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Fall Kalmar

Kaiser Martens

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Lady von Glücksburg of the Triumvirate spoke,

"People of the world...

We have witnessed a series of unthinkable, unconceiveable events over in Scandinavia as of lately. Firstly, the Norsvean Nation seems to have for the most part collapsed, losing much of its population and losing its assets in such a way that less than a ten percent of the great nation's infrastructure and military strength remains - not enough to control anything at all. In this anarchy, a large group of Polish individuals including one of noble blood has seized from the fallen nation much of former Denmark, essentially invading the area and making a pact with the weakened Stockholm Administration, which is defenseless and could only accept. But the world is not deaf, this campaign to forcefully Polonize Denmark, this campaign to create new "Heimatvertriebene" this time not in Prussia but in Denmark has been denounced by several, while incredibly the Norsvean Governement has been bought to say nothing.

That is not all, they have stolen the Big Bell of Sigismund from our Fatherland to defy us. It is our duty, not just our duty but our obligation to say that we cannot recognize neither government nor nation's legitimacy after these changes, and that we have initiated a military campaign in order to estabilize the region. We will free the Danish Folk from the tyranny, and we will send the Poles back to their homeland in order to be judged by their peers. We will seize control of Norsvea, which cannot defend itself, has bogus leadership we cannot recognize and is a liability to European stability at large. We will fix Scandinavia and make sure that the new pseudogovernment is no longer able to betray its own people. We will make it so that next time that a referendum or poll takes place, they are not backstabbed by petty corruption and their land thrown away."

"Saa jag säger, skandinav, komm tillsammans, vi ska göra en ny Kalmarunion, staa upp och kämpa, vi är en folk!" (So I say, scandinavian, come together, we will make a new Kalmarunion, stand up and fight, we are one people!")

"And to this Wladyslaw, and to the remanents of what once was Norsvea - Surrender unconditionally right now, retain your honor and your life or lose both!"

"If you wield a spear, come to us!" - (This is a pun on the fact that the word Germanic in scandinavian is related to the word Spear, and that Germanics were named so because as a warrior folk, having at least one spear became the symbol of a free man. Besides, this connotation still exists in Germanic Union, as all free man must own at least one Firearm. At the same time, this invites any potential enemies to get mowed down by machineguns)


[u]Unity Begins.[/u]


[quote]Army Group North (Feldmarschall Dietrich Tambarskjelve - Nordheim)
1000 Panzer (MBT Leo IV)
100.000 Soldaten (Armored)
10 Bombers (B2-type)
200 Fighters (Air superiority)
200 Spies
1000 Vehicles

PzDiv Listing:
1.PzAb Kaiserin Magnhild (Valkyries) - Field Marshall Hildebrand (Offensive Doctrine)
2.PzAb Schwarzer Haufen (Einherjar) - Lt. General Sigurðson (Artillery Expert)
3.PzAb Rommel's Revenge - General Sokolovnikov (Speed Specialist)
4.PzAb General Mannelig - General ten Hulsen (Speed Specialist)
5.PzAb Wiking - Mj. General Gebivson-Mannelig (Urban Combat Specialist)

InfDiv Listing:
1.InfAb Valkyrja - Gen Söderlund (Offensive Doctrine)
2.InfAb Einherjar - Major GeneralMannerheim (Defensive Doctrine)
3.InfAb Silbergard - Major General von Möller (Micromanager)
4.InfAb Nordheim - General Riedelmann (Urban Combat Specialist)
5.InfAb Norddeutschland - General Langkjær (Ranger)

Each InfDiv has 200 vehicles as attached brigades. Each brigade is:
30 Schutzenpanzer Puma IFV
10 BM-30
18 Wiesel Rocket AD
25 PzH 2000
30 210mm Towed Artillery
18 12.8 Towed FLAK (AD-ATG)
20 Engineers
5 Heavy Tanks
1 Superheavy Tank
10 155mm Towed Artillery
25 PzH 2000 m.210mm
5 Light Tanks
5 Tankettes
10 Nebelwerfer

Each group of 100 spies functions as an Elite Firebrigade.
1.Valkyrjor Feuerbrand
2.Einherjar Wotans Faust[/quote]

[i]Army Group North's Movements[/i]

