Giant nations in Asia and South America are behemoths compared to our Finland, but that should only strengthen our resolve. For we must understand that the future of each and every individual Finn hinges on the future of our Finland. Through unity, we will gain strength![/i] As the people stopped and took in his powerful ideals, they became entranced in his voice. They believed in him, they trusted in him.
[i]And that is why, we must today, declare our Finland to once again be a sovereign nation, for our government to be free from involuntary bondage with another, for our people to have the right to CHOOSE OUR OWN LIVES![/i] And with that, across all sides of the square, unseen demonstrators unfurled gigantic banners across the building fronts. They all had the same symbol: the blue cross so famously associated with the Finnish nation. As the crowd cheered on, the television cameras on television went to another location, the Cathedral of Turku, the spiritual center of the Finnish people. There, the aged archbishop, religious leader of the Finnish nation, walked out of the door, and said a word to the cameras:
[indent][b] "God Bless Korhonen. God Bless Finland."[/b]

As the Finnish nation began its rebirth onto the world, a convoy of vehicles marked with the Finnish blue cross were already headed towards the Russian border at Vyborg. Inside, sat chief negotiator of the Finnish Democratic Nationalist Movement, Liisa Laine. She held documents that contained the following to the Russians.
[code]Greetings, Mighty Rus:
For many centuries our nations have been tied together, in both alliances and in conflicts.
We recognize the interests of the Russian nation, specifically in several military bases.
We propose that the Russian nation retain these military bases indefinitely, as well as the leader of the Russian nation having the ceremonial title of the Grand Duke of Finland,
while Russian nation returns our favors with treaties of mutual economic and military support,
such as arms transfer and economic trade treaties.
The leaders of the FDNM certainly do not wish to conflict with the Mighty Rus,
but we compel your honors to consider our proposal well.[/code]

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The Slavorussian Empire, upon reestablishing its independence, extends its formal recognition to the new Finnish government.

The Mayor of Vyborg, Vladimir Koivisto, is present at the border to receive Finland’s negotiator until the Foreign Minister could arrive. When he arrived Foreign Minister Lavrov would accept the Finn's proposals, but not before warning them of his country's waning power and technological progress.

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