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ライジングサン (Rising Sun) | Japanese R&D

Elrich von Richt

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NERV Headquarters appeared like any normal office building, lacking any distinctive markings from the outside, and was hidden quietly in downtown Tokyo. The existence of a multi-million dollar government contractor in this part of the city was something any normal Imperial citizen would be shocked to learn about, but sometimes the government needed to keep secrets. When the 'Director' of the corporation, whom only communicated formally through voice-mail with his employees, including his board of directors and his own sub-director, was offered a direct contract for weapons research and development for the state, many of the employees in the company were shocked. Ono Daisuke, as the 'face' of the company abroad and nationwide as the Sub-Director was overjoyed with the news. The opportunity to construct weaponry for the country also brought interest of development cooperation between neighboring countries. The Empress had found it suitable to approach the Marscurians for co-development of what would be the latest and best in Japan's arsenal. Despite the smaller size and technlogical difference, Marscurian Siberia had made attempts to become cordial and friendly with the Japanese state on past occasions, and dossiers on it showed it's leadership as trustworthy enough to approach for such an endeavour.

A letter was sent out from NERV Headquarters, stamped with the Imperial Seal of Japan to show the approval of the Empress.

[quote]Leaders of Marscurian Siberia,

It is with great hopes for the future that we at NERV contact you today. In the hopes of furthering our ties to the next level, the Empress has humbly decided to extend the contract she has made with our corporation for weapons development to mechanical engineers and military observers of your nation. By doing this, we hope to give you the tools necessary to defend your nations against those that have a technological advantage against you, as well as to further improve the already cordial, and positive, relations between our respective countries. We look forward to your reply.


Ono Daisuke
Sub-Director of NERV

Approved by: Empress Minori Chihara, Greater Japanese Empire (Seal)[/quote]

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