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1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - LoSS is Growing Up


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[center][color="#800080"][size="5"][b]LoSS is growing up .. [/b][/size][/color][/center]


I know, we can't believe it either... almost 5 years old. That's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 AND still alive! EAT IT HATERS! That is certainly quite the CN accomplishment and we've been through lots of ups and downs and we always manage to somehow come out stronger! To our old friends and allies those that we are still strong with, we salute you! To another year of greatness. Those friends and allies that we no longer still hold ties with, perhaps this year will bring change to all, same goes to the not so friendly.

LoSS has experienced more then most alliances, from forced neutrality, to being stuck on the desolate color we call pink to the League and the Fall of the NAAC who were our brothers. We have done it all, but even the severest of inactivity that has killed alliances before to fall didn't break us. Right now, we stand at 348 members strong and that is only going to go higher. Our gov is as experienced as any ([b]well except for dua, amirite :P[/b]) and we will continue to burn brighter than we ever have. On this day the 8th oldest continuously active alliance turns 5, this is a great day for LoSS because while our allies of the past have fallen we proudly stand not behind but shoulder to shoulder with our allies in IAA, GATO and TIO and together our brotherhood works in Synergistic harmony (see what we did there?).


Five years also comes with a lot of experience and CN life is nothing but a continuous learning experience. We've made some mistakes but we know how to learn from them and we definitely have. We've learned that you surrender to a bloc and not a specific alliance. We've learned some leaders will never be able to let go of Vox, while others will never be able to let go of power....We learned that getting krunked was funny but krunking up the forums meant screwing them up so bad you have to get new ones.

We appreciate all those that have stood by us in our 5 years of existence, we even thank those that have tried to rip us apart, it only made us stronger. Over the past year it was suggested that we change our name to LoLs, League of LARGE Superpowers instead of our current LoSS - League of Small Superpowers. We're a little too attached to our name so we stuck with LoSS but the idea is still engraved in our minds. To largeness and greatness and BEYOND!

Think LoSS is surreal? You're probably right. But, we invite you to get to know a little bit more before making that sort of assumption, so drop by our forums or IRC channel and learn the LoSS way!


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[quote name='Duncan King' timestamp='1301624489' post='2681840']
You've been sucking a lot less lately. If it wasn't for that turncoat crap you pulled before Karma, I'd almost :wub: you.
Basically this, plus a small place in my heart for the ancient times and the micro alliance drama I was involved in. I'll probably never be able to get rid of that, unfortunately.

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[quote name='Eumirbago' timestamp='1301624225' post='2681824']
Congrats LoSS :awesome:
:wub: Dua

[quote name='okandjo' timestamp='1301624280' post='2681828']
:wub: Duaa <3 :)

\o/ LoSS!

[quote name='wes the wise' timestamp='1301624363' post='2681835']
O/ LoSS! Congrats guys! Hi DDolla :)

<3 thanks guys :) ... Hope to see you all coming closer in the next 5 years :)

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