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Tokyo Heist


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Ryu Hayabusa was a master thief and a ninja trained in over 10, 000 ways to kill a man, and in fact 300 additional ways to desecrate after it passed into the great beyond. In fact it was estimated that he had killed well over 1000 Yakuza during his life, the first when he was only three years old. Such was the legend around this thief. He did not know why he had been summoned to Kabukicho, Tokyo's Red Light District. Nor did he know how his potential employer had found him.

Yet here he was. He sat down in a Chinese massage parlor, "massagy" a fairly attractive but overly glossed up chinese woman said to him. "No." he replied coldly. It would not be another minute before another and then another. He was getting agitated. Finally one asked and he snapped her neck. "$%&@ another hooker body to dispose of." he said cursing himself for that poor decision.

Behind him a man said, "Don't worry its on us." The man's Japanese was broken, it slithered with the heavy S of the cantonese accent. "Your late." Ryu said [i]so my employer is with the triads?[/i] he thought to himself.

"My apologies, traffic here is a pain in the ass." the man said. "Lets go somewhere more private."

The ninja nodded and followed the man past the back room into a office. He sensed the electro magnet as he walked passed it designed to fry any electronics.

"I got a job for you." the man said. "I want the Imperial Regalia, I got a buyer, big, he's offering $50 million for each piece. No fakes, I got a guy. He'll know."

Ryu leaned back in his chair, "The Imperial Regalia, the treasures which in essence make Japan Japan, direct parts of the Japanese creation mythos... someone in China wants them?" he asked.

"I didn't say where they were from. But you see the people I work for they have a reputation for being able to find things. And our buyer, he wants these things which we can obtain." he said. "You give them to us you are a rich person. You don't... well we'll find someone else."

"And being Japanese you don't think I'd stop you?" Ryu asked. "Japanese? Your from the Ryukyus, your part of the Federation now kid." he said. The man had a hearty chuckle.

Ryu sighed, "Alright. Don't screw me though."

"Wouldn't dream of it." the man said.

With his business concluded Ryu would head to his safe house, he'd let the word out to his team, it was time to meet up, they had a job to do.

OOC: Spy rolls were successful to do this. If someone wants to be part of the heist team PM me, please be prepared to be a fairly active poster though.

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"You want another Miss?"

The girl lifted her head from the five shot glasses already laid out over the table in front of her. A half burnt cigarette hung from her mouth as she bit down and smiled watching as the tip began to glow and shoot a stream of smoke into the sky. One strand of ragged blonde hair hung in front of her green eyes, she pushed it aside and then slid one of the glasses toward the barman. "Da, same thing, vodka, strai-" But the before she could finish her sentence, a vibration rattled gently on her leg and a small blue light shimmered through her jeans. Leaning back, the girl took the phone out of her pocket and flipped it open as she watched the barman pour another shot of vodka, expensive vodka, she liked it smooth.

"Tovarich?...Da...Da...of course you want to meet up, but to be honest...I don't really give a f-...wait...what?" She said in shock, but went back to keeping her voice down as the barman and a few other men at the bar turned towards her. "That much eh? Yeah, I guess I can swing by, at least to say hello...I'll see you then."

She closed her cellphone and picked up the shot glass as the barman slid it forward. In a sweeping motion she put it up to her mouth and swallowed the burning liquid. Then pulling out a few coins threw them onto the bar and winked. "Sorry I can't stay for another, business calls." But as she turned to head towards the door of the bar, the glass door swung open as two men in brown jackets with slick, black hair walked in. In the middle of the room, the girl stood out, even though there were still a few Russians in Vladivostok, the countryside was overwhelmed with Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese, she and her people were a minority in their own land. One of the brown suits smiled and walked forward, a scar ran down his onyx eyes.

"You aren't trying to leave right as we arrive are you Zhana?" Said the man in broken Russian, his native tongue was Japanese, and his accent butchered the Slavic sounds.

"Only when I heard you were coming Masayuki, you know how you and I never get along."

"That's a pity, because Shingen here, he'd really like to make your acquaintance." He said and glanced at his friend who smiled sadistically at Zhana, the outline of a gun.

