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An Athens Announcement

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The Hooligans have been by our side as allies and, more importantly, as friends. We have worked together in peace and in war. We have built up a great friendship which is represented by the following document. The document represents the strength, the bond, the faith we have in one another. I now present to you, an Athens-Hooligans MDoAP.

All parties involved in this treaty are to remain sovereign and shall not be governed by the other party. They shall remain separate unless stated in another treaty. This treaty acts to expand the friendship of Athens and the Hooligans in a state of mutual defense, furthering our alliances commitment to one another.

Both signatories agree not to attack, or commit any actions of espionage on the other party. Such actions are regarded as a breach of this treaty.

Both signatories agree to share all relevant information pertaining to the security of either alliance. It is agreed that this information shall not be falsified to mislead the other party.

Both signatories agree that should the other come under attack, it is mandatory that all available aid, be it military, financial or diplomatic, will be made available should it be requested. This clause is not relevant if an undersigned party is the aggressor in a conflict. This treaty is exclusive between Athens and Hooligans and as such will not activate any other treaties either signatory may have.

Neither alliance is obliged to partake in assistance in offensive wars, all military or monetary support is strictly to be decided by each sovereign alliance, yet both are encourage to support each other when needed.

To cancel this treaty one party must post a thread with a 24 hour notice of cancellation on the other party's forums and get acknowledgment from the other party. Following cancellation, a 72 hour grace period shall begin, during which neither party may breach any of the above listed terms.

[i]Signed for Athens,[/i]

Rsoxbronco1: Archon Eponymos
RushSykes: Regent
Voodoo Nova: Minister of Foreign Affairs
Londo Mollari: Minister of Defense
FyfeXIV: Minister of Communication
JGoods45: Archon Emeritus

Signed for Hooligans,[/i]

Grandmaster Hooligan: Prather6
Master Hooligan(s): Emmabuddie, Bob the Slayer

(Tkdkidsx2 retires) Xanth appointed - Foreign Affairs
Joseph57 -Education
JDavis - Defense
Odst007 - Internal Affairs

Hooligan Officers:
Xanth [/quote]

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[quote name='Ernesto Che Guevara' timestamp='1302149643' post='2685984']
Schatt's going to give you a good lecture on not signing treaties based on friendship but rather on what he sees as acceptable. Damn you Athens, not listening to Schatt.

Signing treaties that involve strategy [i]literally[/i] make you a terrible alliance :v:

o/ Hooligans

I'm just sad the 1 treaty I wrote as MoFA was overwritten. At least my /s/ is still on Roll XYZ :smug:

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[quote name='Jgoods45' timestamp='1302147186' post='2685953']
Touch our Hooligans and we will touch you in the most violent way possible and then raid you.
Challenge accepted.

Congrats to both alliances.

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