The Northern Groups scattered in cautious groups and crossed the Nordheim border into Norsvea from all directions. The Northernmost groups aimed to secure Narvik and then the Far North as well as the area once known as Northern Norway. The other groups would move to the main piece of Norway while their primary objectives were Trondheim and Oslo at the moment. They were prepared for the worst although they expected the population to at the very least accept them if not to see them as liberators. Some areas might have token resistance, purely symbollic, maybe there'd be a last stand somewhere, they thought. But they didn't discard their tactics and would advance as if a gigantic army were hidden somewhere ready to ambush them, unmanned scout rockets being shot now and then from their positions, and keeping their links to the satellite information ready. Those who spoke Norweigan were always on the front, so as to be able to tell the people that they were "coming back home to make it better". In the meantime, the airforce patrolled the skies for recon and waiting for an opportunity to bomb something or fight some enemy squadrons that may choose to show up, that is, if the preemtive strikes didn't suffice. Anything on the satellite which had seemed to be an airfield was targetted by several cruise missiles, designed to ruin runways and sometimes hit aircraft which may be visible if these were military models.

[quote]Army Group South (Feldmarschall Mirusia Wojtekovksa - Danish Islands)
3000 Panzer
300.000 Soldaten
40 Bombers
700 Fighters
300 Spies
25 Subs
3000 Vehicles

PzDiv Listing:
6.PzAb Holger Danske - Lt. General Krause (Tank-killer)
7.PzAb Donnerkeil - Mj. General Sigurdsdottar (Logistics wizard)
8.PzAb Deutsches Reich - Mj General Runesson (Determined Defense)
9.PzAb Süddeutsche Hussaren - General Schneiderhan (Mountain Specialist)
10.PzAb Kalmarunion - Lt. General Þorkilsen (Winter Specialist)
11.PzAb Eisland - Lt. General Steiner (Amphibious Landing Specialist)
12.PzAb Orange - Lt. General Meertens (Tank-Killer)
13.PzAb Vriesland - Lt.Gen Dirkschneider (Spearheader)
14.PzAb Grossdeutschland - General Haas (Maneuver Expert)
15.PzAb Svealand - MjGen Nordenskjöld (Winter Specialist)

InfDiV Listing:
6.InfAb Silver Netherlands - General von Amend (Mountain Specialist)
7.InfAb Varangians - Field Marshall Meschkat (Macromanager)
8.InfAb Berlin - Lt. General von Lübeck Senior (Amphibious Landing Specialist)
9.InfAb Preussen - Lt. General Zamoyski (Winter Specialist)
10.InfAb Widukind - Major General Thomke (Chamo Expert)
11.InfAb Österreich - Major General Bogert (Speed and Maneuver Expert)
12.InfAb Südschild - General Weisemann (Logistics Wizard)
13.InfAb Leeuw - Lt. General Hinna (Artillery Expert)
14.InfAb Bataven - Mj. Gen van der Bijl (Determined Defense)
15.InfAb Jylland - Mj. Gen Hednisen (Ambusher)

Each InfDiv has 200 vehicles as attached brigades. Each brigade is:
30 Schutzenpanzer Puma IFV
10 BM-30
17 Wiesel Rocket AD
25 PzH 2000
25 210mm Towed Artillery
17 12.8 Towed FLAK (AD-ATG)
15 Engineers
5 Heavy Tanks
1 Superheavy Tank
10 155mm Towed Artillery
20 PzH 2000 m.210mm
5 Light Tanks
5 Tankettes
10 Nebelwerfer
5 PzJäger Perkunos

Each group of 100 spies functions as an Elite Firebrigades.
4.Valkyrjor Asgaard
5.Valkyrjor Kaiser Martens
6.Einherjar Kaiser Wilhelm

[b]Army Group South's Movements[/b]

