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Finding a New Home


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His mother was a textile weaver, or that's what she told his father and him. She worked Monday to Saturday since he could remember. His father used to be a drunk, but now he was 'saved' by a man who his father called Jesus. When he asked where Jesus was, his father would never tell him, only smile. Now he was 11 years old, on the road, but to where? He certainly didn't know...

His family had taken up an offer to move to the frontiers of The PRA. They would be settling along the western borders in a settlement with other families moving west. The family, in return for their choice would get a large area of land to farm, some of the latest technology to farm it. Most importantly for the family though, it would offer a new beginning. A new world. Although the boy didn't know why, his parents wanted that new beginning more than he would ever want any of the newest toys or gadgets.

His family would be inhabiting many of the many settlements popping up along The PRA's western border. From the boy's new house, he could see border patrols, and the lines they created. He didn't understand that this invisible line was the end of one nation, and the beginning of another.

And so the settlements began to develop. Although most going west were looking for new beginnings, others were looking for better endings...

(OoC: To be continued...)

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The boy had begun to see many military vehicles in and around the settlement. They brought with them mountains of supplies, caged up in barbed wire fences. He went exploring to see what these mountains were, but was turned back by guards armed with large rifles. He didn't go near these mountains again. He skipped along and saw a man lying in one of the many fields in the area. This man looked tired and ragged. As he skipped past him, he heard him muttering something along the lines of "god bless this !@#$@#$ country. Bless is for what? Locking up a person looking to make a change?" The boy kept skipping along, and the man laid in the field, undisturbed.

This man was Abdul Shayik. He was arrested during the peaceful protests against the establishment of an embassy with Mogatopia, and was filled with a hatred for the country that locked him up. He wanted to get away from all of the attention in the cities, and all of the security and government personnel. Instead, it almost seemed like they were coming to him.

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