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“A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril”

Founded January 1, 2009 -- Over two years old and still going strong!

The Amazon Nation is a well established Black Team alliance of modest size. We assist all newcomers financially and through the establishment of tech deals and trades with fellow Black Team members. There is always room for growth and improvement within the Nation, and we enjoy a very manageable mix of activity with our busy schedules outside of Planet Bob. Come and visit us, and feel free to ask questions! New and experienced alike are welcome!


(Image provided by our favorite tourist, King Ernie)

Why Join the Amazon Nation?

Before you consider joining, we want to make sure the Nation is a good fit for you. If you share our goals and values, then it's a given that you'll be a good fit for us.

[color="Red"]What style of government does the Amazon Nation operate under?[/color]
The Amazon Nation was founded as a Matriarchal society under the rule of one Queen, and the guidance of the Council of Matriarchs. The Queen does have the final say in any internal or external matters concerning the Nation. However, the opinions and suggestions of all members, from High Government to Initiate, are sought after and valued. Discussions and suggestions are all taken into consideration before decisions are made.

[color="Red"]As a Matriarchal society, are government positions and/or general membership within the Amazon Nation restricted to female rulers only?[/color]
The Amazon Nation will always be ruled by a Queen, and only the Council of Matriarchs will be limited to female only participation. All other government positions and general membership remains open to all.

[color="Red"]What is the Amazon Nation's stance on war? Do you participate often?[/color]
The Queen ensures the safety and security of all members, and seeks to resolve all issues through diplomatic channels. While we are not a neutral alliance, this does not mean that the Nation jumps recklessly into every skirmish or war that rears its ugly head. We value the treaties we hold with alliances we consider to be close friends, and will defend our allies and our own members with equal vigor.

[color="Red"]I'm sorry, I made a mistake, but somebody wants my head on a platter. Please help?[/color]
The Amazon Nation does not provide cover for unrepentant rogues or criminals. [color=Blue]HOWEVER[/color], if you're sincere and/or there was simply a misunderstanding of some sort, I have no problem going to bat for you to resolve any lingering problems you may have found yourself tangled up with. Depending on the severity of the offense, it may be necessary to swallow some pride and provide reparations and/or an apology, but if you are indeed sincere in your desire to resolve all outstanding issues, you won't be left to the wolves.

[color="Red"]Do I get cash for joining?[/color]
For its modest size, the Amazon Nation is generous to members and allies alike. While we do not buy loyalty by promising cash simply in return for joining, our folks are prone to offering random gifts of no-strings aid as well as modified tech deals for greater profit. Additionally, we encourage those in need to ask for what they need. That's what we're here for, to help the members of our close knit family. Ask and ye shall receive.

[color="Red"]Do I have to take a test?[/color]
I consider myself a grown, mature adult. I've been through University, and frankly, I don't miss the busy work one bit. I'm not keen on the idea of handing out tests that I have to grade just so you can join us. While we welcome any and all questions, and our knowledgeable mentors and members will answer them all respectfully and patiently, there will never be a test as a condition to join.

[color="Red"]Initiate? What's that? I thought there were no tests?[/color]
Don't worry, there still isn't a test to join. Upon applying for membership, you're not going to be forced to wait on an alternate "applicant" AA while we review your application. There is an Initiate mask here on this forum designed to help very new rulers read through our training material at the Initiate's own pace, without being distracted or confused by my other walls of text elsewhere on the forum. This Initiate phase has sometimes been waived for experienced rulers, or those who have spoken to me extensively through Private Message prior to submitting an application.

