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Stabilization in the West African Cluster


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[u]West Africa Television News Agency[/u]

[b][size="5"]Stabilization in the West African Cluster[/size]
Governments Emerge from Western Africa[/b]
[size="1"]WAT News - Posted: Apr 2, 2011 by [u]Almamy Seck[/u][/size]

[i]Map of Currently Re-formed Nations in the West African Cluster[/i]

Decades have pasted since the African Cluster has seen lasting peace, and now it seems it will again. Over the last few weeks, tired of constant war and conflicts, people have organized national rallies in the region, hoping to stabilize the region. While unnoticed by the world, these peaceful common men have slowed local factions’ war machines to a halt. From this, the creation of five nations is currently under way. We’ll keep you updated as it happens.

The very first nation to rise up is the old Frons Kingdom, a country lead by King Lance Frons I. A group of guerrilla fighters plagued the country for the last few years, attempting to displace the Kingdom and bring democracy to the area. The group reduced the governments’ status to a sub-national level, thus making it necessary for the area to be declared a protectorate to prevent anarchy. However, despite this amazing feat, the group still didn’t have support from the people and recently surrendered to Frons forces. Since then, King Lance has been gathering support from the people and forces once part of the Frons Kingdom. His official declaration of the nationhood of the Frons Kingdom is expected to land at some point on the next few days.

The second nation to re-form is a coalition of political groups that call themselves “West Africa”. Similarly to the Frons Kingdom, the nation was once stable and peaceful until terrorist activities struck the region. But, unlike the Frons Kingdom, the government was ousted by a coup by the military for not adequately dealing with the terrorist threat. It is claimed that one politician carried a weapon and defended himself, which caused the resulting slaughter of many other politicians. A civil war broke out between the loyal citizens of the old regime and military forces.
This carried on for several years, with the death toll continuing to rise and no end in sight. Soon international forces came in and suppressed the conflict, though no government formed until the return of Sir Max Jawstone, who was the original architect of old West Africa before disappearing. He brought together the local factions into one functioning and governing body. It is currently unknown when he will make a formal declaration of nationhood.

This still leaves a large region of the West Africa cluster still labeled as protectorate land. However, there are signs that the rest of the region may stabilize, especially in the southern end of the cluster. A true civil war has been waged for decades, but both sides have confirmed that they want peace more than anything.

Once again, we’ll keep you updated as it happens.

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