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Secretary-General OsRavan stood before the General Assembly as he presented his quarterly report. Looking out over the Senate he couldn't help but smirk; he'd never seen any group of people so averse to asking questions, and the GA, 'hmph,' he thought, 'the picture of oblivion.' He was at the top of his game, this was the perfect democracy for a perfect demagogue. He flipped the page on his speech and droned on about the state of the Network.

"Elections are on the way, keep active and keep in touch with your fellow ODNistas, you never know who will be the next Sunstar and rise to the top out of nowhere. The Network needs bright young minds for a bright future.

"Keep up efforts against our opponents in Legion, Kerberos Nexus, 64Digits and Cult of Justitia. The coalition's peace mode tactic has blown up in its face and while negotiations are ongoing, we are still at war and any nation you find is going to be wi--" OsRavan winced and clasped his hands to his ears as the PA system in the hall sputtered and cracked loudly. The crowd before him was visible disturbed; he peered out into the murky hall to see what the source of the commotion was. He couldn't pinpoint anything.

"Order, please, to order," he continued, but members of the general assembly were on their feet now, gasping, pointing at him--no, pointing behind him, as he began to turn a familiar voice boomed across the sound system, reverberating throughout the hall

[center][size="7"][font="Palatino Linotype"]"Good evening"[/font][/size][/center]

The Secretary Generals' jaw dropped, the salutation that once gripped the world now echoing through his head . . . "[/i]

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Good evening, I am your host Schattenmann, and this is This Week in the Network, your number one news source for all things orange. I'm glad you're here with us tonight on our inaugural run; we've got an exciting lineup for you, and a special treat: the Justitian foreign press corps will be joining me to contribute multiple perspectives throughout. Welcome, folks, to your new This Week for your new hegemony. TWiN is on!

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"][color="#0000FF"]Welcome back, MHA[/color][/size][/font]

What would an inaugural TWi- be without MHA? Not much.
We here at at This Week in Productions are big FA buffs, we live for foreign affairs; some of us eat foreign affairs. While it wasn't exactly [i]this[/i] week, MHA launched a diplomatic mission to the Network, and ODN answered in true ODN style.

Given this was February and I haven't facepalmed over an ODN-MHA treaty yet, I'm going to call this one DoA. You stay classy, ODN diplomat corps.

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"][color="#0000FF"]Os's World[/color][/size][/font]
Over the past few months, I've got to know SecGen OsRavan more than anyone would like. In multiple meetings, I've found that he lives in his own little world, Os's World, where up is down and circle is square. This week, Os spoke again with myself and Yawoo regarding an end to our war, and tonight, our very own Yawoo brings us a glimpse into Os's World.


Thank you, Schattenmann. Hello Cyberverse, and welcome to your first installment of Os's World - with your host, Yawoo. We begin this maiden voyage with the subject of neutrality. What constitutes neutrality in CyberNations? Does an alliance aiding another alliance at war thereby also make them a target? Let's dig into this, shall we?

<Schattenmann> Why do you think that it was inappropriate?
<OsRavan[ODN]> you threatening our applicants and our proctectorate? . . . I found it lacking because, finding yourself in a losing war, you proceeded to attempt to spin propoganda and verbally bully [b]neutral parties[/b] in order to mdake up for your lack on the battlefield. Now you are certainly allowed to do this as you are allowed to do anything. But for every action there is consequences. Your repeated threats and
<Yawoo> Since I was the one speaking with them, no I did not threaten them
<Yawoo> I warned them
<Schattenmann> What's neutral about a party that is aiding your war effort?
<OsRavan[ODN]> threats were most certainly issued to both the applicant AA and to our protectorate by both CoJ and 64 on the OWF and via IRC. I will also add 1) they were tech dealing with nations not at war not 'aiding' a war effort. 2) We do not recognize any moral ambiguity in tech dealing while at war. A stance we have extended towards our enemies in multiple wars now. 3) Regardless of your feelings on the matter, it does

