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Canadain Foreign Legion


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[size="3"][u][b]The Canadain Foregin Legion[/b][/u][/size]

Whatever your origins, nationality or religion might be, whatever qualifications you may or may not have, whatever your social or professional status might be, whether you are married or single, the Canadian Foreign Legion offers you a chance to start a new life. After just two years of sevice you are eligable for Canadian Citizenship, after four, citizenship is guaranteed. The training of the Foreign Legion focuses, not only on traditional military skills but also on its strong [i]esprit de corps[/i], Because in the Legion, all are brothers. Whether restoring or keeping the peace, or exercising crowd control, the Legion has been able to adapt to all situations in all theatres of conflict.


[b]Canadian Foregin Legion Orgaisation[/b]

[b]Foregin Infantry Regiment[/b]
- 1st Battalion - Light Infantry
- 2nd Battalion - Light Infantry
- 3rd Battalion - Light Infantry
- Reconnaissance Co. - Light Infantry

[b]Foreign Cavalry Regiment[/b]
- 1st Battalion - Armour (Leopard 2A4)
- 2nd Battalion - Armour (Leopard 2A4)
- 3rd Battalion - Mechanised Infantry (Grizzly AVGP)
- Reconnaissance Co. - Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV-III)

[b]Foregin Parachute Regiment[/b]
- 1st Battalion - Airborne/Air Assault
- 2nd Battalion - Airborne/Air Assault
- 3rd Battalion - Airborne/Air Assault
- Reconnaissance Co. - Airborne/Air Assault

[b]Foregin Artillary Detachemnt[/b]
- 'A' Battery - Fieldgun (M198 Howitzer)
- 'B' Battery - Fieldgun (M198 Howitzer)
- 'C' Battery - Fieldgun (M198 Howitzer)
- 'D' Battery - Air-Defence (Patriot SAM/ADATS)

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The United Kingdom of the Celts, Franks and Rus requests you cease advertising using the French Foreign Legion's soldier's images - these are property of the French Foreign Legion, and thereby of the United Kingdom.

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