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The Future of the Northwest

Sarah Tintagyl

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As promised to the Greater North American community a referendum was held by the Austrian government over the territory of the Pacific Northwest. It would involve a great deal of planning and organization, helped by both Austrian soldiers who were stationed overseas, Chinese, Ingurian, and the former Idahoan-Montanan Militia that had taken over most guard positions after the collapse of the Chadwick Regime. Overall the process ran smoothly and from the coast of the Pacific to the gently plains of Montana, the people of the former United Kingdom came out in droves to vote for their new future and after a ten day election period the votes were finally cast and the territory's future secured.

The published results, which were made available to world governments, were as such:

Become part of the Austrian Empire: 8%
Become a protectorate of the Austrian Empire: 12%
Become a protectorate of Pravus Inguro: 13%
Become part of Pravus Inguro: 3%
Become a sovereign nation independent from Austria: 29%
Become a sovereign nation allied to Austria through the Austrian Commonwealth: 35%

The Austrian Commonwealth, had been an idea devised by Frederich Kant, the Austrian Foreign Minister, and Empress Maria as a way to consolidate the various outreaching areas of the empire into one larger force. With the Imperial Army still in its infancy and Austrian policy at home, due to the arguments of the Zurich Pact, Vienna found it easier to delegate power to local rulers, who knew the population better and could portray a legitimate power base, better than the Grand Duchess was able to do. In light of the elections, the Grand Duchess, Angelika von Hapsburg, would present the results and the future of the territory to the world.


It is with great pride that I stand here before you, people of Austria, of the Northwest, and of the world, to say that democracy has once against prevailed. Austria is a country that has always lived up to her promises and thought the world was skeptical with our rise to power in the former United Kingdom of Idaho-Montana, I hope that the results of this election has proven to you all that Monarchy can support a flourishing democracy across the world. I am pleased to announce that from these results, the people of the Northwest will begin yet another chapter in their diverse history, as once again they forge their own destiny as an independent nation. However, as a mother to her child, Austria will continue to play a strong role in the affairs of the new nation, for the people have elected to join, independently with Austria, as a Commonwealth of Sovereign States. These states, which will surely grow as time continues, will reflect the modernization and cooperation that Austria is willing to bring to the corners of the world.

The new nation will enjoy all the joys of independence, while remaining a strong and dedicated ally of her mother country. Together, Austria and the People of the Northwest shall continue to advance through the ages, hand in hand, in love and in war, to prosperity and power.

I welcome now, Phillip Randolph, Governor General and Count of the territory to take his office, as my office once was, to reign over this noble land in the spirit of Her Imperial Majesty, Maria Magdalena von Hapsburg of Austria.[/i]"

The crowd in Boise and across the territory and the Empire would cheer as Randolph would come to the stage and would begin the new chapter, for better or for worse.

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Count Phillip Randolph, a long standing member of the Seattle Royal Society, had been hoping for this moment since the day the Austrians took charge of the United Kingdom. He slouches as he walks, slumped over from years of sitting in a chair, and his hair is completely grey and in advanced stages of balding, looking quite older than he should at fifty-four. He looks like one of those men that has a permanent scowl on his face, a man who always looks angry no matter what happens.

He cleared his throat before speaking. "Ladies and Gentlemen. Years ago, I was a citizen of the vast Tahoe Republic. Although I am a devout Catholic, I abhorred the rule. I viewed it to be oppressive. In those days, however, I was still young, and had the immature ideas that I was always being oppressed. In school, I would learn about the history of Europe. My favorite parts were about the monarchs, the men and women whose statuses transcended that of a mortal man. Of course, we know now that we are mortal as well. However, the idea is the same. Every nation needs a man or woman they can look to and say, 'He...or she...is our God given ruler.' The Empress is that ruler. God has chosen the Hapsburgs to rule over Austria, and now Austrian America.

In this democratic era, after the reigns of monarchs have been toppled by Democratic revolutions, we have seen widespread destruction and wars on large scales. It is because humanity has chosen to go without God. It is because our leaders have been toppled, and the peoples of nations argue over who should lead them. We see this in democracy. There is so much hatred towards the leaders from the citizens who did not choose that leader, that the leader is not a leader at all. They are merely a figurehead. A person who sits in an office and watches powerlessly as their people argue. It is for this reason that the United States of America fell to pieces during the Civil War. The Confederacy seceded, The Tahoe Republic seceded, and smaller states in the Northeast seceded, while the Rockies and the plains fell into anarchy. This is the result of democratically elected heads of state. However, Austro-America will have a parliament. I would be ignorant to say otherwise. Representation of the people is a key idea in making good decisions for a nation.

As an aside, in this Austrian state, we should strive to be more like our Austrian leader. We are an Austrian nation, and not a British nation anymore. We will begin switching our language to Austrian German, with a few dialect changes to account for our location.

God save the Empress."

After his speech, the flag of Austro-America was unfurled and hung behind the Count.

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"The Athenian Federation is happy to see Austria held up its end of the deal, then again we never doubted they would. We gladly recognize Austro-America and will transform our consulate there into an embassy."

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The commonwealth would be more than happy to recognise Austro-America and we are pleased the elections took place to get the true voice of the people. Whilst at first we had our doubts over the transfer of land but now we are certain that Austria really does have the best interests of the region in it's mind.

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