"I'm sure he would, but I'm kind of in a rush, so if we could maybe talk later?"

Masayuki's smile disappeared, he was business now. "Where's my money Zhana? I've kept every gang in Vladivostok from taking you in a back alley and killing you while taking your pride. You said you'd have it for me, but here you are drinking, what is that?" He tilted his head and watched the barman putting a bottle of Gray Goose back on the shelf. "Expensive, so that's how you thank me for my generosity, getting drunk at some second rate bar?" His grip tightened on her wool jacket.

"I just need a little more time Masayuki, I'm in the process of a heist, I'll get your !@#$."

"When did this come up you little rat?"

"I got the message today, more than fifty million probably."

"That's chump change." Masayuki's eyes narrowed. "Its going to take more than fifty mil to save your ass."

"Hey!" Zhana jumped back and hit his hand away from her coat. "Do you want the money or not? I'll come up with the !@#$@#$ cash, I just need a few more days."

"Fine." He nodded and motioned for Shingen to head to the bar. "Ten days Pavlovna, ten days, and then that pretty blonde head of yours is going to be on my !@#$@#$ wall! Do you hear me!" He pushed her to the side and started to walk to the bar behind his comrade. "Now get out of my sight, you little slut."

Zhana stared back for a moment before straightening her coat and walking out the door into the cold Russian air. She looked up at the smokey sky and cursed under her breath. It didn't matter where she went, Masayuki and his men would find her, they found her in Holy America and they found her in Nod, now she was under their noses and it was either pay or die. "I hope this heist is what it's cracked up to be Ryu, or you aren't going to be seeing much more of me in a week."

In a few hours, the Russian Explosive's expert was on a ferry east towards Japan and from the western ports, Zhana would take a train towards Tokyo. She would arrive around mid-day and walked the back alleys to where Ryu had his post. Some dingy place that fronted as a mechanic's shop. Staring up at the door, Zhana shook her head, nothing really changes, ever, she thought to herself and knocked on the door waiting for Ryu to open.

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Antonio Marconi was not having a good night, the big boss has roused him from his usual Friday night enjoying the nightlife of Melbourne. The Garabaldi Family owned a string of restaurants, as well as a few 'commandeered' nightclubs, one of which, the Melbourne Oasis, was his favorite spot. Being one of the [i]consigliere[/i] or 'advisers' of the Garabaldis had given Antonio, a nephew of the boss, Luigi Garabaldi, a prominent position in the crime syndicate. He enjoyed the pleasures of being at the top of the organization, when he wasn't ordering around the underbosses or acting as the hand of Luigi himself.

Antonio had proven himself as a low-level enforcer early in his crime career, earning the respect of most of his associates within the organization. He had also been eyeballed by the big boss for his achievements in making sure protection payments and bribes were collected on time and in full. The boss had been veritably sick of most of this enforcers giving an easy hand to the people they dealt with, Antonio was one of the men who made sure protection money was collected on time. He was given an 'adviser' position after three punks from a local gang thought it might be fun to mug an old lady that turned out to be Luigi's favorite aunt, and Antonio had 'dealt with it'. The police were still scratching their heads when the gang had suddenly broken up after two of its' members had gone missing, and hadn't been seen since, and their local hangout had been the victim of a freak accidental fire.

The Melbourne Oasis was no dive, it was high-class real venue overlooking the eastern shore beach of Melbourne. When he got the call from the boss, he had been wooing the charms of a dark-haired beauty with a lovely tan. 'Coincidentally', she [i]loved[/i] the same drinks that he liked, and they had shared a couple shots, she was bombed, he was buzzed. Growing up in a family that served a glass or two of wine every night at supper, his alcohol tolerance was relatively high, plus he knew how to pace himself, this girl did not. He was enjoying the pleasures of a dance with this regular lush, when she yelled, "What is that vibration?!"

He cursed himself in his mind for concentrating too much on pleasure, when he realized his phone was ringing. He quickly apologized, "Sorry love, have to take this." She nodded, and kept on dancing, while he stepped through a room quickly in the back, the door shutting behind him, leaving him in almost complete silence.

