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A Mostly Harmless End


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[b]The End.[/b]

The MHA began as a friendly neutral alliance in September 2006, with no sphere and a basic premise.
Her founders were not well-known identities; just regular nation rulers who sought a new path.
It was their desire to forge this new path in a world dominated by rivalry and power struggles.
Since then, MHA has lived by our unique vision- a mostly peaceful, fun, democratic alliance.

In four and a half years, we have seen many highs and terrible lows.
Sanction, war, peace, betrayal, success, and the peak of the summit of Planet Bob.

And that's what makes this so much more difficult for us.

Just about a month ago, the MHA lost it's active Government and we simply cannot recover.
Of course many have tried, but the rest of us are just an inactive, bloated, clueless mess.
Keeping up appearances just isn't working for us any more, we are done and we know it.
Everything must come to an end and now is our time.

We just have one last message for you all....

[i]Mostly Harmless Alliance Newsletter Edition #44[/i][/center]

[color=#4040FF][b][size=6]ARE YOU KIDDING ME?![/size][/b][/color]

Indeed we are. Regardless of whether you were actually fooled or not, or whether you like to cry about how unoriginal April Fools Jokes are, they are a long-standing tradition that will always prevail every single year. And in the vain of things that try to be funny year after year, the MHA is carrying on, surviving, and thriving - so an edition on April Fools was a must.

You cut off our head, another one grows. You knock us down and we get back up again. The MHA ain't going anywhere and not only are we still standing strong, we are prospering and celebrating our New Era. [b]THIS IS NOT THE END - IT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING![/b]

So we are presenting to you this very special edition of [i][b]Don't Panic![/b][/i]

[size=5][i][b]Don't Panic's Guide to New Season Style[/b]![/i][/size]

[color=#4040FF][b][size=6]So Long Winter Blues![/size][/b][/color]
As we go to print, the snow is melting and the sky is clearing - Spring is here!

GONE are the dreary, endless days of grey, grey, grey.

GONE are the storm clouds that depress and demotivate.

GONE are the unhappy faces staring back through rain-streaked windows.

The old season has been swept clear away and the revitalized MHA is ready to embrace the new beginnings and renewed beauty of Spring. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are bursting full of color. It's like Admin turned the light back on and we are LOVING it.

A new season calls for a new wardrobe so the staff at Don't Panic want to show you what's new in fashion, what trends we'll be wearing, and how all of Planet Bob can catch Spring Fever with this Guide to New Season Style.

[color=#4040FF][b][size=6]Fashion News From the Haus of Hitchhikers[/size][/b][/color]
[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]Making History:[/size][/b][/color]
It's an all new MHA today thanks to some big changes in our Government and representative line-ups.

In the March [color=#FF0000]Triumvir[/color] elections, MHA had an epic and history-making cycle where EIGHT candidates ran following El Presidente's move back to the Court. Never have we had so many candidates running for the one seat and not surprisingly we ended up with a draw between two candidates, IYIyth and MajorDDF. This is also the first time in Triumvir Election history that we have had a tie.

Following a by-election, MajorDDF was elected as Triumvir, winning with a close 53% to 45% margin.

[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]Baby I got a Plan...[/size][/b][/color]
As you may know, we had a couple Triumvirs and Gov members leave suddenly to make their own alliance at the start of the month. So let's first have a toast to all those folks who have gone on to the new alliance and we wish them all the best.

And though this left a few important vacancies in Government, we are pleased to announce all major positions have been replaced with dedicated and eager Hitchhikers. Our former Triumvir turned MoBF [b]Crushtania[/b] and MoDF [b]Madspartus[/b] were overwhelmingly elected by the alliance to fill in for the time being as [color=#FF0000]Acting Triumvirs[/color]. Spartus' term as Acting Triumvir was until the end of March and Crush's until the end of April. Much love and thanks to these fine gentlemen for stepping up to fill the vacancies and get us back on track.

