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[i]Reporter Bendiks Misa stands outside LADOT office in Danborg, Livonia.[/i]

Good Evening, I am Bendiks Misa standing just outside the LADOT office in Danborg. Just minutes ago, the nation's leaders have announced an unprecedented project. There will be one four-lane highway, connecting the nation in a circular shape along the borders of Livonia. Along with other this, other highways will be placed connecting the borders with the center of the nation, and it's capitol, Danborg. The goal of this project is to modernize Livonia's infrastructure. These highways will be four lanes on each, north and south bound, in major areas with 2 lanes each for other regions. This project will also connect the islands with the mainland for easier travel and additional development. These roads will be built to be able to carry heavy military artillery and jet, private, and military airliners.

The details are being hammered out as we speak, they are trying to settle contracts with large gas stations in Livonia, Germany, Austria, etc. All interested parties are currently arriving to speak with LADOT. We are told the highest bidder will be the winner. They are looking for hundreds of stations along this new super highway and are aiming for 3-6 contracts for development. Along with these stations, there will be rest stops, restaurants, and in some areas, malls.

The project is expected to take around 5 years to complete, local and foreign companies are also being employed to pave the massive highway. The cost of the project is well in the billions, no final number has been conformed as of yet. When we receive more information we will pass that along to you, until then, this is Bendiks Misa signing off. Back to you in the office.

OOC: If you guys wanna stake a bid, please just show up to the meeting in a reply to this thread and you will be included. If you'd like for an even larger RP, such as a massive highway to connect our two nations, then do the same in a reply.


Men and women are heading into the office, the LADOT President has been seen heading into the building with his security. Other would arrive soon.

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Shell has quickly moved forth, making a large joint-bid together with other medium and small Germanic Union companies. "We already have most of the infrastructure done, for we had already been supplying the area all along. If we obtain these rights we can update our business and expand it to suit the growing energetic needs of the region."

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"We are back live, at the debate with the LADOT where they have made a decision on the contracts that will pay for this massive. We now go inside to where we will ehar the LADOT President speak." Bendiks Misa.

"After hours of debate with the companies of the German Union and Livonian, we have come to a resolution. We will award 8 contracts to Shell and their associates. These contracts include over 20 miles of the new highway per, allowing for multiple stations at multiple exits and stops." Said LADOT President in the meeting with the companies. "Along with these contracts, there will be a total of 24 others awarded to other small station from Germany and Livonia. 553 contracts are awarded to restaurants at these stops, including 3 malls just off the highway on government property." He would continue. "We would like to thank all in attendance and wish them luck with their new contracts. LADOT looks forward to working with each and every one of you for a mutual benefit of the people, LADOT, and your business. Thank you." The President takes his leave with his staff, dismissing the representatives.

OOC: This will be paying for it, yay...

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After a short while a military delegation arrived from Germanic Union. They had arrived with a metal suitcase in order to finalize the transfer of Germanic Union Legacy Technology. That is to say, Livonia still had with them factories which had built different things of the Germanic Union Arsenal, but in order to further assist them, blueprints and further technical data was given to them, to facilitate production...at the same time, they were told to offer producing several batches of equipments for them at a low price in order to speed up Livland's arming process if they should deem it necessary.

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[i]The result of secret negotiations...[/i]

The Livlanders had requested much equipment from the Germanic Union. It had all been granted, of course...

70 Aircraft
13 Navy Ships;
- 5 Corvette
- 5 Cruisers
- 2 Destroyers
- 1 Battleship
70,000 Troops
6,793 Tanks[/quote]

However, as courtesy, the Rocketry Technology was transferred through Blueprints as well, since shipping hundreds of CMs might prove impractical.

The tanks transferred were the MBTs, the Leopard IVs. The troops were not actually transferred, but their equipment was: Einherjar Class Armor, with the Tambar Class Assault Rifles, and an assortment of Heavy Machineguns, Rocket Launchers, and Sniper Rifles.

The 70 Aircraft are made in different points of the Germanic Union and over the next months flown to their destinations in Livland as part of their testing. They were all destined to air superiority - they were the Me 2.305 Richthofen Class.

The Navy was a different story. Germanic Union had decomissioned much of its navy when progressive militarization had begun, but these ships were not destroyed. They are given maintenance and set to sail for the east, where they can find an use other than being museums. They were originally made in the short-lived Gothic Realm of the south, and had seen much of the mediterranean, before Germanic Union existed, but the technological level was still in par with the rest of the world, since naval technology had not really changed as of lately.

