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Baltic Union Parliamentary News


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Baltic Union Parliament

Resolution #1: Uniform Naming Act

Due to confusion both on the World Stage as well as amongst the citizenry when it comes to the proper title of the Nation; This act hereby and forevermore names the nation. The Baltic Union.

Out of Four Hundred:

For: Three Hundred and Thirty Five
Against: Fifty Three
Abstain: Twelve

With the act enabled, All maps, street signs, official documents and otherwise legal memorandums from the local government of the towns of the Union to the King's government in København shall be changed henceforth to recognize the rightful and proper name of the nation.

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Resolution #2 National Defence and Military Empowerment Act
Due to the obvious need of a national defence system, The Baltic Union Parliament has created for the defence of the Baltic Union:
An Army, A Navy and lastly, An Airforce in order to provide for the defence of all the people of the Realm.
Out of Four Hundred:

For: Four Hundred
Against: Zero
Abstain: Zero

With the act enabled, All men of military able age who wish to serve in the armed forces have volunteered to do so, bringing the active armed forces to a total of 450,000 men.

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