In addition, FOUR new Ministers have been swiftly appointed to fill the other vacated roles and to replace our newly elected Triumvirs. [b]AvengingAngel256 took[/b] on [color=#FF8000]Babel Fish (Diplomacy)[/color], [b]Denisov[/b] was appointed for [color=#0000FF]Hitchhikers (Internal Affairs)[/color], [b]Gunther[/b] for [color=#FFFF00]Destructor Fleets (War)[/color], and [b]Nath1194[/b] for [color=#8000FF]Bad Poetry (Comms).[/color]

In the Assembly, following Gon's resignation earlier in February [b]Incubus9005[/b] was elected as [color=#00FFFF]Replacement Legislator[/color], whose term ended at the end of March. A new election was held for the new term and Incubus held off a strong challenge by nishiyoshi to be elected as [color=#00FFFF]Legislator[/color] proper. Meanwhile, [b]Scorpio[/b] faced zero competition to be re-elected overwhelmingly as [color=#00FFFF]Speaker[/color] of the Assembly.

In the [b]Court[/b], [b]El Presidente[/b] returned as Court Officer, followed also by [b]Uncle B[/b] elected to replace Etrain. And just recently, [b]Qldvespanut[/b] completed a vibrant and very Aussie campaign to be elected as Myth's replacement in the Court.

[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]The Hero MHA Deserves:[/size][/b][/color]
And to get you completely up to date, we have the most recent April [color=#FF0000]Triumvir[/color] elections. Three candidate nominated, Myth, Mastermind and AndyDee. But this race was the culmination of years of dedicated, vocal, and persistent love to represent this fine alliance - the inevitable rise to power of the man many would agree deserves it most. The man who has been waiting for this for literally years. The man with the Bedtime Stories. The man OF the people; the epitome of a Hitchhiker.

Nay, not just a man. But a hero. The Hero the MHA deserves.

[b]IYIyth of Caligula[/b] was finally elected as Triumvir on Tuesday March 29, 2011. Congrats Myth!


[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]The Fresh New Line-Up:[/size][/b][/color]
So after all that, you can check out our current Government line-up below.

[color=#FF0000]Triumvirate: MajorDDF, Crushtania (Acting), IYIyTh.[/color]

[color=#0000FF]Minister of Hitchhikers (Members): Denisov
Deputy: The King[/color]
[color=#00FF00]Minister of Towels (Economy): kippa tarxien
Deputy: Kingoftheland[/color]
[color=#FF8000]Minister of BabelFish (Diplomacy): AvengingAngel256
Deputy: Gon [/color]
[color=#8000FF]Minister of Bad Poetry (Communications): Nath1194
Deputy: Etrain[/color]
[color=#FFFF00]Minister of Destructor Fleets (War): Madspartus
Deputy: Gunther[/color]

[color=#00FFFF]Speaker of the HHA: Scorpio
Legislator of the HHA: Incubus9005[/color]

[b]Court Officers:
El Presidente
Uncle B

[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]EXCLUSIVE: Fun Is The New Black[/size][/b][/color]
[i]By: Rugby[/i]
An alliance built on fun is supposed to be fun. What would Douglas Adams say about an alliance using his work being reduced to petty in-fighting and conspiracy theories? I think he'd spit out his tea and confiscate our copies of his books. For far too long we were Hitchhikers in name but not in spirit; our hoopy froody nature was eroded into arguments and bullying. We lost members and we lost our way. Something had to change and as painful as the split might have been it gave life to this brand new and exciting Era for the MHA.

The first thing to come back into fashion has been FUN. No more long threads filled with arguments - but reasoned debate and respectful discourse. Instead of sitting around making shifty eyes, we're chilling to Oreo's fine tunes on the MHA Radio. We're back making jokes and having a good time on IRC. Our elections, once a dark period of trolling for some, have become contests of ideas and merit again. This is the way the MHA should be and what many of us have been waiting to see come back.

You're going to see a focused, relaxed, goal-orientated but - most importantly - a fun MHA from now on. And I can't freaking wait.

[u][b]The Beginning Starts Now.[/b][/u]


[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]Protests On The Catwalk[/size][/b][/color]
Fashion is no stranger to protests. Anti-fur. Slave labor. Calling the Olsen Twins "designers." I mean, [i]really[/i]? But in a surprise move last month, one of the MHA's leading New Season designers envoked spirited protests of support during his double-runway show, which was aptly titled "The New Era" and "The Era of Reconnection"

It all started when the powerhouse designer [b]Crushtania[/b] opened his new season show and invoked vintage Hitchhiker designs - such as robust democracy, fun and froody times, as well as a safe place for new ideas and inventiveness. But he also modernized the look for today's Hitchhiker. His intelligently woven craftsmanship created an inspiring collection of familial, brotherhood designs, a focus on bringing together the old and the new to create something even better.

