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The Unholy Alliance


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Jia's plane landed in Berlin late at night. The Imperator of the United Federation of the East had come to Berlin under extreme secrecy to negotiate an agreement with the German regime. Jia couldn't help but smile at the irony. The German leader today the grandson of one of the UFEs greatest adversaries, but odder things had happened. After all, they were allied with the Rebel Army as well now.

A armored Mercedes S series had been dispatched from the Federation embassy to pick up the Imperator and take him to the meeting site with the Kaiser. The single car would make its way to the Reichstag. Stepping out of the car, Jia entered into the building following a german to the meeting site with Kaiser Martens.

"Gutten abend Kaiser Martens." Jia said shaking the Kaiser's hand. Unbeknownst to many he was trying to learn german, however it was not a particularly successful endeavor of his and he was quite sure he had botched the pronunciation, fortunately he had brought along a translator.

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There was no fancy Einherjar-Valkyrie guard this time, the meeting was after all a most sudden one, and low profile one as well. Earlier, as Jia had moved through the Reichstag's rooms, he might have noticed "the" Kaiser Martens, the Elder, sitting in the distance, as an office had left its door open...but only for a second. But it didn't matter, he was being led by the Althing FA Staff to Martens. The Current Martens.

He did not expect Jia to utter those words, he had expected them from a nearby Interpreter but he was instead surprised, and smiled. In German he says, "I suppose I should learn Chinese next then. Good evening, Emperor of the East. What can we do for you?"

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"I wish you more luck than I have had with your language." Jia quipped. "I have come to discuss improving the current state of the German-Chinese alliance. It has been some time since we signed our previous treaty. Our nations have cooperated closely on several matters and seem to share a common vision, I would therefore propose we upgrade to a full alliance." he said going right to business.

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"Well I may be able to come to speak it but, why do you folks have got to have such a complicated system? If we had to use that here, half of us would be analphabet. Hmm."

He folds his arms, thinking.

"Hmm. I do not know what UK is doing as of lately. That raven-cursed chimera will not stop until causing a war!" He turns around, heading to stare at the window towards his City. "And in America of all places! We have no choice but to be allied. Vinland, England, and your own people there are being threatened...by some imperialist and by my some own "allies" at that. This is ridiculous. And what was Moscow thinking to embark in such stupidity? Gone are the days when they had been the beacon of reason and temperance..."

His eyes narrow.

"The war will come. And when it does, the Chimera will again lash out with its worst weaponry towards the civilian targets. They keep speaking of friendship but keep stabbing in the back. I should have not given Zürich a second chance. Well, when they come for us and our English Brothers we will be ready, France and Russia will be liberated... and we will be, yes, more closely allied."

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"Chinese is a language of homonyms and tones, with an alphabet many words would have over 40 meanings based on what tone you said it in or the context... there is a a reason although there certainly are a good deal of benefits being born Chinese. It would be hell to learn." Jia said shrugging.

Jia couldn't help but have a smile come to his face. He had delegated the UK mess to the Athenians and Dalmatians, learning the lesson of previous Chinese attempts at leadership in European affairs. Nevertheless he could not help but agree at the UKs aggressive tendency. After all this was a group who had stolen a large chunk of land from a supposed ally. Those who turned on a dime so quick for territorial gain were not those who the Imperator of China could trust or even respect.

"I agree strongly with your assessment of the situation." Jia said. "I confess my own bias, I was never one to trust the Irish who seem to be the dominant faction within the UK. I was appalled by the blatant disregard for life when they committed the English holocaust. Such people cannot be permitted to exert influence unchecked. China would be honored to join in an alliance with Germany against such a threat. I had my foreign ministry draw an agreement up that perhaps you would find favorable." Jia said presenting a draft of the treaty he had proposed in German:

Resolved that shared interests between the the nations of the United Federation of the East and the German Forbund, the before mentioned hereby commit themselves to the following articles.

Article I: Sovereignty
The Sovereignty of both nations shall not be questioned or otherwise infringed upon by either. Each nation will abstain from military acts of aggression, acts of espionage or the effecting of economic sanctions when such actions are directed at a signatory to this pact.

Article II: Mutual Defense
Each signatory recognizes that an attack on one is an attack on the other, and therefore will provide any and all requested support be it military, financial, or political. This obligation is moreover conditional to wars whereby one of the signatories to this pact is an initial point within the overall conflict, or otherwise participating within a coalition that was itself initially defensive, and not the aggressor within the war.

Article III: Optional Aggression
i) Should either signatory choose to execute or participate in a policy of aggressive war, economic sanctions, or otherwise; each signatory is encouraged but not obligated to support this policy by whatever means they deem appropriate.
ii) In the event of such a policy this article may constitute an independent legal casus belli.

Article IV: Economic & Trade Affairs

i) Both signatories pledge to mutually eliminate tariffs on goods produced within the other’s nation. Both signatories agree to established a standard trade code in order to foster transaction between the two nations. Such will be managed by a jointly chaired trade commission tasked to oversee and manage UFE-GF trade relations.

ii) Both signatories are encouraged but in no way required to provide economic assistance or aid when requested.

Article V: Cancellation

i) Should Article I, Article II, or Article IV be violated by either signatory, the counter signatory may choose to immediately dissolve this pact in its entirety.

ii) Should either nation come to decide that they no longer wish to be bound by this pact, it may be cancelled at any point. However its articles will remain in effect for 47 hours after either private or public notification of the activation of Article V.[/quote]

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"Indeed. They are Europe's stain. And it is a damn shame, for they had plenty of chances of changing their ways. Now it is just a matter of time until they go too far. We all know how it goes...especially us Germans...we have been them before. Didn't end well for us, won't end any better for them. One day they will make another Holocaust, but it will in turn tragically bring about their own...it will be a sad day. They could have been a reasonable nation..."

He signs, [i]Triumvirate Lord Martens[/i]

"One step closer to safety and harmony. If only the path were not flooded in blood."

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"Indeed." Jia said writing his name to the document in both Chinese characters and in roman letters.

[quote]Jia, August Imperator of the United Federation of the East[/quote]

"If they come again you will have the armies of Asia at your back, and if god forbid it comes to it... our nuclear weapons as well." Jia said with a briefly grimaced face.

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