[color="Red"]So I'm an Initiate. How do I graduate? What's this Rite of Passage thing?[/color]
It's very simple! I am proud to have created such a member-oriented application and training process. Instead of waiting (sometimes for quite a long time) for one of us to say whether or not we think you're ready for all of the juicy gossip and my infamous walls of text, you are invited to tell me that you're ready, whether it takes you a minute, an hour, or a week. There is a "Rite of Passage" thread set up for this purpose, where you may choose your own personalized Identification in the form of an Amazon Name. That name can then go in your bio, where other alliances require your less-than-personalized ID number. Since I get to know all of my members personally, it is also sometimes waived. But who would rather pass up an opportunity to pick their own cool name, and have a custom signature bar created in their honor? The in-house Initiate phase is complete upon choosing your Amazon Name and Mask.

[color="Red"]Do I have to switch to the Black Team?[/color]
Officially, the Amazon Nation is a Black Team alliance, and as members of the economic bloc, NOIR, we must maintain a certain percentage of black team nations. However, for established nations, or even newer nations lucky enough to have already managed to make it into a stable, advantageous trade circle, I will not force a new member to give that up as a requirement to join. I do ask, however, that if your circle becomes unstable in the future, that you take that opportunity to switch to black, and to please let me know so that I can help to get you into a Black Team circle from that point on.

[color="Red"]Does the Amazon Nation support a particular Black Team Senator, and is voting mandatory?[/color]
Why yes, yes we do support a particular candidate, but I prefer to "strongly encourage" my members to vote, rather than to make it an order. We are content with any NOIR alliance which happens to hold any of the Senate seats, and truly have no issue with any non-NOIR candidate holding a Senate seat as long as it's held responsibly. However, the Amazon Nation has historically supported the candidate from the Order of the Black Rose. At this time, that candidate happens to be King Winslow of Zanidoo. This is a tradition that has followed us from our Ubercon roots, and I'm happy for it to continue as long as the OBR continues to offer a candidate.

[color="Red"]Activity. What would I be expected to do here? Am I going to have to check in or hold someone's hand constantly?[/color]
I'm not the only one here who has a very busy schedule outside of Planet Bob. I'm an old bat. I have many projects and activities that keep me constantly occupied. How can I expect my folks to be here all day every day, when I have a hectic schedule, myself? We are very schedule-friendly, here, and that's the same whether you're a working adult or one of those younger folks I call "whippersnappers" who're busy with school. I make every effort to communicate necessary information to my folks in a way that's simplest to access, and I appreciate when they are able to check in for the latest news and gossip. I love it when they contribute, and love and encourage as much additional participation as can be mustered. There are always opportunities to grow, take on additional responsibilities, or to simply relax and enjoy the chatter. The only thing I do expect, is a rabid, frothy desire to defend the Amazon Nation and her Allies if the need ever arises. Never, ever be afraid to defend yourself and your alliance-mates, and I will go to ZI any day of the week for you.


These are only a few samples meant to help you get a better idea of what we're about before you make your decision. Feel free to ask additional questions, and hope to see you soon!


Randalla of The HiElands

View the current Charter and sitting Government of the Amazon Nation here:
[url=http://amazonnationalliance.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=government]Hall of Government[/url]

View the current treaties held by the Amazon Nation here:
[url=http://amazonnationalliance.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=treaties]Hall of Records[/url]

A list of Amazon Nation Protectorates can be found here:
[url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Amazon_Territory]Amazon Territory[/url]

All of the above information can also be found here:
[url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Amazon_Nation]Amazon Nation Wiki[/url]

Join us in the IRC arena at #AzN on Coldfront!

[color=Red]If you sell tech, I've got buyers for you! Compliments of the Amazon Nation:[/color]

[url=http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dDBmTkcxMDdpTTNicXZXYkticnljT1E6MQ][u]Tech Connection[/u][/url]

[color=Red]And if you'd like to get a head start establishing your trades on the black team, this is how we help you get there![/color]

[url=http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dE1ReUNjbVBVWnpUQlplbWJGdWlkYVE6MQ#gid=0][u]Black Team Trade Circles and Resources[/u][/url]

:awesome: [url="http://amazonnationalliance.proboards57.com/index.cgi"]Come and visit us![/url] :awesome:

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