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To Boldly Go Where No Cat Has Gone Before

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To Infinity, and Be- oh crap, wrong spaceman...

I would like to present:

[quote][center][b][size="6"]First Contact[/size][/b][/center]


In a joint effort to secure the success of STARFLEET, The Global Alliance and Treaty Organization (GATO) and STARFLEET agree to the following protectorate terms.

[b]Article 1: Peace & Sovereignty[/b]

1. GATO and STARFLEET agree to show respect and good will towards the member nations of each respective alliance in public and private whether in-forum or IRC.
2. Both GATO and STARFLEET will remain sovereign and independent alliances and will not infringe upon each other's sovereignty.
3. The leadership of both GATO and STARFLEET will alert the other signatory should this article ever be infringed upon.
4. GATO and STARFLEET will not engage in military actions against whether direct attack or espionage.
5. GATO and STARFLEET will not knowingly and willfully send aid and/or intelligence to known enemies of the other.

[b]Article 2: Defense[/b]

1. GATO agrees to protecting STARFLEET from unwarranted attack through direct political, financial, and/or military action.
2. STARFLEET is encouraged but not required to defend GATO from unwarranted attacks through direct political, financial, and/or military action.

[b]Article 3: Military and Foreign Actions[/b]

1. STARFLEET will inform GATO if they are they are taking offensive military action on another alliance within 48 hours of the official declartion of war.
2. STARFLEET will not declare war on another alliance without first discussing it with GATO leadership.
3. STARFLEET will inform GATO before signing any treaties with other alliances and will discuss such decisions with them.

[b]Article 4: Economics[/b]

1. STARFLEET will give priority to GATO in Tech Dealing and Trade Setup but will not be exclusive.

[b]Article 5: Consultation[/b]

1. STARFLEET will allow a team of GATO Advisors to provide input, guidance, mentoring, and other to evaluate and make suggestions to STARFLEET to improve their functioning as an alliance in all matters of operation.
2. STARFLEET is under no obligation to adhere to the Advisory Team's suggestions in maintaining their sovereignty as outlines in Article 1.
3. STARFLEET is free to allow whatever forum access to the GATO Advisory Team they feel is acceptable and secure.
4. STARFLEET at anytime may request the ending of the GATO Advisory Team's work.

[b]Article 6: Merging and Disbandment[/b]

Should there come a time where STARFLEET, as an alliance, believe it is not feasible to continue on as an official alliance:

1. STARFLEET will inform GATO leadership within 48 hours to address concerns, fears, and explore other options.
2. GATO commits to do whatever it takes to see STARFLEET be a successful alliance.

[b]Article 7: Cancellation and Termination[/b]

1. This pact may be canceled by either signatory after 48 hours notice. Reason(s) for cancellation must be given to the leadership of the other signatory.
2. This pact may be terminated by any breach of any of the above Articles.
3. Should STARFLEET feel they have outgrown the need for protection and assistance from GATO, the parties will discuss a possible upgrade.[/quote]

[b]Assembly Chairman[/b]
[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/b]
Empress Elizabeth
[b]GATO 42nd Congress[/b]

Adoroll - [b]Admiral[/b]
supremeoverlordbob - [b]Vice Admiral[/b]
glad30 - [b]Rear Admiral of Foreign Affairs[/b]

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[quote name='Laslo Kenez' timestamp='1303170629' post='2692943']
Glad to see this!

The Cat'leth is truly the most dangerous hand to hand weapon.

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