That had eventually led him to where he was now, outside a dive pool hall in Glenroy, the home base of Marko Ragetti, one of the local loansharks that ran money-lending in the area. He stepped inside the pool hall, which was mostly deserted, save for a couple [i]soldieri[/i], who had obviously cleared out the pool hall ahead of time. The bartender, James Benson, was a personal friend of Antonio, and kept tabs on Marko for the family as well. James nodded towards the back room of the pool hall, where there was a private lounge area for Marko and whoever he may have invited over for business, or pleasure, depending on the situation.

He knocked on the door, and he heard some noise from behind the door subside, he barely heard the movement of footsteps come to the door, and he saw a dark shape pass the peep hole. He heard some frantic whispers, and suddenly there sounded like there was a great scrambling coming from inside the room. Antonio grumbled under his breath, and ran down the hall and pushed open the side entrance to the pool hall, and saw the back door to the room open, and and a bunch of men start running out.

He swiftly walked over to stand behind the open door, hearing Marko inside hissing urgently, "Get the hell out of here you idiots!" As the voice just cleared the threshold, Antonio grabbed the door and slammed it against the speaker. Marko let out a cry of pain, and fell backwards into the room, and Antonio, stepped into the room.

"You're a month behind Mar-," he stopped, when he saw money and cards covering the table. "So that's what you're doing, [i]gambling[/i] it all away."

"It's just a damn card game, Anto," growled Marko, cursing in Italian as he rubbed his temple. "I- I-."

"You gambled away the boss's money on cards, Marko, you know Luigi doesn't like that."

"I didn't gamble away nothing! I was going to get the money to him tomorrow morning!"

"That is what you said the last time I was here, took you almost [i]five[/i] mornings to get it to him," shouted Antonio, as he heard his cell phone off again. He saw Marko look towards a pistol laying on a table nearby, and he swiftly kicked him in the gut, knocking the wind out of the moneylender, saying, "Don't go anywhere." He flipped his phone open, "Yeah, this is Marconi."

"Really? [i]Really?[/i] Well, I'm not going to pass [i]that[/i] up. I've needed a vacation for awhile now, I'll be there, right, talk to you later," he said, finally shutting the phone. "Alright Marko, I got better things to do, get the hell out of here, I'll take this as collateral," nodded Antonio, indicating the cash covering the table.

"What, you can't kick me out of my own place."

"This ain't your place anymore, the big boss is kicking you out of the syndicate."


"I told you to get the hell out, you got ten seconds!"

Marko groaned as he stumbled to his feet, and began making a hasty retreat out the back door. He was uttering a string of curses when he heard Antonio's voice say, "Ten." He heard four coughs of Antonio's silencer, before feeling a concentrated pain in his central back, and he collapsed forward onto the pavement. Antonio shook his head, these associates these days had no respect for the family anymore, he unlocked the door to the hallway and walked into the establishment.

"I got somewhere to be, he's in the back alley, cash is on the table. Tell the big boss I'll be back in a week or two," he said, the soldieri just nodding and ambling towards the back room.

Antonio boarded Qantas Flight T109 to Tokyo the next morning, with his own set of goodies, the airport screeners at Melbourne will still not that experienced. By that evening, he had entered Japan with a duffel bag and a suitcase, and had caught a cab to that little mechanic shop in south Tokyo. He arrived later then Zhana, and looked around, before knocking. The buzzing lightbulb that served as the front light for the establishment annoyed him to no end, just like the first time he had been here.

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Ryu was in a back room. He was practicing his kunai skills, daggers, each impacting into a calendar featuring a picture of the current Japanese Empress. He was not a fan of the lady. Ryu felt the old traditions were slowly being lost. More and more the Federation had come to dominate the region, a trend that had dated back to Deng Xiaoping’s strengthening of China while Japan’s leaders allowed the Americans to pistol whip them into ruining an economy that had become the envy of the world. Japan which had been glorious during the Tokugawa and Meiji Periods was now turning into a third rate power. It was organized along the lines of an empress more interested in going on play dates, that countering what was in Ryu’s eyes obviously coming.

