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Helping New Players


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To all other alliances,

CNPPA is planning to launch a program to help the newer players. We will do it by having members from other alliances come and help them out. Since our alliance is neutral, we will help the new players until they have 1000-2000 infra and you can promote your alliances to them through our forums. Our alliance will be like a school before players go out and choose their path. Any alliances who would like to join, please reply here. Thanks

Mohaz :)

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The objective of the program is to help new players to learn about the game without making permanent decisions. The following is what each alliance will do in this program:

[b]CNPPA[/b]: Provide training and aid to new players until they have 1000 or 2000 infra( the choice is theirs)

[b]Other alliances[/b]: [i]Can promote their alliances to the new players when the new players reach 1000- 2000 infra[/i] and [i]send members to CNPPA to help teach the new players.[/i] Also alliances must not attack anyone from CNPPA as we are neutral.

And yes I am still a one man alliance but waiting for responses from others before publishing my charter, flag, forum and declaration of existence and neutrality. Although, I have been playing this game for almost a month so I'm not that new.

P.S. This is just to see if any alliances are interested

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