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Replenishing Military Equipment


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President Straden just finished reading a report on the military equipment left after the revolution. The downside of winning a revolution is that the enemy's losses soon become your own. He would have go into debt a little to purchase new equipment. So, he sent a letter to two well known worldwide arms dealers: the Germanic Union and the UFE.

To Whom it May Concern,

If you have been following North American news, you will see that our faction just won a revolution against our former oppressors. This, however, has left our faction at a disadvantage, as we are short on military equipment. So, we have a bit of a shopping list. We would like to modernize our old equipment, and replace equipment lost in the war. I realize that we will go in the red, but we have plenty of exports planned, and the West Washington Industry belt is just getting started.

Here is a list of items we need:
Small Arms (for soldiers)
720 Fighters (Preferrably Air-Superiority)
240 Strategic Bombers
240 Tactical Bombers
60 Reconnaissance Aircraft
5000 tanks
1200 APCs
700 IFVs
200 Mobile Artillery Platforms

We would also accept rights to build, as we have a potentially military industrial capacity in Eastern Washington/Idaho

President Frederick Straden[/quote]

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"Hmm. So the revolution succeeded and stabilized then."

-"Unfortunate for our Southern Allies as it may be, the self determination trumps the other cards. Either way they have been well influenced by them. Finally America starts to receive some proper civilized influences from our folks. We gotta help these Vinlanders."



Almost on the very same day, Major General Sigurdottar arrives from Iceland. She is carrying a diplomatic briefcase which is basically a resume of the Germanic Union military arsenal, as if it were a shopping guide plus plans. Separately, Kettenheim Inc's products are also there.

She salutes and then offers a "Good Day".

"I am here not to bring you safety. I am here to bring your enemies death."

She places the suitcase on a table and opens it up, showing all that the Germanic Lands have got to offer.

"We would suggest providing you with the following, including Production rights,

Two Assault Rifles. Firstly we have the Heckler and Koch G3 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_G3 )

This weapon is regarded as the "German Kalashnikov" due to its similar round, and similar resistance. It has been used in many conflicts and has been preferred over most other weapons due to the fact that other rounds simply seemed to be too weak to get the job down when enemy body armor was involved. This is ideal for you to acquire an amount and then production rights, you can spam them among your land to resist any invaders.

For frontline forces we have another option. This is a rifle that, unlike the first one, is not cheap, and it requires a trained soldier in order to give it maintenance. However, its performance in combat is at *least* up to par to the most advanced designs in the world, and superior to many. We call it "Tambar", named after Einar Tambarskjelve's special bow. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AN-94 ) What makes it special is that due to a special mechanism, the first bullet is fired recoilessly, therefore, the two first bullets can land on the same spot to defeat armor and cause massive damage.

Another popular choice is our new Kettenheim Inc. 21-round Machineshotgun. An automatic shotgun, that is, with a higher magazine capacity than others used so far. These weapons are absolutely devastating against any soft targets, and although their normal pellet ammo cannot penetrate armor, the spread allows for easy hitting of weakspots. There's a Semiauto mode for ammo saving and then a faster than usual "Spray" mode, for when you absolutely and positively need to get rid of whatever is in front of you. Of course, the gun is also compatible with Slugs, which at a short distance are devastating, and it is too compatible with "Dragonbreath" rounds, and, a Sabot Shell which mirrors the Sabot Rounds of a tank. These are good for, of course, armor penetration, as they're essentially needles. The result is an extremely variable weapon, although not suitable for Militia Use in large scale unless your people have massive stockpiles of shotgun shells.

...And do not forget...sometimes something extra is personal. How about some Axes and Swords? Sometimes, you have to cut your foe's face in half. Besides, it's a good morale thing for the troops to know they have one last resort, and bad morale for the enemy to find their buddies beheaded now and then.

For IFV-APC we have the Schutzenpanzer Puma ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puma_%28IFV%29 ) which has seen action against the Red Germans and the French. Its use is widespread among our nation, and it can basically tackle just about any foe short of a Tank Destroyer or Armor. In our armored doctrine, the MBT is the Mace and the IFV is the Hammer, this IFV is faster than most on service and thusly able to keep up with the Panzers while not sacrificing weaponry nor mobility.

For Mobile Artillery, we have two things. The standard Panzerhaubitze 2k ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PzH_2000 ) but we have also developed PzH 2000 auf 210mm Kannone, a modification to allow a much stronger 210mm round, which can reach farther away. It does fit 45 rounds instead of 60 though.

We also would like to offer our Panzerjäger Perkunos. It resembles the Stridsvagn 103 concept, but it uses a much more powerful gun, a high velocity 140mm Rheinmetall. Its front is very, very sloped, and its special feature is that the gun is able to raise its gun without raising the chassis, that is, the gun can move up to "Peek" and take one shot at the enemy. It must move back down to the standard position to reload. This means that you can shoot at enemies, if positioned right, while only exposing the cannon and lifting mechanism, and not the chassis. There is also a Pzj Königsberg, which is the same vehicle minus this special mechanism, which makes it considerably cheaper, it also requires less maintenance. It is the budget version.