It was already [i]the[/i] collection of the new season.

So excited and supportive, the audience were moved to shout various statements of support and applause for the Australian designer's work. As always, the Don't Panic Team was on-hand to capture what exactly the audience was saying:

"I leave this game when MHA disbands AND NOT BEFORE." Damaen

"I leave this game when my wife bonks me over the head with a frying pan AND NOT BEFORE." Gunther

"I leave this game when chimpanzees have afternoon tea in Buckingham Palace AND NOT BEFORE." Fallin

"I leave this game when I become Grand Emporer of the MHA AND NOT BEFORE" MajorDDF

"I leave this game well never. I only stay around for the community, and until thats dead you guys are stuck with me. For now its healthier than ever!" Scutterbug

"I leave the MHA when the CN servers blow up - AND NOT BEFORE!" Crushtania (having got caught up in the moment)

"I will leave this game when I get a girlfriend AND NOT BEFORE" Uncle B, followed by an offer from Scutterbug.

"This thread kind of reminds me of the reconstruction era of the united states...all must proceed diligently and with an open mind. One must make decisions not on how they feel it is better for all, but what they know is right with out personal views blinding them. It will be all for vain if not." Mr_Subliminal

"I leave the MHA when monkeys rain from the sky - AND NOT BEFORE!" Fallin again

"I will leave the MHA when a fresh supply of towels are no longer being manufactured. AND NOT BEFORE!!!" Mastermind

"So those with short memories may say the last couple of days have been troubling, I say this is the best group of blended old and new members MHA has seen in a long time." Pudge, storming back into the building.

"We're a team. Time to start passing the ball and scoring points!" Myth

"This is our chance boys and girls. CN will be wondering how we are going to react and pull through -- and we will do it beyond anyone has ever seen before. We have the quantity, so let's work on the quality." Donkey Fistfight

"I have great faith in our leadership, and in the enduring spirit of this alliance. I feel a great change in the wind. Very excited to see what the coming months will bring." Han Feitzu

The crowd applauded with great enthusiasm and a new MHA was born. A better MHA for what we have gone through and for who we now have leading us.

[b][size=5]MHAIl o/[/size][/b]

[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]Don't Panic Award For NoT Panicking![/size][/b][/color]

This month's award selfishly and deservedly goes to the Hitchhikers of the MHA. It's not often that your Government walks out on you and while many were upset, confused, contemplating dying their hair black and listening to My Chemical Romance; we stayed together as a team. Nay, a family. Most importantly we did NOT panic. We got on with finding a replacement Government, we followed our procedure and recovered. Lesser alliances would have crumbled, but we survived and now we are prospering.

So cheers to all the Hitchhikers who kept their cool and their heads. And as many predicted, this was just a bump in a very, very, very long road.

[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]Retro Revival[/size][/b][/color]
[i]By: Etrain[/i]
Hey all you hoopy froods! Etrain reporting in, with his first (but technically second) contribution to Don’t Panic!! I’ve decided to interview two groups of people for this edition. The first group is composed of members who decided to leave MHA a while ago but then came back recently. Our second group are previous well-known leaders who retired as Triumvirs but have recently returned to the top spot. Who are these people, you ask? Well, take a look below!

But that’s not all! In each issue, somewhere hidden in each interview will be a secret word related to MHA. In the succeeding issue, a hint to what the word is will be given. The first person to guess the secret word will be given a lovely prize of 50 tech!!!

Now let us start off with the returning members:

[color=#80FF00]etrain:[/color] [b]Hello! I know all of you left MHA for a period of time. What alliance did you go to after you left MHA? [/b]

[color=#FFFF00]pudge1975[/color]: I left for Fark.

[color=#FF8000]masterbake:[/color] I went to Fark. I like Fark and felt they were our closest friends and I liked their approach to Cybernations. Fark is a great alliance.

[color=#80FF00]etrain:[/color] [b]What made you decide to return? [/b]

[color=#FFFF00]pudge1975:[/color] Though it was great at Fark, it wasn't home. When I left here I always knew I would return. I wanted to see what other alliances were like. How other Govs ran. When a large portion of the government left here, I thought I might be able to help in some way so chose that time to return.

