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Hello hello, how are you all? Pleased to meet you all, I am AngolaThree (ingame name Isis IV), Secretary of the Bureau of Voice for the Technocratic Union. We go by TU formally, but our IRC tags and channel is #techno. You can find us at http://union-rising.net/ with our spiffy Bros-made SMF forums that we can barely run because we have no sense of technology. We're getting better though.

Our Eight Principles of Union that guide our behavior:

[quote]I, as a member of the Technocratic Union, will...

1. Refrain from unprovoked warfare with other nations.
2. Give generously to those nations less fortunate than myself.
3. Conduct myself in the public sphere in good faith and lead by example.
4. Not use nuclear weapons first in a conflict.
5. Treat other alliances as brothers, not foes.
6. Treat my fellow alliance states as co-equal partners in this Union.
7. Defend the honor of this Union from slander and invasion.
8. Never give up, never retreat, or back down from a fair fight.[/quote]

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