In Os's World, his protectorate The Flood Empire should be allowed to send thousands of technology to the Orange Defense Network and still be deemed neutral in the war. In other words, ODN's protectorate should be allowed to help them by increasing their ability to damage the alliances they are at war with and yet should still be deemed neutral. Last I checked, on Planet Bob, if you aid someone while they are at war - you yourself, as a result of your actions, are in the war as well. But in [i]Os's world[/i], that is simply not true. In fact, because your's truly decided to be friendly and clear up what he perceived as a newbie alliance's lack of knowledge, he went to the Flood Empire when ODN first declared war on the Justitian Mystery, as seen below, OS decided that as a result of the Cult's friendly warning to the Flood Empire that deemed us singling out their protectorate, threatening them, etc... etc...
Session Start: Sun Mar 06 13:33:51 2011
Session Ident: Paulus_magintie
<Yawoo> Afternoon, you're from TFE, correct?
<Paulus_magintie> yea
<Yawoo> I believe an associate of mine, HeroofTime spoke with you earlier?
<Paulus_magintie> yes
<Yawoo> I'm just here to confirm that TFE is going to continue to arm ODN with technology during war, is that correct?
<Paulus_magintie> yes
<Yawoo> Okay, and I see you're protected by ODN, but I find no official treaty on the OWF nor on ODN's forums. Can you link me to a copy of it, please?
<Paulus_magintie> Its not been posted yet
<Paulus_magintie> i have a copy but its only between the 2 alliances for now
<Yawoo> I see, and what's the ETA on that post?
[13:38] <Paulus_magintie> ETA?
<Yawoo> estimated time of arrival
<Paulus_magintie> erm well to be fair we got everybody to sign it except 1 person so should be today or early tomorrow
<Yawoo> Alright, and just to reiterate what I believe my associate has already gone over with you
<Yawoo> Arming an alliance which is at war with technology is considered a further act of war with the participants, are you aware of this?
<Paulus_magintie> Yes i got this
<Paulus_magintie> can i ask
<Paulus_magintie> which alliance are you from
<Yawoo> Cult of Justitia
<Yawoo> And knowing this, you will continue to arm the Orange Defense Network with technology?
<Paulus_magintie> never heard of you
<Paulus_magintie> yes
<Yawoo> We are a quiet alliance
<Yawoo> Alright, that's all I needed, thank you for your assistance. Have a pleasant afternoon :)[/quote]

As you can see, the Justitian Mystery did not threaten ODN's protectorate the Flood Empire; rather, we took a very friendly route and made sure a new alliance was aware of what they were doing. But in Os's World, and to ODN, somehow this friendly chat I held with TFE was deemed as the Cult growing fangs, horns, and mouth dripping with acid, as seen below.


(A big thank you to Operative Midnight for the photos)

There are many posts such as the above in which the ODN, following Os's lead have somehow taken a friendly chat and turned it into an idea that the Jusititian Mystery committed horrible, atrocious, unseemly acts against The Flood Empire. Funny how the logs don't seem to match up with that idea. This reporter is calling out ODN and, in particular, OsRavan. You may be able to brainwash your own sheeple with inane dribble, but there are those of us who know the truth, and we're gunning for you.

Thank you and keep basking in the fiery glow of truth, Planet Bob. Back to you, Schattenmann.

Indeed, Yawoo, thank you. I want to visit Os's World one day, I bet there are flying pigs and newspaper taxis.

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"][color="#0000FF"]The Runaround[/color][/size][/font]
This Week, with the NPO and Doomhouse nearing agreement on terms, OsRavan approached the Cult of Justitia with the results of ODN's internal discussion on terms previously agreed to between CoJ and ODN.
First, those terms:
These terms were the result of about an hour of negotiations full of gripping future-changing moments like this:
<Schattenmann> An admission of defeat is proof enough of its reality, anything else is toppings [we're not writing a poem on top of that to prove we lost]
<OsRavan[ODN]> throw out suggestions of something fun coj doesnt mind doing
<Schattenmann> CoJ will do anything the ODN will do
<OsRavan[ODN]> ODN in your situation would be more then willing to do what i am asking of you. but we are not in your situation
<Schattenmann> Deliver us a crate of oranges and we'll write a haiku about them
<OsRavan[ODN]> what does delivering you a crate of oranges entail?