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As soon as these blue prints were received they were rushed to the scientists in Danborg and made copies of, sent off personally by multiple armed guards to the factories. Material would be sent to these factories, with the missile technology being the first in use. Thousands upon thousands of these missiles are being made, they will be stock piled in, soon to be finished, bunkers under the factories.

Bunkers were the new fad in Livonia, they are being built all over in the major cities with populations over 1.5 million people. Depending on the city, the size would increase or decrease. Use of German technology would be used to built these amazing underworlds. They were to be built heavy duty in major cities, other, smaller cities would be less reinforced.

For the Naval Ships, Riga would be the home. Riga is a major and important port city. The docks and sea floor would be dug out for these massive ships, upgrades would continue in Livonia ports to better improve these ships of war. All mounted guns are to be replaced with new, fresh from the factory weapons. Engines would be replaced if below par. All keels would be reinforced with steel, the stem would get a large piece of steel to act as a plow in icy waters. After being armed, the ships will do test runs for all the new improvements.

Troops would be equipped with these new weapons and armor, they will test all equipment in training. The Armed Forces of Livonia are to be trained on a 12 hour day, through fierce gun fire and simulated warfare. New tanks were used in formation with The Armed Forces, shooting cardboard enemies. It was asked of Germany to send officers to train the Livlander army.

As the new Aircraft landed, the old ones would be decommissioned and sent off for scrap or sent off to museums through out the nation. New ones would also be produced and sent into stockpile, spare parts would be key in production. Dog fight scenarios would be used to train pilots in their new aircraft, along with daily test flights.

[i]Good day, Livlanders. This is LNN bringing you the newest news, new. With the unemployment rate down to 5.2%, the Livonia government has begun work on factories. They are transforming old, abandoned, partially burnt down and worn and torn warehouses and old era factories, turning them into brand new factories to produce war material. Multiple factories exist as is now, they are changing production over to war material as well as producing spare/replaceable parts, missile production, food, shelter material, and what ever else needed. The government expects to have the unemployment rate of 5.2% down to a mere 1.3% by the beginning of next month, when most of the factories will be up and running. To apply, call your local City Borough's Office. This is LNN, signing off.

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[i]Good day Livonia! This is LNN, bringing you the newest news, new. With the populace finally settling down after recent internal elections last week, we have the results of the election. You will now be presented the new government of The Grand Duchy of Livonia. [/i]

[b]President, Juris Kristaps
First Lady, Lidia Kristaps
Vice President, Basia Augustyn
Secretary of State, Bendek Kaz
Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Septimus Nikolajs
Secretary of War and Defense, Aldona Georgs
Secretary of Internal, Pinja Brigita[/b]

[i]Pictures and other lower level government are listed on our website. This is LNN, signing off.[/i]

OOC: The names don't give much hint of gender, but War and Defense is a woman as is Internal Affairs and the VP. I'll make up new people for lower level guys.

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Major General Lehner of the Panzerkorps and Lieutenant General van Basten of the Infantry, both having fought against the Slavorussian Invasion of Germany through Livonia proper have been selected due to the specific of their experience being useful to defend the Land that they have come to know well.

As they arrived, they are rather amazed to see that the once "backwards" region is now indeed strong enough to be a country on its very own right, although the resurgence of Baltic Names strikes them as a somewhat odd fashion.

"I can see that Berlin's judgement was appropiate. The East has become a golden region...now do tell us, what can we do for you, rather, where do we start?"

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As the Generals approach the main military air base, they are asked to sit in the helicopter waiting for them...

[b][i]"Gentlemen, I am the Secretary of War and Defense of Livonia, Aldona Georgs. We very much do appreciate your appearance and help. However, we ask you take these blind folds and put them on while we travel to the base. It's location is top secret, and we may not reveal it to the public, or other nations for that matter. Since Germany is an Allie of ours, and we respect the nation and yourselves, we must protect the security of the nation, as Germany would be liable to release such information through the articles of their treaties. We hope you understand." [/i][/b]

She passes them the blindfolds and they take off. 15 minutes later, they arrive at a unknown location that is under construction and they take the blindfolds off. To the west and north, unfinished war factories. The south, a huge security gate with barbed wire, electric fence, 50ft concrete walls, all of which are still being completed, and guards everywhere armed to the teeth. To the east lies a huge warehouse, with a large opening, along with a small, one door entrance to what seems nowhere. The woman stands with the generals in the back of the copter, she asks them to follow her. Three guards appear behind the officers, they salute the woman.

