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Wrong Wording in CN Information Screen


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Simply the wording has an error.

The ‘Trade Summary’ screen is where you can review all the trades that your nation has submitted and is currently involved in. When new trades are first submitted they will be placed in ‘Awaiting Approval’ status in the 'Trade Summary' screen. In order for the trade to become active the nation that the trade was submitted to must approve it. Once the trade is approved it becomes active and both nations will begin sharing their resources. So, if Nation A has Fish and Cattle as resources and Nation B has Iron and Pigs, both nations will reap the benefits from being connected to Fish, Cattle, Iron, and Pigs. If both nations have a similar resource they will not receive double credit for that resource. (If both Nation A and Nation B have Fish then you don’t get double credit for having two connections to Fish.) Once a trade is approved both nations will have the option to cancel the trade. If a trade is canceled you may only resume trading with that particular trading partner by submitting a new trade request.
A nation may offer or be active in up to 4 trade requests at any given time (5 with a harbor improvement). [color="#FF0000"][u][b]If you are involved in or have offered 3 (4 with a harbor)[/b][/u][/color] trade agreements then you will not be able to submit any new trade offers until you first cancel one of your active trade agreements. You may continue to receive trade requests but if you are already involved in the maximum number of trade agreements any new trade requests will be placed in ‘Limit Reached’ status until you first cancel one or more of your existing trade agreements. If two nations trade within their own team each nation receives +1 happiness. If either trading partner changes teams both trade partners will lose this bonus. There are 21 resources available in the game. In most cases the resources can be combined for combined benefits:

That section should say "If you are involved in or have offered [u][b][color="#FF0000"]4[/color][/b][/u] ([u][b][color="#FF0000"]5[/color][/b][/u] with a harbor)"

Unless I am mistaken...Are there any rewards for finding a bug? I will take 10 CN dollars :P

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