Do not forget also our typical grenades. They're better than the Western ones, their shape makes it easier to toss em around.

Lastly, if your Land needs it, Lord Martens has given me permission to remain here and serve under your army. That is, to be transferred to your Nation altogether. Then you can have some of our experience. For the Gun is only as deadly as its wielder."

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[quote]To: President Straden
From: Executor Ding, People's Liberation Army
Subject: Rearmament


As a member of the Austrian Commonwealth the United Federation of the East is prepared to offer your nation 240 F/A-66 Light Weight Fighters, 360 F/A-47 D bloc 'export plus' Multi-role Fighters, and 120 EF-50 Electronic Warfare Fighters. Additionally we can provide 240 F/A-68 Strike Fighters and 192 Tu-160 S with Hydra Firing System and 48 B-8 Stealth Bombers. We can provide 40 Crane AWACs and 20 Crane C4-ISR units equipped with battlefield management and synthetic aperture radar systems.

Further we can offer you Mounted Combat Systems or Juggernaut II Main Battle Tanks, the Juggernaut II is the significantly more powerful of our two tanks, but the Mounted Combat System is amphibious and can be carried in large number by amphibious ships and can be airlifted aboard tactical airlift and helicopters and in multiple numbers on strategic airlift craft. In regards to APCs we can offer you tracked M13XX series combat vehicles in multiple configuration, the Stryker II and M-28 series are available for wheeled IFVs, both have similar capabilities with the Mk-28 being lighter and more mobile, the Stryker II capable of carrying more troops.

In regards to artillery platforms we can offer 200 mm howitzer, 155 mm howitzer, MLRS system, tactical range ballistic missile launchers, and 120 mm mortars. In regards to production we are willing to discuss joint ventures for some of these weapon systems.[/quote]

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"We would be grateful to have you in our military, Major General, we are just starting to write our training doctrines, and would love to hear your input and critiques. As for the equipment, we could produce it here easily, once we get our industrial base in the east restarted. For now, I have a purchase order that I'll fill out and send to your government. We've just finished expanding the former McMinnville Airfield into a complete, major Air Force base, and can take deliveries there." He retrieved a purchase order form from his briefcase and filled it out. "Is there a number I can fax or somewhere I can send this?"


[color=#1C2837]To: Executor Ding, People's Liberation Army[/color]
[color=#1C2837]From: President Straden
Subject: RE: Rearmament[/color]
[color=#1C2837]We are prepared to purchase the aircraft, it will be a fine addition to the growing Cascadian arsenal. We have but one question, and that is about delivery. We would prefer the equipment delivered to military establishments, so if they are to be delivered by Air, then the McMinnville Air Base in Western Oregon will be fine. If they are to be delivered on ship, then the Astoria Naval Base, which is still under construction, would be the preferred delivery location.[/color][/quote]

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Air ferrying would be done McMinnville Airbase, while spare parts and armament would be routed through Astoria. Additionally twenty eight airborne tankers, fifty tactical airlift and twelve strategic airlift planes alongside 100 helicopter gunships, 240 V-22 Ospreys, and 80 MH-53 E helicopters would be delivered.

"Do you require advisers?"

Aircraft units would be brought out of strategic reserves and mothball units in the UFE, the money would be used to increase initial production on the Quantum line.

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"There is a blueberry-type comms device underneath all of those papers. It is linked directly to the Germanic Union High Command, and of course, quite heavily encripted. Consider it sort of your "Red Phone", only this one is rather Silver-colored instead. As for the doctrines, we will develop two doctrines, one which calls for offense and the utilization of elite assets to spearhead into the enemy land using the usual shocke, awe and panzers, and then a second doctrine will be that of defense, which will rely on Guerilla, Militias, and so forth. It will be as if having two armies, only that both cannot be used at once."

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A rather large fleet would setoff from Japan across the Pacific, aboard it were thousands of artillery pieces, command vehicles, apcs, IFVs, tanks, mobile AA platforms, hundreds of thousands of personal weapons. In the coming months, heavy military equipment would also be broken down from Osaka used in the manufacturing of heavy ground weapons and shipped over. Essentially the United Federation of the East was giving the Pacific Northwest the Japanese Army.

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"Understood, and we'll make sure the phone to Vienna is a different color," LaFonde said half jokingly.

"Those were our main ideas for tactics, and guerrilla tactics are the best we have trained right now, seeing as that is what the bulk of our military started in. We just need discipline and proper training schedules."


Once the shipping fleet reached Cascadian waters, it would be escorted by the Cascadian Navy, the only fully functioning section of the military. As the weaponry arrived in Astoria, it would be shipped out to the air bases and army bases scattered around the nation.

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