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Amazon Nation and The Conclave get a little closer

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Good evening all! While it has not been an easy task for me to juggle several new and renewed ventures here of late, I am pleased to begin presenting some of those (ad)ventures to the world at large. As some may know, I often prefer to present several announcements all at once, for my own sensibilities. However, I don't want to seem as if our appreciation for old and new friends alike should be diminished.

I'm told I've also been toying with Lowsten's emotions for the past couple of days. The doghouse does not appeal to me much tonight, so I suppose I'll not delay this announcement any longer. :ehm:


[size=3]Habemus Technologia![/size]

Considering that the co-operation of these Signatories is in the very interest of their good relations, to facilitate and strengthen good understanding between them;

The Governments of these Signatories promise not to give this agreement, which is purely one of defense, an aggressive tendency in any way whatsoever, and having resolved to conclude an agreement of peace and of reciprocal protection in the terms here below indicated, have agreed upon the following:

Each signatory will maintain peaceful relations with each other. This includes both wars and spy attacks. If either signatory is the victim of a rogue attack, it may request, but not demand, assistance from the other.

Should either signatory become aware of information pertinent to the other, the signatory agrees to inform the other promptly and accurately. Similarly, should either signatory share sensitive information with the other, the informed signatory shall keep the information secret should the sharing signatory request it.

These Signatories pledge to provide each other with mutually beneficial economic practices. Particularly, they will make an effort to share technology buyers and sellers.

The present treaty shall remain in force from the date on which it is signed. In case of denunciation, the terms of this agreement shall expire no sooner than 72 hours from notification of intent to cancel.

Signed this date for The Conclave:

Synesi, Triumvir
Htmlmaster, Triumvir
James Spanier, Triumvir

Signed this date for Amazon Nation:

Randalla, Queen
Amarynth, Queen Consort
Kerdor, Master of War
Elbryan, Master of Finance
Georgelopez, Master of Education

I now return you to your regularly scheduled browsing.

Until tomorrow, my dears, good night all. :wub:

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