[color=#FF8000]masterbake:[/color] When I saw how MHA was betrayed it really upset me. I realized then how much I really gave a damn about this alliance and the people in it. When Pudge made the leap to return it was only a matter of time before I followed. For better or worse MHA is family.

[color=#80FF00]etrain:[/color][b] How do you feel about being in MHA again? [/b]

[color=#FFFF00]pudge1975:[/color] Feels good to be home. Very happy to see and talk to old and new members and the increase in activity was good to see.

[color=#FF8000]masterbake:[/color] I'm happy how I was welcomed back. People who I had been at odds with went out of their way to welcome me back and bury the hatchet. I feel a new energy here.

[color=#80FF00]etrain:[/color] [b]What positions did you hold before you left? [/b]

[color=#FFFF00]pudge1975:[/color] Trimvirate, Minister of Destructor Fleets, Vice Admiral, Captain, Lieutenant, Government Advisor......

[color=#FF8000]masterbake:[/color] The last position I held was Deputy Minister of Towels. I am happy to see that Ministry so vibrant. Kippa has done a hell of a job.

[color=#FFFF00]etrain:[/color] [b]Anything else you want to say? [/b]

[color=#FFFF00]pudge1975: [/color]After being gone for 6 months I realized all alliances are the same. Sure they may do a few things different here and there. Some are stronger in military or FA or maybe economics, but it’s about the people you share your time on the forums and IRC with. The grass may look greener else where, but before you jump the fence, stay home, try watering your lawn a bit, and enjoy the friends you have made.

[color=#FF8000]masterbake:[/color] I think MHA is at a crossroads and it is encouraging to me to see everyone pull together. I see no reason why we shouldn't have a bright future.

Our next group, as mentioned, were retired Triums that decided to [s]enslave[/s] lead the MHA once again.

[color=#80FF00]etrain:[/color] [b]Hello Mr. Triumvir(s)! How do you feel about being Triumvirates (again)?[/b]

[color=#FF0000]Crushtania:[/color] I feel it an honor and a privilege to become a Triumvir again despite the circumstances. I'm ready to lead MHA and get us back on track.

[color=#FF0040]majorddf:[/color] Happy, although I do seem to have fallen in to a tough spot!

[color=#80FF00]etrain:[/color] [b]How long did you serve as a Trium (before you became a "retired triumvir")?[/b]

[color=#FF0000]Crushtania:[/color] I served for about 10 months.

[color=#FF0040]majorddf:[/color] 6 months, or two terms.

[color=#80FF00]etrain:[/color] [b]What other important positions did you have in MHA?[/b]

[color=#FF0000]Crushtania:[/color] I've been Secretary of Aqua Relations, Deputy Minister of Babel Fish and twice the Minister of Babel Fish. I really like foreign affairs. Too much, some would say...

[color=#FF0040]majorddf:[/color] Lieutenant, Commander, Commandant of the Military Training Academy, Minister of Bad Poetry

[color=#80FF00]etrain:[/color] [b]What do you think about the [i]Don't Panic![/i] crew?[/b]

[color=#FF0000]Crushtania:[/color] Their vile Vogon poetry makes me want to puke, but they produce a fine and hoopy publication that I always enjoy reading.

[color=#FF0040]majorddf:[/color] Never have a better bunch perused the halls of the venerated Don't Panic office block.

[color=#80FF00]etrain:[/color] [b]Anything else you want to say?[/b]

[color=#FF0000]Crushtania:[/color] MHA IS NUMBER 1! And 42, I suppose.

[color=#FF0040]majorddf:[/color] Nothing other than for everyone to have a little patience and stay Froody!

That’s all the time we have today, so stick around next issue and be sure to compete in the “Guess the Word” contest!


[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]Mentor Plus Program Graduates[/size][/b][/color]
[i]By: The King and Rugby[/i]
Surprising as it might be for some, and certainly not helped at all by the publication of this newsletter, not everyone in the MHA is a useless drunk. In fact, we have a whole program dedicated to fast-tracking active new member nations up the ranks of the MHA and Planet Bob through a program of study and hard work. Repulsive, right? Said nations are put through an extensive and expansive regime of nation building, education, and mentoring.

At the end, those who don't go absolutely insane are kindly asked to leave. The rest have all successfully graduated.

