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Lego Republican Presidential/Parliamentary Elections

Lego Republic


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[b]Second Communist Group[/b]-Reformed Marxist-Leninist Party, slighlty Authoritarian.
[b]Republican Party[/b]-Same as Republican Party in the United States.
[b]Conservative Party[/b]-Same as Conservative Party in Britain.
[b]Democratic Party[/b]-Same as Democratic Party in United States.
[b]Libertarian Party[/b]-Same as Libertarian Party in United States.
[b]Communist Party[/b]-Stalinist/Maoist.
[b]Dalek Party[/b]-Radical Authoritarian.
[b]Royalist Party[/b]-Wants King to be in charge.
[b]Independent Party[/b]-Trotskyist.
[b]Right to Life Party[/b]-Anti-abortion, Christian Radical.
[b]Unification Party[/b]-Left/Democratic.
[b]Green Party[/b]-Same as Green Party in United States.
[b]Freedom Party[/b]-Radical Islamic Party.
[b]Socialist Party[/b]-Same as Socialist Party in United States.
[b]Independence Party[/b]-Left/Libertarian.

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