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TOOL Announcement


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[center][size="5"][color="#0000FF"][center]TOOL Announcement [/center][/color][/size]

1) The Order Of Light surrenders and admits defeat to the forces of the Mushroom Kingdom and Umbrella.
2) TOOL will transfer 26,000 units of technology to MK at a rate of 3 million dollars for 100 technology, with payments not to begin for a period of 3 months from the signing of these terms.
3) TOOL will not re-enter any front of the current war.
Signed for The Order Of Light,[/b]
[i]Lord Captain Commander, The Dakotans
Hand of Foreign Affairs, BamaBuc
Hand of War, Lureene
Hand of Internal Affairs, Afcash
Hand of Commerce, Dealmaster13
Hand of Finance, OVERLORD Ikaru
Inquisitor, Mia
Council of Light[/i]
Signed for the Mushroom Kingdom,[/b]
[i]King: Archon
Crown Prince: lebubu
Prince: Ardus
Lord High Vanguard: Drai
Lord High Treasurer: Infinite Citadel
Lord High Communicator: Potato
Lord High Inductor: Quinoa Rex
Enclave: Epiphanus, MagicalTrevor, Denial[/i]
Signed for Umbrella,[/b]
[i] Roquentin, President
NFLGeneric, Vice-President
Natan, Field Marshal[/i][/center]

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My respect and admiration TOOL on my personal behalf and that of the New Pacific Order. Your acts from start to finish are those to be remembered in the highest esteem. So I thank you and wish you a tremendous recovery.


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[quote name='James Maximus' timestamp='1302483082' post='2688153']
26k in tech deals isn't [b]THAT[/b] bad, especially if there's a lax time limit so that only low end TOOL nations need to sell.

If you go by the letter of the signed terms, there is no time limit that I can see. Only limit or timeframe given is that the deals won't start for 3 months.

All in all, could certainly be worse terms (and beyond all doubt worse ones were attempted to be pushed prior to the ones that were actually agreed to rolled out).

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