This month, we'd like to celebrate our recent Mentor Plus Graduates. They have all been put to the test and passed with flying colors. In no particular order, please send your congratulations to our newest Graduates:

[b]Doctor Doc and Ardaquendial![/b] You can now both wear this shiny MPP merit:

[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]Trend Alert: Peace and White[/size][/b][/color]
Always the trendsetter, the MHA made Peace the must-have accessory when we agreed to a complete cessation of hostilities against TFD, WAPA, Colossus, TPC, CD, and DDM on February 7th, 2011. As standard, MHA stayed true to brand by granting our targets fair and unconditional white peace - waiving any reps or harsh terms.

Now, according to trend-forecasting magazine VOGONS, the must-have color for the new season is white. White peace, white flags, white wash, or white paper to sign your cessations on. This Spring is all about the pristine, clean new beginnings that only peaceful white can deliver.

Unfortunately, not everyone is up with trends. Indeed, many other alliances remain wearing Camo-Green, which dominated the late winter period. Sure, we all LOVED the army hues, especially matched with last season's featured accessory - The Blood of Your Enemies. But to continue to wear them into April is a massive faux pas! Last seasons items [i]cannot[/i] be seen on your person until it circles back around to be in fashion again, or if you visit your hilly-billy relatives in the country because they wear potato sacks for clothing.

It's bad enough that this season was hijacked by a shock revival of the Karma season colors from 2009; a totally uninspired rehash that left many in the fashion world wondering if inventiveness had left the building completely. But now we're seeing a continuation of the dated, unjustified color palette in our accessories.

Thankfully it's not too late. Embrace the new-season White and you won't end up on our Worst Dressed List.

[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]Love Like True Spartans[/size][/b][/color]
Following on from our burgening romance from edition #43, MHA would like to give Sparta a hint.


Really, isn't it about time?

[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]Special Mention for An Injured Hitchhiker[/size][/b][/color]
[i]By: AvengingAngel256[/i]
[OOC] On Wednesday, March 16th, Our Deputy Minister of Towels, Kingof theland was injured in a Motorcycle Accident. He was seriously injured and was flown via meidcal helicopter to the hospital receiving two emergency surgeries that day. On March 21st he had three more surgeries to repair the two broken bones in his Left Leg, two broken bones in his left arm, as well as a Broken Collar Bone.
His First thought upon seeing the oncoming Automobile doing the Damage was "I wonder if it will be friends with me?", His first words after the accident were "Man, I gotta remember to tell my brother to let the other hitchhikers know I'm going to need a few vacation days." (His brother used his MHA forums Account to let us know about his situation on request by Kotl)
His Brother has told us he is on the mend, and getting better each day and currently "Looks like a Chucky Doll".
We at MHA wish Kingof theland a speedy recovery and our Thoughts are with him and his family while he rebuilds his Infra... I mean recovers from the Accident.
Get Well Soon Buddy!

Update: on March 30th Kotl was sighted back on IRC and has stated he is back at home and recovering. He is not yet fulled healed but on his way to a full recovery. We here at the Don't Panic are glad he's on the mend. Now go divert some of the aid chain to Don't Panic Staff! [/OOC]

[color=#4040FF][b][size=6]Start The Season Laughing[/size][/b][/color]
[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]Previous Caption Competition Winner[/size][/b][/color]
Here's last month's Caption Contest image:
And here's the entries that were fit to print:

The Real Housewives of Toy Story

"Hey Cindy I told you to stay away from my ken doll Handbags at 20 paces!"
[b]Doc Miles[/b]

Who will win? Who will get Ken? The world may never know.
[b]The King[/b]

On next week's episode of Survivor, things turn ugly as the fragile alliance between Barbie and the Bratz dolls is shattered over an argument over who has the best "Island Chic"

"See Mom, dolls aren't just for girls!" - The 30 year old loser who shot this.

[b][color=#BF8000]Runner Up:[/color][/b]
"Ken never loved you!"

<DemonicMHA>: "Gary?"
<DarkWAPA>:"Yea Joe?"
<DemonicMHA>:"I think we've loaded the wrong Second Life accounts..."
<DarkWAPA>:"No... No, this is mine..."
<DarkWAPA> Is now known as <PrincessSparkles>
[b]Doctor Doc[/b]

[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]New Caption Competition![/size][/b][/color]
This month's image is dedicated to everyone who's ever had a girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, partner, sister, mother, or friend ooh and ahh over a certain pretend vampire.