He remembered the day when the People’s Liberation Army had first come ashore on Okinawa. The troops marched the way he had seen films of the Japanese Empire once marching. They were filled with confidence, that the future of these parts were theirs alone. It was only fitting that he, one of the last few who practiced the old ways, would be among those who would take the symbol of the old tradition away from the current pretenders.

A final kunai struck into the wall behind the calendar. [i]$%&@ it.[/i] he thought to himself. As he went to the wall to collect the knives he heard a knock at the door. He grabbed a bottle of Japanese whisky taking a swig of the half empty bottle before coming to the door.

Opening the door he looked at the Russian outside. “You look like !@#$.” He said to her. “Come in.”

Shortly afterwards, another would arrive, a southern Italian, the enforcer was from a different tradition, and used guns something that Ryu found crude. Yet… Ryu respected him. Both came from traditions, they had ways, not like the world today where anything went. “Yo.” He said simply.

The mechanics shop had a few old Toyota sedans on the top jacks. Parts were strewn out giving it the look of a working shop. Regular visitors would have found it having the same cars for about three years though.

“Glad you guys could make it. I got a job, its going to be dangerous, but the pay is pretty damn high. We’re going to have some very hot goods. And we are doing this for some very powerful men. We $%&@ this up, they think we are screwing them. We won’t be able to show our faces in most parts of the world. If your out, now is the time.” He said.

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"You act like that's a different lifestyle for us anyways Ryu." Zhana chuckled as she sat back on one of the ancient couches in the room, the soft cushions nearly swallowing her entire body. "But if the pay's high, the goods are hot, and its dangerous, it sounds like something I'd be up for doing. Can't be any worse than our last faux pas in Cochin, and I need the money. Guys in Vladivostok have a price on my head or something, I need to pay them with interest."

She produced a cigarette from her pocket and once lit, took a long drag and blew the smoke towards the ceiling. "So what are we talking about here, Ryu. Microchips? War-Plans? Exo-skeleton? You've been talking about this huge job, but we don't even know what we're getting into here."

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"Boom-Boom is right on that one, Ryu," responded Antonio, nodding at Zhana, whom he had given the nickname for her area of expertise. "I face death every morning I step out the door of my flat in Melbourne, I face death just living and being where I am. Even the rookie cops know my name, hell, I think they even know my cologne now," he responded, with a laugh. "Whatever this heist is, I'm in, it sounds like a good payout, and you know my standing when it comes to good payouts."

Antonio had taken a seat on a folding chair, putting his feet up on a worn coffee table that had a cracked leg and looked like it was about to kick the dust. He calmly looked up at Ryu, not fazed by his words, he expected it, every crime job had its levels of danger and reward. Antonio's mind was always soundly balancing the dangers and the rewards, it was what got him to his position in the Garabaldi Family. When he saw Zhana drag out a pack of cigarettes, he mouthed at her 'can I have one?'

He then waited for Ryu's response to Zhana's query, looking up at their de facto leader.

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"Three treasures of the Japan, the Imperial Regalia. They are the bronze age mirror Yata no Kagami which represents wisdom and honesty, Yasakani no Magatama a jewel and represents benevolence, finally and most valuable the sword Kusanagi, the japanese exacalibur and like that sword symbolizing valor. This three were gifts from the Sun Goddess Amaterasu to Ninigi no Mikoto, the progenitor of the Japanese Imperial Family. They were so important that the Emperor of Japan ordered that they be protected at all cost at the end of the Second World War. These are the symbol of the Japanese Imperial Throne.

The regalia is widely believed to be kept in three locations, the jewel is in the Imperial Palace here in Tokyo, the mirror in the Ise Grand Shrine, and the sword is located in the Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya. Now here is the catch, there is one time the goods are together. When there is a new Emperor... or these days Empress." he groaned. "Now it just so happens that Japan's having just that with it regaining its independence. They are all here in Tokyo. Now we just have to break into the Imperial Palace while its open to heads of state, heist the regalia, and get out past the Imperial Guards."

