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Ny Sverige

Elrich von Richt

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[size=3][font="Century Gothic"].: [color=steelblue]Official Announcement of the Kingdom of Sweden[/color] :.[/font][/size]
[size=1]Declaration of Independence & Formation of Ties with Germany[/size][/center]

On this day, the 4th of April, the Kingdom of Sweden unilaterally and with pride returns to the world stage.

By the grace of her majesty, Queen ([i]Drottning[/i]) Madeleine of the House of Bernadotte, heir to the royal throne of the nation, this act is made into law. Through agreements with the Germanic Union, henceforth localized as the Germanisk Förbund, and the the Kingdom of Sweden, henceforth localized as the Konungariket Sverige, the wishes of the Swedish Royal House and the nationalist ambitions of it's people are realized on this day. Leading up to the meeting which preceeded this agreement and the declaration of Sweden's national independence, our nation experienced turmoil brought forth by struggles to enact a strong democratic system. The failures of this system have not gone unnoticed, and the nation has thus learned from it's past. By enacting a just, fair, and strong monarchy, the goal of bringing a strong central government with which to rule the nation has been met. In order, however, to allow the people of the nation to maintain a degree of say within their government, and to allow a level of democracy, although lesser than before, to flourish underneath this system, the re-creation of the Sveriges Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) is hereby announced. Within the coming weeks, elections for this newly-returned institution shall occur.

Until this time, and forever should the blue-and-yellow fly in the land of Sweden, [b]Hagel Sverige![/b]

Along with this declaration, the following is announced:

[quote][b]The Baltic Treatise[/b]
[size="1"][i]Mutual Defense Pact between the Germanic Union and the Kingdom of Sweden[/i][/size]


In the interests of European brotherhood, the Germanic Union and the Kingdom of Sweden come forward to sign this treaty. By taking this first step towards a era of optimism between one another, these two nations look forward to seeking a bond that shall remain unmatched in the years to come beyond the signing of this treaty.

Article I: Non-Aggression

Sweden and Germany shall not engage in any hostile action against one another including: internal subversion, espionage, military force, or financial/material aid.

Article II: Conduct

The following signatories shall remain good-mannered towards one another, and shall maintain a healthy and professional relationship at all times.

Article III: Assistance

Should either signatory find itself faced with an act of aggression by a third-party, the other signatory is opted to engage the third-party.

Article IV: Intelligence

Should vital information, relative to politics or defense, find it's way into the hands of one of the signatories, sharing said information is deemed a necessity.

Article V: Exchange

Both nations agree to maintain a healthy trading relationship, and when neccessary, to exchange resources with one-another.

Article VI: Cancellation

Should either signatory nation find itself to be in favor of removing themselves from this treaty, they have 48 hours to notify the other signatory. After the 48-hour grace period has passed, this treaty is considered null and void.

Signed for the Konungariket Sverige,

Drottning Madeleine
The Provisional Government of Sweden

Signed for the Germanisk Förbund,

Lady von Glücksburg
Ratified by the Althing


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[i]Lady von Glücksburg
Ratified by the Althing[/i]


"We henceforth recognize the independence of Sweden. If there is anything we can do, let us know. We will protect our neighbors and brothers. Hail the Queen, may this Free, Ancient land once more prosper."

OOC: For clarification, the northern half of RL sweden is still Nordheim and therefore not Sweden. Additionally, I still retain this to control the baltic: http://i56.tinypic.com/qpktbn.png

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[size=1]Civil & State Flag of the Kingdom of Sweden[/size]


In order to strengthen relations with nations throughout Europe and the world, the Queen is proud to announce the first ever Swedish Royal Ball. Representatives, dignitaries, and government officials from any nation are invited to attend the celebration, which will be accompanied by much pomp and circumstance across the country, particularly in the royal capital of Stockholm. Any foreign jet or transportation vehicle carrying high-value personnel from visiting nations (representatives, dignitaries, government officials) are required to show some form of identification to airport staff upon landing, and to notify the control tower of special clearance and visiting status during landing. Military aircraft or vehicles accompanying foreign personnel will be subject to search by Dragoons at the airport, and Royal Guards at Stockholm Palace. In order to ensure the security of foreign personnel, Saab JAS Gripen 39's of the Flygvapnet (Swedish Air Force) will be flying sorties above all civilian airports in the capital. Special zones at each airport within the capital will be designated for the landing of foreign aircraft carrying high-value individuals from visiting nations. Any nation that wishes to open up ties with our nation, strengthen ties with our nation, or visit the Swedish Kingdom and celebrate the return of it's independence is encouraged to visit.

The provisional government of Sweden, and the Queen wish to, henceforth, welcome visitors with open arms!

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MoG[Corp] will send Aiko Midori as a representative to the ball and welcomes the Kingdom of Sweden to the planet.
(she'll be wearing a stud for the lip ring :P)

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[font="Book Antiqua"]The several airports that served inbound and outbound civil air traffic from and to Stockholm weren't nearly as busy as they had been in the past. The arrival of foreign delegates was rumored to have a small effect on the amount of civilians traveling to and from destinations out of Stockholm, but no conclusive evidence supported the theory. The airports, operating at a minimal capacity, would be prepared to service and direct the first foreign visitors to set foot on the terriory of the re-birthed Kingdom of Sweden. Outside of the airport, Swedish flags hung from streetlamps and a fine coating of white powder, snow, rested on the ground, some still gradually floating towards the earth from the sky. Blue and yellow lights would be streamed across the town, especially in civil and royal government buildings within the capital. Citizens of the Swedish nation felt a joyous pride since the rebirth of their nation. The nationalistic pride they had longed to set forth from their souls had finally sprung loose like a broken jack-in-the-box following the declaration. Once it rose, it would take some time to settle and for things to return to a state of what most politicians would refer to as a 'normal activity'.

Limousines and other transportations vehicles would escort the foreign delegates to Stockholm Palace, and upon arrival, they would be cleared by the Royal Guards which stood watch over the front gates and other marked places of the premises. As the limos passed down the streets of Stockholm, by buildings both new and old, about a dozen Flygvapnet JAS-39 Gripen's flew overhead at normal cruising speed, taking part in an exercise to get the new Swedish military up to par with it's European brethren.

The gate to the palace, coated here and there with small amounts of thin snow, opened before the delegates. The limousines that had escorted them from one of the largest airports in the country had brought them here, the center of the celebrations. Waiting inside was the Queen, and several other members of the royal family, and the provisional government. The sparklings lights that glistened from the windows of the Palace beckoned as a sign of entry. The ball was about to begin.[/font]

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Among many, it appears that Kaiser Martens was seen arriving early, wandering about in his old Ny Sverige - the *first* Ny Sverige, from the Silver Revolution Era - General Uniform, which in fact was not too different from the Wehrmacht-Bundeswehr nor from the modern uniforms. Soon to get himself some Brännvin he would begin to chat with anyone he could find in actual fluent Swedish, that is, if he would be able to find any actual Swedes in such an international ball.

"Hallaa där!"

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