Savour this.


[b][u]Go On And Post Your Entries Below![/b][/u]

[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]Vogon Poetry[/size][/b][/color]
[i]By: Raven of the Misfits[/i]
Fashion suicides Quinton winkle
Ebony rankling twinkle redshift
Quasar Icarus's overfed pajamas
Aztec sough denim fruity gin
Hop point Koch sinew
Zodiac chasing core
Visit Buick Ned moisten

[i]By: Freedom10[/i]
March 4 oh what a day,
the day MHA suffer a terrible blow,
that will not be forgotten,
as a lot of people cared by his friend with frodiness,
a lot of member left to join them,
without caring about MHA feeling,
but we forgive them,
because they are our friend.

[i]By: Rugby[/i]
I see you driving 'round town
With the girl I love and I'm like,
Forget you!
I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn't enough, I'm like,
Forget you!
And forget her too!
Said, if I was richer, I'd still be with ya
ha, ain't that some shh?
(ain't that some shh)
And although there's pain in my chest
I still wish you the best with a...
Forget you!

[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]Hitchhiker's Pron[/size][/b][/color]
[i]Not Recommended As a Search Query[/i]

Here's this months celebration of all things [i]Hitchhikers[/i], supplied by our good friend [b]Cody K[/b] from [b]The University of Unity[/b].

Epic, huh?

[color=#4040FF][b][size=6]The Last Word[/size][/b][/color]
[i]By: Rugby[/i]

I want to dedicate this month's Last Word to our recently departed former Editors. Scytale, Dynasty and Pourquoi have each sought new homes in the past few weeks and we want to wish them all the very best. I also want to thank them especially and unreservedly for their contributions, creativity, and leadership during their tenure at Don't Panic. This isn't just a newsletter, it's an institution of MHA history and together you have made it into the premier alliance publication on Planet Bob. You are legends that once walked these halls and we thank you.

[color=#8000FF][b][size=5]Staff Listing[/size][/b][/color]
Rugby - The Anna Wintour of Planet Bob.
Etrain - The Michael Parkinson of Planet Bob.
Freedom10 - The Poet Who Knows It of Planet Bob.
AvengingAngel256 - The OOC Reporter of Planet Bob.
Nishiyoshi - The Eye for Detail of Planet Bob.
The King - The Mentor of all the Mentors of Planet Bob.
Cody K - The Ron Jeremy of H2G2 Porn of Planet Bob.
Raven - The Other Poet Who Knows It of Planet Bob.

[center][b][size=5]Want More Don't Panic? [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?app=blog&module=display&section=blog&blogid=613&showentry=2545][color="#FF0000"]Click Here[/color][/url] to read previous editions![/size][/b][/center]

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[quote name='Alfred von Tirpitz' timestamp='1301655042' post='2682101']
Dear Rugby,

I hate you and my broken calendar both.


Letters to the Editor!

Dear Alfred,

I assume your broken calendar is responsible for your out of date fashion as well. I shall gladly offer you [i]DP: Vogue[/i]'s "2011 Mostly Nude Hitchhikers" calendar. This month has Scutterbug holding his easter eggs.

Rugby, aka Anna Wintour.

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[quote name='Rugby' timestamp='1301656422' post='2682107']
Letters to the Editor!

Dear Alfred,

I assume your broken calendar is responsible for your out of date fashion as well. I shall gladly offer you [i]DP: Vogue[/i]'s "2011 Mostly Nude Hitchhikers" calendar. This month has Scutterbug holding his easter eggs.

Rugby, aka Anna Wintour.

looooool! they were big easter eggs too. >_>

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[quote name='Borsche' timestamp='1301663716' post='2682143']
Declare war on MHA for bad jokes.

[quote name='Max Power' timestamp='1301663801' post='2682144']
DoW on MHA for the joke announcement or for that blinding, impossible to read yellow type? You decide!

Finally, a return to CB-based wars.

[i]You're welcome[/i], Planet Bob.

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[quote name='Biff Webster' timestamp='1301665242' post='2682152']
It would be interesting to see how long it would take for the AA to clear out if you really had disbanded.
I was just thinking that. It could probably still be sanctioned for a while. (Maybe even lose NS slower than Polar recently?)

Rugby, glad to be of service. :v:

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