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Come on over to Valencia!

Karl Peters

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So is it just me or is this world of succeeding rebels? Look here! Another one! The rebels of Valencia have fought 154 days to secure their control of Spain. On this day, 500 rebel soldiers secured the Congress of Deputies, and shortly after, captured the Palacio de Villa. The beer, wine, and whatever other alcohol the rebels could find, was drunk. The rebels have established their control over Madrid with minimal losses, and forcing the Spanish government to abdicate.

The president of Spain, and his family retreated back, with the remnants of the Spanish military into the cities of Salamanca,and Zamora. The main rebel force chased the remaining government of Spain into the cities. Quickly, the cities became major battles. The defenses of Salamanca were bombarded for two hours, while the rebels waited for the sun to fall in the once beautiful city of Salamanca. As the sun fell over the city, the horizon became a firestorm. Rebel tanks, stolen from the Spanish armory at Barcelona, fired armor piercing shells into the city. The shells chopped men in half, blew buildings sky high, and even destroyed the ammo depot in the city. The tanks quickly roared into the city with rebel soldiers on the top firing wildly into the Spanish soldiers. The rebels managed to cross the mile gap between the two armies in less than three minutes. The overwhelming speed of the rebels threw the Spanish soldiers back almost through the entire city.

In Zamora, the Spanish defenses were weaker than Salamanca's, but they still managed to hold. The rebels did the same strategy as they did in Salamanca. As the sun fell, the Spanish attacked the rebel defenses, over a mile outside of Zamora! The rebels were forced to retreat to the high grounds of Monotana Salio. The rebel artillery in the hills managed to halt the Spanish attack, just ten miles outside the capital of Madrid. The rebels regrouped, and prepared for a counterattack on the Spanish left flank. The Spanish had forgotten about the small town of Galgapar. The rebels pushed through the town, and reappeared behind the Spanish mainline. The rebel force cut off 100 Spanish soldiers in the small grassy area, 200 meters in front of Monotana Salio. The small grassy area quickly became a firestorm that looked as if hell itself was coming straight out of the ground. By the time the sun rose on April 14th, the rebels had managed to get into the outskirts of Zamora.

So let's party in the new capital, Valencia! The beer is great, and the women are even better! Come party with the rebel leaders, and the citizens who devoted their lives to the cause! Free shots if you come!

~ Government of the Valencian Empire

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