The Southern Group`s movement seemed almost like a reenactment of the Lübeck-Denmark invasion of the recent past. The outlying islands such as Gotland or the small ones, and the Fehmarn zone were attacked by a smaller force, considering that any resistance was likely to happen on the Main Danish Islands if any defence would be at all possible. Indeed, the majority went for the cluster of big islands and for Copenhagen's island itself, attacking from all directions. This group was being assisted by the Kriegsmarine's submarines, which remained still in attempted ambush if any ships should try to intercept the Germanian Landing Forces. To make things easier, runways were as well targetted by cruise missiles, as well as any fortifications and factories. This was all done outside of the working hours to try and prevent civilian casualties. It is calculated that over 250 missiles must have hit the industrial and military assets of the new nation, in order to try and prevent it from being able to manufacture anything, not that they'd have time to do so. Some places that were known to be depots from the time in which Germany briefly controlled the whole zone were targetted by Bunkerbuster and then Incendiary smart bombs combined with a predominant payload of Antiradiation (Antiradar) rockets, delivered by the Luftwaffe's stealth bombers. These would also try to attack any facilities related to air defence. If all went through just right, the enemy should be already crippled, while almost totally avoiding civilian casualties. In case that land mines may have been applied, an amount of old civiliand and military boats meant to be scrapped were sent in front of the formations so as to serve as nothing but shields. Two of the infantry divisions were deployed tothe southernmost beach on the main island directly by plane, paradropping in order to secure a beachhead early on if possible, some cruise missiles "landing" on the same spots only minutes before they might show up if things went as the plans required them to.

[i]"The land is now under our protection. It is our responsability to fix what here has broken. When we are done, every person in these lands will be able to participate in a democratic process to decide the ultimate outcome of their former nations, the outcome of their lives. Then Liberation will be Complete. The Folk Will Decide, and we will respect. In fact, given the circumstances, we are obliged by out Tripartite Germanic Pact to do as we have..."[/i]

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Sitting in his office, Kanzler Stitten receives a telephone call from the Minister of War, notifying him of the incursion of German troops across the border, in all regions.

Realizing the dire situation and the state of the economic and military power of Norsvea, Stitten assembles his advisors and after many hours of debate and suggestive actions, the monarchy has decided it is in the best interest of the survival of the government and those loyal to the crown, for the immediate surrender of the armed forces to Germany proper. Kanzler Stitten has ordered a complete demobilization of all troops and the opening of military storage facilities for inspection by German forces.

"It is with the deepest sorrow that today, the crown has abdicated power to a foreign government. In the best interests of our own survival, realizing the northern links we share with our eastern neighbor, Germany, the armed forces of Norsvea hereby surrender to those arraigned against us. The government will now move to a posture of restructuring, in a new capital city elsewhere in the lands... so permitting by our friends to the east. It is with this, that I wish all of the citizens of Norsvea safety and peace. We will meet again, soon."

After giving his speech, Kanzler Stitten could be seen visibly shaken and distraught by the whole affair as he silently, slowly walked down the hall, unaccompanied by his staff or guards, towards the balcony of the state room.

He has gone into seclusion for the time.

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Fehmarn, Gotland and the small islands seem to be all taken and held by now already. The troops have landed on the beaches and ports of the main islands not having faced resistance so far, including at Copenhagen proper. They begin to move forwards. Victory is theirs already.

"Surrender inconditionally, this country is to exist no more. If you comply, we will not kill the Government members."

That would be all they received from the Government. In the following hours, all of the territory that once had been Norsvea as well as Denmark had been overrun and captured. But it wasn't outright annexed...it was time for some complex polls. It was rumored that the Polish King had fled the country or gone into hiding, but he could not be found.

OOC: MO is moving to Thorn/Torun

Edited by Kaiser Martens
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The Polls have finalized.

There were, as usual, mixed and inconclusive results in the recently-occupied Danish Islands. As a result, due to this sector being the ongoing source of unstability and trouble in Europe, the "Balkans of the North" as some have taking to call them, they have been directly annexed by Germanic Union alongside with a strip of coast on the Swedish Side, so as to make control over the baltic complete.

The coastal zone annexed is depicted here:


The majority of Norway has decided to simply join Germanic Union, thinking that after the many changes the country has seen in such little time, it might be best to remain with them as opposed to continuing their union with Sweden. The majority of the unemployed officers and former soldiers from the region have been either given a job or otherwise absorbed, placed as reserves.

However, the rest of Sweden including the islands of Oland and Gotland have been granted a protectorateship - Sweden will be again its own nation. (OOC: Cuba will control it as soon as he DOE's)

Additionally, to contrast with the expansion seen so far, it seems that the baltic territories archaically known as Estonia and Latvia have been granted independence and protection, the locals are currently in the process of finalizing the situation. It is rumored that a new United Baltic Duchy may arise, yet so far it is not official. Berlin has stated that it will respect the desires of the Far East Prussians, and they will always watch their back. (OOC: Zeke is getting that land)

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