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Declaration of Re-existence and War

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Hey guys so you might have noticed that MA merged into CSN a couple months back and disappeared. Well while you might have forgotten about us we never forgot about you and have been plotting our return to power for quite sometime, since March 21, 2008 to be exact. So without further ado I announce the re-existence of Monos Archein in the world of Cybernations.
Archein: Mvbomber
Regent: Valtamdraugr
Chancellor: Mvbomber
Prime Minister Mvbomber
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Richard Nixon
Minister of Finance: Alexander Hamilton
Minister of Internal Affairs: Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Minister of Military Affairs: Dwight David Eisenhower

Also we're declaring war on Superfriends, Fark, NPO, VA, Chestnuts Accords, RoK, The Brain, Amazon Nation, Valhalla, and Legion. I look forward to seeing you all on the field of battle.

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[quote name='Systemfailure' timestamp='1301719369' post='2682691']
You have my Tanks good man
[img]http://www.igheimer.se/andreas/legolas.jpg[/img][size="7"][b]And my bow[/b][/size]
[img]http://www.boykinweb.us/rennies/lor/gimli_3.jpg[/img][size="7"][b]And my axe[/b][/size]

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