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Announcement from The Order of the Paradox

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[center][size="5"]Official Announcement from The Order of the Paradox[/size]


Our elections have concluded and our latest government is as follows;

Grand Master: Jenko
Grand Chancellor: Timberland
Grand Hospitaller: SkyGreenChick

Heptagon: Seasons of Love, HellAngel, Crazy Canuck, Richard Rahl, Emperor Brutus, Zac the Sage and Ojiras Ajeridas.

No changes anywhere this time. I'm taking my 3rd consecutive term, Timberland his 2nd and Sky her 5th. o/ Continuity!


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[quote name='Matt Miller' timestamp='1302441299' post='2687817']
Congrats to our buds on a new (and by new I mean absolutely the same) lineup!

Ask that Grand Hospitaller of yours where my Peanut is hiding. :)
On our private island of course!

[quote name='The Warrior' timestamp='1302454933' post='2687901']
Congratulations friends. Sexy as always.

@SGC - hey baby ;)
Why hello there! ;)

[quote name='Comrade Trotsky' timestamp='1302455081' post='2687902']
Congrats TOP B-)

o/ Jenko

o/ Timberland
I see how it is :(

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