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Legacy Announcement

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Ok so lets give this a whirl....

Legacy is hereby disbanding.
April Fools!

Legacy is joining Doomhouse.
April Fools!

Legacy is declaring war on NPO.
April Fools!

Legacy is cancelling all our treaties.
April Fools!

Legacy is signing a treaty with NPO.
April Fools!

Legacy is merging into GOONS.
April Fools!

Legacy is absorbing....GOD.
April Fools!

Legacy is reforming The League.
April Fools!

Legacy is changing its name to THE DARK LORDS.
April Fools!

I'm stepping down as Lord and Xiph is replacing me.
April Fools!

Ok I think that's about it...
April Fools!

Legacy is throwing out all our NPO ambassadors!
April Fools! We dont have any!

Ok I think thats it for real...bit of real news....

Hetman is stepping down as MoFA due to reasons beyond this game and I have taken that back over. You can click [url="http://s4.zetaboards.com/Legacy/index/"]THIS LINK RIGHT HERE IN THIS TEXT[/url] for a link to our forums where you can get an embassy and do your thing



April Fools! Thats a pie...

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