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The Glory of The Military


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The [s]Ottoman[/s] Turkish military marched through the streets of Instanbul today, singing the national anthem and waving the flag of Turkey. The [s]Ottoman[/s] Turkish military officials said that the point of the move was for the peoples to gain pride and love of their land.

The Turkish Republic, being a province of Rebel Army, does not have full independence. As such, this caused some controversy with citizens loyal to the Rebels, saying that, "this move was acted as if Turkey was trying to break from the Rebel rule." Sunyan Ottoman I replied to these claims, announcing that Turkey was merely "developing a wide love and acceptance of Turkey's glorious government."

The Turkish military also marched dozens of troops in Ankara, Bursa and Mersin, with small squads of soldiers marching throughout other cities. The soldiers recieved little hate instead recieving many cheers. Four TIDO Wave agents were arrested after a plot to blow up two military tanks was foiled.

[i]Turkish Higher-ups In Traditional Military Uniform[/i]

[i]A Ka-50 Helicopter Approaches Istanbul[/i]

[i]An Astute Class Submarine floats near an Istanbul port[/i]

[i]A TF-2000 Frigate Near Istanbul[/i]

[i]An Altay Tank on Display[/i]

[i]The Republic's "Black Division" Marches Through Istanbul[/i]

OoC: Ottoman is crossed out, which means it isn't there. Also, any resemblance to things in real life...isn'. Just imagine these pictures as taken now. Ignore the last one, I know what it is. Just pretend it is in fact the Black Division. Keeps the RP nice. Ignore the pictures if they cause problems for you.

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