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Ontario Arrives


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http://img861.imageshack.us/i/ontarioflag.png/ (OOC: My flag, imageshack seems to be giving me an invalid image extension"

[b]* Private *[/b]

Michael Fredrickson was sweaty at the podium. A microphone stood in front of his face, and the Ontarian flag behind him. This would be the first time he had ever been on TV; nothing worth putting on television happened in the remote town of Port Severn where he had grown up. However, he attended college in Toronto, and it was in Toronto that he met a young oil tycoon named Akira Williamson. Williamson, though on-quarter Japanese, had been born and raised in Toronto and quickly rose to prominence in the oil industry. He was one of those campaigning to become Ontario's first president, and it was he who recommended that Michael announce the nation's independence. Due to his vast wealth, it was not hard to make others agree.

"Okay, we're rolling in three," a cameraman began, holding up three fingers for Michael to see, staring through the lens of his giant camera. Michael adjusted his collar.


He adjusted his papers.


He patted down his hair.

"Aaaannnd, we're live." The cameraman pointed at Michael, signaling the start of the live broadcast. Michael inhaled.

[b]* Public *[/b]

"The history and culture of the people of the Canadian region is rich. In particular, we the people of Ontario wish to embrace this culture. On this day, the nation of Ontario declares its independence from it's gracious protectors of Pravus Inguro. Elections for Ottowa's first President will be held on the first of the month. We the people of Ontario would like wish each and every candidate the best of luck during their run for the Presidency," Michael paused. "For the past few weeks, the winds of a new beginning have blown in Ontario. Those winds blow strongest today."

[b]* Private *[/b]

"Aaaannnnd, cut. Okay, the news stations we're broadcasting to should have switch back to their own programs. That's a wrap."

It was over that quickly. The single most antagonizing moment of Michael's life was over. He smiled.

"Ah, there he is." Akira Williamson walked into the room, his smile as wide as his open arms. Black seemed to be this mans color; a black suit, black shoes, black pants, a black tie, black hair and large, black pupils which matched his navy blue eyes. "You did great, Mikey."

"Akira! What are you doing here?" Michael stood up and hugged his old friend. "Hey, I can't thank you enough for doing this for me."

"No, no, don't thank me. I reward my friends. Why don't we go over to my place and celebrate our new independence?" He gestured toward the stairs which led to one of the building's exits.

"Sure, but I've probably got to tell someone here-"

"No, I've handled everything. They know you're leaving right after your big announcement. Come on." And with that, they left the building.

Outside was a long, black limo. Akira opened the door for and followed Michael into the vehicle. Inside the dark car were several other men, including Akira's running mate, Richard Walls.

Richard was a tall man with a dark complexion. As soon as the car started, he turned to Akira and asked "How did it go?" He was grinning twice as wide as Akira was, however his eyes were obscured by a pair of large, black sunglasses.

"Perfectly," Akira responded. "Um, Jim, have you settled the business I asked you to?"

A short, muscular, blond man answered: "As long as everyone keeps their promises, it looks like you're guaranteed the presidency. Everything's fixed." It was his turn to grin.

"President Williamson," Michael said. "It has a nice ring to it." It seemed like everyone in the vehicle was smiling now.

"It does, doesn't it?" Akira responded. "When does the voting actually begin?"

"In three weeks," Jim replied. "Your lead opponent has agreed to drop out of the race 'for personal reasons' by Tuesday, and Tab says he'll quit shortly after as well. You'll be the only candidate on the ballot."

"Wonderful. Though it cost us a pretty penny. George, drive us to my house," Akira called to the driver. "I need to treat Michael here for his excellent speech."

And with that, the black limo pulled off of the curb and into traffic.

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