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Declaration of Independence of the Great Western Alliance


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"The individually governed states of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, with extended claims towards Western Saharah, have united. Our claims extend to the now defunct state of Tunisia, Morocco & Western Saharah, and northern Algeria, with the Algeria divisions of Adrar, Tamanrasset, Illizi, Ouargla and Tindouf to remain as Rebel goverened areas.

Under single rule of Generalissimo Adrian Ignacio, with his elite party of Field Marshal Salvador Renya, Admiral of the Navy Paco Benito, Air Force Marshal Diego Sequera and head internal and external affairs leader Adolfo Lopez, the nation shall have no touches of democracy or capitalism.

The entire country is to be united with extreme communism. All foreign companies have been banned from entering, and there is a strict flight pattern which shall be commisioned shortly.

Fit men who pass government standards shall be entered into the military between the ages of 16-35. Many government owned arms factories are producing and distributing mass amounts of weapons for our military.

The Western Alliance will not be engaging in any diplomatic talks at this time.

Long live the Alliance!"

OoC: Abandoned turkey, lets see how long I can last as a power hungry communist dictator. :awesome:

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The PRA is quizzical of this new nation, especially given their specific desire to mention armament buildups and lack of foreign relations. We wonder what the difference between Communism and "Extreme Communism" is, and certainly hope they do not plan on attempting any actions that would discredit proper socialist and communist governments worldwide.

Edit: OoC: Can you post a map please

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Sorry for the delay. This is probably inaccurate, but I made it by using paint, so please forgive me. Best I could do. If I extend over my granted territories, please ignore. Its a horrible, five minutes made map. (though I kept making mistakes and had to start over...)

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