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"Even with them being at the same place at once, doesn't make it easy," noted Antonio, as he sat up in his chair. "With the foreign visitors here, that will also make it even more tough to nab these treasures. If the heist were to occur now, it would be a terrible blow to Japanese prestige, so security precautions will be much more heavy. That said, with the foreign visitors here, that also leaves another avenue of attack."

Antonio looked up at Ryu, carefully, before saying, "Even with that extra avenue of attack, this heist is still going to put us into the grinder. These artifacts are priceless, hell they have been rumored to be, well, just that, rumors, how much is your contact willing to pay for these antiquities?"

Antonio may have been the hired gun on the team, the gunfighter, but he was not your typical run-of-the-mill street thug either. He was one of the shepherds of possibly the largest crime syndicates in Australia, and was a keen strategist. As he also dealt with smaller crime families and syndicates, he was well versed in many of the Pacific Rim cultures, and was an avid reader when he wasn't working or enjoying the pleasures his illegal lifestyle afforded him.

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"50 million, each." Ryu said. A smirk came to his face. "We get this right, all of us are set for life." Ryu said. "So all we gotta do is sneak into one of the most fortified spots in the country, nab three items that we don't know how it looks or where exactly they are, and get out of the country. Simple huh?" he said dryly.

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Zhana looked up at Antonio and smirked as she rubbed a cigarette between her fingers and gazed into his eyes. He looked like a little puppy in need of a drink and she played with him for a moment, bringing the cigarette back towards her mouth and then making a throwing motion to hand it off to him. Finally, she let the cigarette fly through the air towards Antonino. "You owe me one, just saying." Then she turned to Ryu as he talked about the task at hand.

The Russian had been through a lot of close calls in her life. She had escaped from one prison in Buryatia, broken over countless closed borders, and had ran away from a legion of lovers who had every intention of pounding her head into the pavement so hard that it would be miracle for police to recognize the body. What Ryu was asking for them was something completely different, this was like stealing the Hope Diamond, in fact it was probably riskier, but the idea of finally being able to put a life of crime and running from troubles behind her was appealing. Zhana leaned back and pushed her hair back behind her ears as she went over the thoughts in her head.

"Well I guess the question comes down to the fact that either way, I'm dead." She shrugged, "Just depends who gets to do the honors, the Japanese Government or some band of no-names. Personally, I don't this will be possible with just the three of us, but I guess any larger and we were be too noticeable. Though I suggest and I hope you thought of this Ryu, that we're going to have to locate this !@#$ first, plan exactly how !@#$ is going to go down, and then get the !@#$." Zhana smiled as she said the sentence. "That's such a versatile word, truly lovely. Other than that," she looked at Ryu, "Count me in."

Then turning back to Antonio and taking a long drag of her cigarette, she glared. "But if you call me Boom-Boom, one more time, I'm going to stick a piece of dynamite so far up your ass that I'll blow you back to Australia with a spark."

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Antonio just lit up his cigarette and listened to Zhana speak to Ryu, as he considered the options surrounding this heist. It was a risky affair, there was no denying that, but the payoff was significant, higher then anything he had seen out of this group thus far. He wasn't going to pass up a chance to get a "retirement" bid, he had been working the streets for the Garabaldi Family for long enough. Fifty million dollars would get him a cushy place to settle down, and enjoy himself, for the rest of his life, of course, so long as he didn't squander it.

He just chuckled when Zhana said her usual line to him, and took a long drag of the cigarette, before saying with a grin, "Still as feisty as ever, I wouldn't have it any other way. This is a good cigarette, by the way, tobacco seems to be terrible down in Australia these days." Antonio turned to Ryu, and said with a confident smile, "What the hell, I'm in, I'm getting sick of running errands for the boss down in Melbourne at all hours, and I can't let you two have have all the fun either."

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"Right, now since we are moving in an area with plenty of VIPs it is important that everyone here remember, collateral damage isn't an option. So Boomboom lets avoid the big explosions." Ryu said. "We scout it out tomorrow as tourists during the day, we go in at night. Zhana I want you to figure out how we can rig some emp charges in key points, and also how we can create a distraction. Antonio, be on the look out for places you can position yourself and give me a birds eye view with your scope, also see where you can see guards positioning themselves."

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