The result represented an agreement acceptable to Justitia's Cult and the Sec-Gen; however, all 350 members of ODN were asked for input afterwards.
After those internal discussions, OsRavan returned with his direction:
<OsRavan[ODN]> so i took what we talked about back to the alliance. ::shrugs;; I under-estimated the dislike with your and coj's conduct in this war though. The feeling was [b]very strong that an apology to TFE is needed[/b]. The goal is not to publicly humiliate you. It can be a private apology with no one outside aware. But we do need an apology. Or atleast an admitance that your behavior to them (and our applicant aa btw)was inappropriate
<OsRavan[ODN]> on a side note if you want to drop the lulz term we can. IT was also decided that those sort of terms [b]are reserved for opponents we consider to have behaved honorably[/b] on the field of battle. Such as in this war, for us, MCXA, Legion, etc. [b]That does not include you in our perspective[/b], and that term can be dropped if you so desire

CoJ dishonorable and innapropriate?! Say it ain't so, Schatt, say it ain't so!

Taking OsRavan at his word (that the terms had to be changed because CoJ is not worthy of a haiku and everyone demands an apology for informing TFE of the taboo surrounding aid in war), myself and my associate Yawoo spent another hour fielding backhanded insults and patronization. We giggled the whole time--you should have been there--but TWiN's viewers don't like log dumps. TWiN's viewers demand screenshots, and screenshots you shall have! And why? Because as much as Yawoo and I laughed about the crap about honor and inappropriateness, the real reason that OsRavan was forced to drop the lulz terms will make you laugh even more in light of the smoke he tried to blow:

With 3 out of 5 Senators agreeing that lulz terms are stupid, OsRavan tries to rally the troops one more time. He really, [i]really[/i] needs that haiku for his spankbank.

Raged about the haiku? Let's go to the tape:
<Schattenmann> An admission of defeat is proof enough of its reality, anything else is toppings
<OsRavan[ODN]> throw out suggestions of something fun coj doesnt mind doing
<Schattenmann> CoJ will do anything the ODN will do
<Schattenmann> Deliver us a crate of oranges and we'll write a haiku about them

Finally seeing things for what they are, Senator Twizzler gets hardline about the issue and offers commentary on lulz disguised as a compromise:

In addition to the majority of the Senate, many other government and members also weighed in:
Am I bombarding you, faithful viewers? I hope I'm not fatiguing you; I just want you to share in the giggles. Let's see it again:
<OsRavan[ODN]> on a side note if you want to drop the lulz term we can. IT was also decided that those sort of terms are reserved for opponents we consider to have behaved honorably on the field of battle. That does not include you in our perspective, and that term can be dropped if you so desire

Boy, what a whopper that one was! Os must have been pretty disappointed, I can't blame him for putting a little sunshine on it. Chin up, Os!
[size="1"](Thanks to Operative Francisco)[/size]

After 5 pages in 2 different threads, OsRavan gets the message loud and clear, and moves on like a good elected leader, which brings us to our next story.

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"][color="#0000FF"]Who's in Charge Here?[/color][/size][/font]
Although anyone with a good number of seasons under their belt is familiar with ODN's Pingu, TWiN's audience is young and hip, and many of you may not be familiar with this old-timer. Pingu is, in the most polite terms, ancient. He has been with the ODN almost since its beginnings, serving as Secretary General twice, and Senator on numerous occasions. He was for a long time the embodiment of ODN's image as a moralistic and dignified alliance. Electron Sponge once told This Reporter that Pingu is easily one of the most intelligent rulers on Digiterra. But, all of that is ancient history, and for some years Pingu has spent a quiet retirement out of politics tending his Pingu's Pub. Or has he?
The ODN's Secretary General is elected by the whole of the membership of the Network, and he represents the interests of the whole of the Network--everyone. So, when OsRavan informed Justitia's Cult that the ODN had decided it must have an apology to TFE for CoJ's warnings, and an apology for CoJ's spam campaign directed at ODN Applicant, one must assume that he meant that it was the will of a majority of ODNistas, or that it was the will of the majority of the Senate, who's will the SecGen executes.

But, TWiN's investigation into the matter has prompted us to ask a This Week classic: Who's in charge here?