[b][i]"Mr. Lehner and van Basten, these are your body guards. We expect no one to try anything stupid, however, we do still have rebels running around the nation and we have a few reformed in the army." [/i][/b]

The Generals and woman walk into the warehouse where a table has multiple things. She passes them each a pistol, handcuffs, pepper spray, baton, and other items.

[b][i]"These are for you, gentlemen. Use them for protection."[/i][/b]

She then has them follow her into the door to nowhere. They descend stairs, one after another, until they reach the bottom. They walk a hallway, she puts a pin into the door keypad. It opens, they follow another hallway for 100 yards, seeming to never end. They arrive at the end, to climb stairs to the top, where they open a door and find themselves in a wide open field paved with cement and a small stage up around 20ft. The field itself is over three football fields in diameter, with warehouses on every side. One, an Olympic pool is being built. Another, a two story gym. The upper floors contain shooting ranges. To the front, one four story warehouse, filled with obstacles and barriers. Another building in front of them states "Slop Hall", where all the food is served. It is on three stories. To the right, a six story building for bunking with a path leading to a two story, brand luxury house fit for a king. They walk into this fancy house. No end could be found in this place[The Base], where it seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.

[b][i]"Gentlemen, this will be your cabin. You have a room on the top floor, separate shows, bed rooms, etc. You will be restocked every morning when you leave to work." [/i][/b]

She takes a pause, they leave and go back to the giant field. She stands in front of the generals.

[b][i]"This is your drill pad, use it wisely. Drill your men, practice them. We need at very least half of these men battle ready in 3 months tops, we have professionals in each district to work under you. Train them well, and your pay check will be grander than any number you have ever seen in your life time. We will write letter for each of you for your nation, sending reports. They will be mighty proud of your work. You have phones in your house, with direct lines to Lord Martens, your family members, our President, etc. Unlimited time, take as long as you need while on break and quitin' time. There are over 15,000 men here, you will have fun."[/i][/b]

She walks back toward the door to nowhere, which is pad locked with a key, number, password, and voice identification. She turns to the men.
[i]"We expect nothing but the best from you. Shall you have any requests at all, dial my number."[/i]
She salutes the men, then entering the door and disappears.



Dear Lord Martens,

We have received the men you sent. They are in our secure training base and have access to your number, as do you to them. They have the best of accommodations in our King Suite, where they will live. They should check in with you rather soon.

Again, we thank you, your Majesty, for allowing us to borrow the best of the best from your army to train the new Livlander Army.

Secretary of War and Defense, Aldona Georgs


OOC: Isn't that something, eh?

Edited by Ezequiel
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"Most excellent. I trust that these Officers will whip up your forces into shape. If you require any further assistance or advice please just give me a call and I will eager to help out."

As that message had been sent, all 15000 soldiers were out on the base and, in fact, had already begun their training by having their body tested to see just how much it could endure. The result was that a rather large portion of them ended up requiring a good break and some even medical assistance. They had been clearly overworked by the seemingly sadistic new officers. Only a minority seemed to continue, and minutes later, the last man finally fell, exhausted and defeated.

The Officers had assembled a list to keep track of each man's limit, and while they would recover, no time would be wasted. A collection of books was given to them - they had ten days off from the service because of this, but in the meantime, they had been given several books to read. The training was not only about the body, but about the mind.

The books were,

[quote]The Ends: From Ragnarök to Muspilli - On Germanic and European apocalyptic mythology
An Introduction to the Silver Revolution - which had led to Livonia's liberation from eastern oppression.
The Rommel Papers
The Art of War - Both the sun tzu version and machiavelli's
vom Kriege of von Clausewitz
The General - A biography on General Mannelig and a study on "Mannelig's Trap", which is related to MAD policies
Fernost - A book which focuses on the history of the Prussian Far East, that is, the once baltic countries
Martens' Abbridged War Manual - basic reading for all in the military[/quote]

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Good day Livonia,

As of recently a rather large amount of Germanic Union citizens have been trying and migrating to our country. This story is still developing, more details will be given at a later date.

In other news, the interstate connecting Livonia has finally been completed. It will be ready for public use starting in 5 days. Officers and public officials were reached for comment. Responses follow;

"We[Officers] will be strictly patrolling the new interstate. We are here to protect the citizens and keep the roads safe. Please remember to not drink and drive, or go over the designated speed limit." - Chief Zigler

"We[Officials] are proud of the progress this interstate has made. It went up in no time and cost the tax payers not much at all. We hope this will lead to better travels and tourism throughout the nation. We also hope this will allow more tax payers to car pool and use more efficient ways of travel to and from work." - Congressman Michael Jones

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