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Another Milestone for Pax Corvus


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[quote name='Cerridwyn' timestamp='1303080363' post='2692101']Thank you all. We want to grow big so we can challenge GPA as the largest neutral menace on Bob. I figure what.. oh, another 5 years, give or take

We will really feel old and silly then... :)

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[quote name='NationRuler' timestamp='1303093712' post='2692199']
What accomplishment is Nation Strength in an alliance in which it does not matter?

Like any organization, for an alliance to grow well, it needs to set goals that are reasonable and measurable. Using numerical values, such as Total NS and/or number of players, it makes goal setting simple, measurable and obtainable.

Reaching those goals, and setting the next ones is a time for celebration. Pax is therefore celebrating. I'm sorry you choose not to celebrate with us. If you change your mind, the Barista has a very nice latte' with your name on it, waiting for you.

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Noble Cerridwyn

I am very happy for our neutral (friends) acquaintance :rolleyes: . It is even more pleasing to see the rise of another alliance who values honour and strong principles you shall catch our GPA friends in no time. :)

Dame Hime Themis

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