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Purple 3BR (+ Gems and Uranium)


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Rebuilding my 3BR TC after losing some people. So please message me in-game if interested!

Marble: Esthar
Iron: Esthar
Gems: RePePe
Pigs: RePePe
Wheat: lapdog
Uranium: Piero187
Water: Shadew22
Lumber: lapdog
Aluminum: Y2Rameses
Cows: Y2Rameses
Spice: Shadew22
Sugar: Piero187

As listed here, please message in game, even though I will check here occassionally to see if anyone has posted. Thanks.

- Esthar of Corynth

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Oooooook... So, my luck with this TC rebuild seems to be influx constantly... Very annoying...

So I have possibly found a replacement for wheat/lumber, but my cattle/aluminum guy is at 25 days today...

So! Now I need a cattle/aluminum nation. If you are interested, please message me in game... Thank you.

- Esthar of Corynth

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