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Science pushing to Far?

Misty the Fox

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Grass blowing along this field as 17 girl laying in the grass with her father. The sounds of the wind brushing against the grass sounds of snakes. When she was little she feared them but now so use to the sound of the grass as it hissed.
The last day of school was the best few hours of her life and it was over she was free and her dad picked her up she was due to graduation till her arm suddently stung. She looked to her arm as a pin sized hole as she looked at her father he grinned and he drove to the side.She felt dizzy and dozed off. She woke to a metal table it's cold top tingled her naked nack as a White light blinded her as she looked around she felt sick and unable to move men approched her as she was now trembling with fear s.She only let out a small whimper calling for her fathe. He stood next to her chuckling he stared at her. She looked at him her eyes now wet with tears And begging for mercy. It done nothing and her father desided to let her suffer as he started to inject her with drugs and exsparemental drugs, days went by like this till she passed under the sheet of dreams. She woke up, the lab in panic, men running this way and that way. Her skin became fur as her ears k-9 like and tail that of a fox. What was happening she thought and got up. She relized she was free. She rupped her wrist brushing her newly developed fur an amazing orange as she saw her self in a puddle from one of the leaking pipes. Her body normal besides the fur but her head taking the shape of a fox she stared interuped by rumble as a huge piece of metal crashed down through the roof almost knocking her on the ground. The heat nipped at her eyes and her tail nervously wraped around her waist as she stood there watching the flames dance.
"I ve beenworking on blogs like this before alowing people see if they like or dislike ashort story where they are able to help me finish it. I thought this would give ya'll somthing to do if you guys/gals were bored comment if you would like more

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