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Nusantara Foreign Legion Announcement

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[center]Our alliance would like to remind Planet Bob that we are still here and aren't gone like many people though we would be, Mainly because im leading it people thought it would happen :rolleyes:

The above is our NEW flag as designed by me and finished off perfectly by Scorponok of TIO ;)

Our current gov is:

[size="4"][b]Lord Caparo[/b][/size], Lord Protector

[size="4"][b]BlackOrchid[/b][/size], Guardian of NFL

[size="4"][b]Neolord[/b][/size], Prophet of Defence

[size="4"][b]Leonardo Kapuff[/b][/size], Prophet of Internal affairs, aka the mad Raider

a current treaty list update,

Nusantara Elite Warriors, Brotherhood Pact
Paragon, Optional Defence, Aggression Pact.[/center]

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[quote name='ZeroRemorse' timestamp='1302723804' post='2690141']
Awesome flag guys but are those Oceana islands in the background?
It is the islands of Indonesia, Nusantara is a historical term for the Malay lands including Indonesia and Malaysia (and depending on your view also the Philippines).

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