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a True Fark Announcement


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for those that didnt have the picture load

Declaration of War

The standard trend of an End Of Round War is to pick an alliance and attempt to burn it to the ground along with your own before Admin has the satisfaction of doing it themselves.

Over here at Farkistan, we wish to look at it in a slightly different light. Why should just 1 alliance or on the odd occasion 2, 3 or 4 alliances get the honor of getting burnt down by and helping burn down Farkistan.

So for our greatest DoW of the round, we are letting our members decide on what nations they want to burn. That’s right, nations, not alliances. To put it a bit more simply, this is more a “Declaration of Farkistan’s End of Round Rogue Status” (copyright pending) as opposed to a standard Declaration of War.

Another big tradition to Farkistan is to make things look a hell of a lot more important than what they really are, so before you ask, Yes the letterhead is required, as is the awesome Paint signatures.

*additional note* sorry Adude and confusion, you 2 aren’t up to my NS, that’s why I haven’t attacked either of you, because, lets face it, what’s a couple nukes between friends?

Signed for Farkistan,

Smontag - Save Water, Drink BEER
l2eaper - MOAR BEER!!
OutKast - DRUNK

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I approve of this. It seems Random and Insane yet it is TOTAL Farkmongerish.

Edit: spelling

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[quote name='Schad' timestamp='1302871662' post='2691062']
Liked the other announcement better, but this one ain't bad. Have fun.

The "other" announcement was from the Tea Party Express. They aren't part of the Fark AA in TE. Some of them were last round.

(But yeah their announcement was very good!)

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