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After our great dictator DiviFilius had to take a break we were distraught. We got the worthless ArneS as a replacement. We had to live with this decision for several months and it was hard. Dictator Divi couldn't stand it anymore and he decided it was time for change. He forcefully took ArneS his place and became the great ruler of FOK once again!

I hereby present you our new [s]elected[/s] gov:

[b]FOK Council of Five[/b]
President - DiviFilius
Minister of Economic Affairs - elasticasteroid
Minister of Foreign Affairs - CheeKy
Minister of Defense - Timmehhh
Minister of Internal Affairs - feestaap1

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Yes.. Yes.. YES!!! Finally got rid of Divi and ArneS. I'm so happy I don't have to be in a lot of joint channels with them anymore. I wonder who is replacing ArneS.. Let's see..


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so divi said to use the following words: [color="#FF8C00"]'All hail the Glorious Leader Divi Filius, who finally saved us from the evil tyrant Arnes'[/color]

So I make this:
[color="#FF8C00"]All hail the glorious leader ArneS[/color] he was the best! Now we have [color="#FF8C00"]the evil tyrant Divi Filius who finally [/color]came back to presidency or.. dictatorial regime. Thank you ArneS that you [color="#FF8C00"]saved us from[/color] him but now he's back. I hope you can beat him again!

okey that was enough nonsense.. :P

thank you ArneS and welcome Divi

o/ ArneS
o/ Divi

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