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Declaration of Existence - SSSW80


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There comes a time in everyones life when caution is thrown to the wind and you grab opportunity by the throat and go for it. And then you find out she lied. She was only 80! And hence a refuge emerges for those poor lost souls so that they may be reminded to vigorously check identification when they meet that sexy lass or handsome gentleman the next time they are partying down at the church picnic.

And thus birth of She Said She Was 80.

Section I Preamble:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Golden Girls are created equal, that they are endowed by their creater with certain unalienable sexiness, and they shall not be deprived of life, liberty, and the pursuit of Depends Undergarments.

Section II: Admission

Any nation wishing to join SSSW80 MUST meet the following requirements.

a. Cannot be seeking dual membership in any other alliance besides the AARP.
b. Cannot be involved in any current wars besides those involving whippersnappers refusing to get off your lawn.
c. Hair must be either white, grey, or dyed bright orange.
d. Any member who wishes to leave the safe confines of their SSSW80 walker must notify the rest of the membership by screaming, "I've fallen! And I can't get up!"

Section III: Leadership

1. The leadership of SSSW80 shall be made up a triumvirate with three spheres of influence.

a. The Triumvir of Foreign Affairs shall be responsible for establishing good relations with other alliances as well as nursing homes
b. The Triumvir of Internal Affairs shall be responsible for making sure alliance members act the way they should and are in bed by 8pm.
c. The Triumvir of Illicit Affairs shall help members find dates to trade with as well as assist them with technology such as how to program their twenty year old vcrs.

2. There shall be other posts that shall exist at the discretion of the triumvirs. For example they may assign someone to organize bingo night.

3. In the event a triumvir dies the other triumvirs shall select someone new to replace them. In the event they all die the membership shall collectively sigh, "Oy vey!"

Section IV: War and Diplomacy

1. Decisions on war shall be made by the triumvirs as a group though they may assign the member with the healthiest hips to lead the war effort as a general. Or they may just stay in and instead watch the Lawrence Welk Show on PBS.

2. All treaties shall be approved or cancelled by the will of the triumvirs. In the event they cannot decide on something the matter shall be settled over a game of shuffleboard.[/quote]

Triumvir of Foreign Affairs - Taget
Triumvir of Internal Affairs - CaoPai
Triumvir of Illicit Affairs - Blackrose

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This has Taget and Rosey so it's an awful DoE!!!! Also as King of Synergy and Savior of Super-Grievances I declare both entities will be protecting this alliance. That means you can't raid them Jgoods or you'll have to attack yourself.

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[quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1301756768' post='2682857']
I do hope that unlike SSSW18 in their final days that you don't decide to end by roguing on GOONS.

Check the date it was posted. :P

But to answer your question anyway. Sssw18 as an established alliance never rogued on GOONS (or anyone for that matter). In fact I personally opened up an embassy with you guys soon after you came back to Planet Bob and maintained cordial if infrequent relations. Your problems were with two relatively inactive stragglers who technically remained on the sssw18 AA many months after it had merged into IAA. And well after sssw18's "final days."

The Sssw18 AA technically was still under the protection of IAA and I believe =LOST= when they were raided. Diplomacy was tried and failed due to demands that the raid victims pay reparations and for better or worse those two were left to their own devices.

Given I tried many times to contact those two before these event to actually help them perhaps organize themselves and was ignored I don't pay them much mind except perhaps to wish IAA had done a better job sticking up for them since they were former members of my old alliance and I have a sentimental attachment to all ex-members. In the end what came their way was something I warned them about since IAA was preparing to cut them loose anyway.

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Nicely done Taget. Although, I was really hoping you'd left those Star Wars geeks and started things up again...albeit with a slightly more elderly crowd :D

<3 Rose

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