I take you back to OsRavan's claim: <OsRavan[ODN]> so i took what we talked about back to the alliance. ::shrugs;; I under-estimated the dislike with your and coj's conduct in this war though. [b]The feeling was very strong[/b] that an apology to TFE is needed. But we do need an apology. Or atleast an admitance that your behavior to them (and our applicant aa btw)was inappropriate

While Senator Twizzler brought up the issue of an apology
OsRavan only took the request under advisement, soliciting further Senate input. Well?

The response was a resounding meh

Senator Joracy: Meh.

Senator Yankeesfan: Meh.

Senator Proximus: Double meh.

At this point, Os has set the bar for demanding an apology at a "majority of the Senate" and he has none; in fact, the Senate is not at all enthused with the idea, not to mention the various other officials also ready to hurry up and get this war over with:

Far from that "<OsRavan[ODN]> The feeling was very strong" claim, the feeling is that an apology is not worth prolonging the war over.
But, wait a minute there, Os, Pingu hasn't had [i]his[/i] say.
Twizzler is the only Senator representing Pingu? Pingu gets a personal Senator? Is that how a representative democracy works? Who's in charge here?
It seems Pingu.
Peacemonger indeed.
It looks like Pingu is on his third term as Secretary General--the job is much more fun and easy when you get someone else to run in elections for you, though.
Democracy is a dangerous gamble on Planet Bob, for years, ODN has stood on the knife's edge, producing such wonders as Arsenal And PopeHope, and stinkers like WalkerNinja, but they've always stuck to the charter. It looks like TWiN is here just in time ot remind the General Assembly who the Secretary General works for--the people--just in time for election season.

And with that, on this the 40th day since the Orange Defense Network first rejected surrender from the Cult of Justitia, for all of us here at This Week in the Network, I am Schattenmann wishing you goodnight, and good luck.

Edited by Schattenmann
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[quote name='Farrin Xies' timestamp='1303179520' post='2693032']
This Week in Productions is among my favorite non-NPO, non-Sir Paul news publications on Planet Bob. A+++++ Read, would read again.
Wherever heads of state tell the people lies, TWiP is there.

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[quote name='goldielax25' timestamp='1303179137' post='2693027']
I came here looking for something revealing and interesting, and didn't find it.

If you can't find anything nice to say, better you don't say anything at all.

Great read, would read again etc etc.

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I know you can get stuck like a broken record but I'm a little surprised you're still whining about TFE. Its not like they're the only people tech dealing with ODN.

If I may make a suggestion ODN, it might be time to reevaluate the CoJ terms.

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;:yawns:: You are slipping schatt. I dont find anything you leaked there to be embarrassing or something i'm not happy to admit to publicly

The only correction I will make regarding schatt's incomplete logs is the lulz comments. I insisted on a lulz term in my first conversation with Schatt but made it clear any terms would be pending approval of the ODN GA and Senate. At that point I was speaking for myself and guessing on what ODN would want. Schatt had contacted *me* in that conversation. I took the potential terms to the ODN GA and Senate and the response was they did not want lulz but did want an apology. Where upon I returned to schatt and reported to him this verdict.

Clearly schatt does not get how a democracy works. But I made it clear every step of the way when I was speaking for myself, when I would need the senate and GA to sign off on terms, and when I was speaking *for* the GA. If schatt can't keep that straight, not my problem.

Other then that, im not sure what Schatt hoped to accomplish with this. It is not going to change our stance that CoJ should apologize for their treatment of our protectorate and our applicants. The goal of that apology was not to publicly humiliate them. But apparently they want to make it public. So be it. I don't think most people will find this half as interesting as CoJ thinks they will.

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Hmmm. Lacks of substance. I'm guessing the majority of ODN'ers never saw the screen shot of the actual exchange between CoJ and a member of TFE, but rather took their leadership's word that you were badgering TFE, which I didn't personally take to be the case based on the screenshot.

That aside, the entire edition is based on OsRavan wanting to force an apology and some lulz clause, to which the Senate was "meh" on. I can certainly understand wanting to set the record straight on how things actually went down in that convo, and I think you achieved that, but you probably could've done it with far fewer words and the need to use spies to show reactions within ODN. Nothing there that is damning to ODN. If anything, I hate to say it, but it makes you look worse for going beyond your initial purpose and blowing something less trivial out of proportion.

Oh well. Nice graphics, though.

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